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It’s cold, it’s grey, and it’s rough out there this week so lets take a short respite in the fun news that I could find. A new marvel show has been announced and cast. The show will follow the characters Cloak and Dagger, a pair of superheroes that are just far enough under the radar that I don’t know anything about them. We have lost to the machines. Poker that is, not everything. A scientist teacher was fired for stroking his phallic balloon to show the effects of friction. Specifically, static electricity. Several real scientist have had a few pretty cool inventions recently. Robotic bats, robotic skin, and robotic crocodiles among them. HMV Canada is going under so if you want some DVDs or CDs on sale go get ‘em while they’re hot. A Floridian snake helps relieve a mans stress through some constriction massage tactics. Some recent research has established that whales breach, jump out of the water, to yell things out to one another. Some intrepid CBC reporters covering the number of potholes in some sections of Newfoundland were stopped (I might say nefariously) by hitting a pothole and damaging their car. Buzz Aldrin at the age of 87 is the first astronaut to walk down the runway at New York Fashion Week: Men’s. The theme was ‘Life on Mars’. Lastly, Rob Stewart, the documentary filmmaker and shark enthusiast was declared missing this Tuesday. I wish the search crews luck in finding him safely and quickly.


Cloak and Dagger:


Can’t read my Read my Poker User Interface:


Feel the burn:






Shocked Snake Shares Stress Symptoms:


Jumping for a whale of a good time:


Public reporters in pothole parel:




This teacher is a bit of a dick:


The Buzz about Buzz:


Lost at sea:



Giant – Banks and Steelz

Centuries – Fall Out Boy

War Paint – Madeline Merlo

Achy Break Heart 2 – Billy Ray Cyrus

Blue Heron – Javier Vercher


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Next Week Now January 26
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Next Week Now January 26


Sorry for the late post my readers. This is the fourth week of 20Sweatin’ and I hope you guys are getting things done. Anyway, to the News!

A British scientist thinks that if we use acoustic gravity wave or AGWs we will be able to somehow stop tsunamis. I have no idea how, but I’m imagining a giant guitar fist fighting a sentient wave. Canada is currently listed as the ninth most corrupt nation in the world. Don’t worry this is a good thing. It’s out of all nations so ninth is good. Crash-test dummies have been redesigned recently because America is fat and normal crash-test dummies don’t accurately represent the American population anymore. A New Zealand man has been fined $100 for shooting McDonald’s employees with a nerf gun after they did not give him his nuggets fast enough. This weeks Hypes & Gripes is the people in the states who feel that they were supposed to be merfolk instead of people. I am not a fan of theirs. Florida Man is back at it: this week he stuck a mop to his head and ran around his neighbourhood knocking on doors demanding eggs. Prince had roughly $800,000-1,000,000 worth of gold bars in his house upon his death. This weeks lead story: tablets for blind people. Our old news story is that a Pennsylvanian man in 1893 had a pitcher that had been on the Mayflower. Gait improving robot pants and black magic nerd glasses also happened in the news this week. A mall in Pennsylvania got auctioned off today for one hundred smakaroos. I wonder how much the insurance is. A Cincinnati man does not want any more television suggestions so leave him alone guys. The Han Solo story has been delayed to when you think it will be released: December 2018. A robot has been invented and named Kuri. It beep-bops and it’s a little adorable. Lastly, there are some new wind turbine designs that look like hummingbird wings. That’s all the news I hope you enjoyed the show and I’ll talk to you next week now.




Wave hello to AGWs:


Canada? Corrupt? Who wants to know?:


Fat-Test Dummies:


‘GunNugget’, is this guys new nickname:


Swimming up the wrong stream:


Look at this egghead:


A Prince’s fortune:


A Historical pitcher. A hitcherical:


Blitab, the tablet for the blind, with just the worst name. ever.:


It Told Me To Walk This Way:


Talk About Eye Candy:


I Got a Hundred Dolla’ Bill Y’all:


No More TV, Thanks:


This isn’t news; you knew it wasn’t coming out in May:


Kuri is a Kuti:





Banana Man – Tally Wall

Last Rites – Swervedriven

25 – Heat


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Next Week Now Thursday December 1st
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Next Week Now Thursday December 1st


ROBOTS WILL ONE DAY RULE THE WORLD… but it is not today my friends. No, today robots are sniffing things and failing tests so I think were good for a while still. They have gotten into music production and it is frightening. Not in the apocalyptic way, mind you. There is also a robot suit not available, the MAX suit, and it looks pretty dope. Also, by the way, today was my birthday show.

In other News, Buzz Aldrin was evacuated from the South Pole this week due to illness. Next Week Now wishes him and his family the best. Adidas has invented a ‘lab grown futurecraft biofabric shoe’ made of artificial spider silk. I also presented a piece on the Tasmanian tiger, a species believed by most to be extinct, but by a few, alive and well. A man who, I still cannot decide if he is smart or stupid, walked up to the back of an unguarded truck in New York got away with 1.6 million in gold.

I think this is the last blog post I’ll be doing for the semester so I hope you all have a good winter break or at least a good winter season if you’re not getting time off.

Track List:

Parachute Kaiser Chiefs

Deathscene Half Decade – Scooterbabe


An introduction to the Tasmanian tiger:

Goldilocks and the Opportunistic thief:

Adidas Shoes:

Computer generated Christmas carol:

Spider-like gaming Robots:

Buzz Aldrin:

Robot Dog Nose:

Wildlife Photography:

MAX robot suit:

Robot Failing exam:

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Next Week Now Nov. 24
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Next Week Now Nov. 24


Today we had a Radio Laurier staff general meeting where we covered internal standards for the blogs here so I’m going to do my best to align myself with the rules that I did not yet know.

In the news of the show, religious groups are hitting hard this week. The American Family Association has created a ‘Naughty and Nice’ List of company that aren’t Christian enough for them. Just so you know there are several major religious holidays that are not Christian that happen during December. Leah Remini is asking for $1.5 million in damages from the church of Scientology and they are not playing nice. In the North Korean capital of Pyongyang, people are insulting their glorious leader calling him a ‘pig’ and ‘incompetent child’. I’ve heard non-North Koreans insulting Kim Jong Un, but reporting the population of the capital hitting just as hard is new. Nearby, in South Korea, the government has been purchasing a large amount of erectile dysfunction pills both Viagra and several off-brands versions.

Speaking of lying, a young boy in Norway came up with an extravagant lie that did not fool police. In Twitter news, the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, had his Twitter account; @Jack was shut down by accident this week sparking worry that there were several users who had experienced a needless shutdown as well. An explosion of hate has also occurred revolving around the cast of the play Hamilton and speaking to Mike Pence, and some of the hate was accidentally thrown at the Hamilton Theatre who have nothing to do with the play. Speaking of Pence, Planned Parenthood has received more than 50,000 donations in the name of Mike Pence since the election. An Irish waiter was tipped $750 to pay for his plane ticket home from a nice customer, and a bull in Regina slowed traffic down during rush hour. Finally, the British Premiere League has again this year started the Rainbow Laces campaign in support of LGBT+ players and fans.


AFA story:


Some December Holidays:


Leah Remini:


‘Incompetent Child’:


Viagra Story:


Trouble Making kid:


Dorsey’s Dysfunctional Account:


Hamilton Vs. Hamilton:


Mike Pence’s Planned Parenthood donations:


Irish Waiter Story:


Bull story:


Rainbow Laces Story:

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Next Week Now Thursday Nov 17


Hey everybody! I hope you have a good Next Week Now before I talk to you Next Week Now. Boy oh boy I’m getting good at sneaking that title into things. This week I shared a story about pigs that can be optimists which is where that little cutie comes from. Also if you can think of a pun involving pigs and optimism that would make me squeal. Get it? Get it? I’ll show myself out…

Anyway, in other animal news, leaf spiders are everywhere! Or at least in a rain forest in China where they have remained undercover since… forever. Also there is a monkey in China that gets anxious unless it’s riding on a goats back. A man in P.E.I. dug his own grave last year and he’s 90 now. More on that story as it develops. Or ceases to develop, I guess. Microsoft has invented holograms… kinda? If you’re a sci-fi nut for real-time spatial projection you’ll have to do your own research because I cannot figure that out. There is a King Kong movie coming out this summer that the studio hope is going to be a blockbuster. I don’t know where all these puns are coming from.

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Next Week Now


Hey Everyone! It was a slow news week. Well to be honest it was there was a metric butt-load of news it’s just that none of it was in the style that I want to keep this show. I think I got about 8 news stories. A missing nuke was discovered off the west coast. A couple 26-year-old found love. Some unused Diabetic syringes were found in the Halloween candy of some children, but it turns out it was just to blame on a clumsy cat that had knocked them in there with no ill intent. Or at least the cat has refused to talk to media as of yet. An ancient brew was discovered and remade by some beer scientist down under. It’s 220 years old and supposedly, quite sweet. Also, financial literacy is set to become part of the Ontario curriculum in coming years. If only we had had that when I was in grade school.

Then I talked some about politics and the damage that they can do to individuals and that we as fans of radio and having fun need to stick together. We need t try and keep enjoying ourselves because that’s pretty healthy.