It’s cold, it’s grey, and it’s rough out there this week so lets take a short respite in the fun news that I could find. A new marvel show has been announced and cast. The show will follow the characters Cloak and Dagger, a pair of superheroes that are just far enough under the radar that I don’t know anything about them. We have lost to the machines. Poker that is, not everything. A scientist teacher was fired for stroking his phallic balloon to show the effects of friction. Specifically, static electricity. Several real scientist have had a few pretty cool inventions recently. Robotic bats, robotic skin, and robotic crocodiles among them. HMV Canada is going under so if you want some DVDs or CDs on sale go get ‘em while they’re hot. A Floridian snake helps relieve a mans stress through some constriction massage tactics. Some recent research has established that whales breach, jump out of the water, to yell things out to one another. Some intrepid CBC reporters covering the number of potholes in some sections of Newfoundland were stopped (I might say nefariously) by hitting a pothole and damaging their car. Buzz Aldrin at the age of 87 is the first astronaut to walk down the runway at New York Fashion Week: Men’s. The theme was ‘Life on Mars’. Lastly, Rob Stewart, the documentary filmmaker and shark enthusiast was declared missing this Tuesday. I wish the search crews luck in finding him safely and quickly.


Cloak and Dagger:


Can’t read my Read my Poker User Interface:


Feel the burn:






Shocked Snake Shares Stress Symptoms:


Jumping for a whale of a good time:


Public reporters in pothole parel:




This teacher is a bit of a dick:


The Buzz about Buzz:


Lost at sea:



Giant – Banks and Steelz

Centuries – Fall Out Boy

War Paint – Madeline Merlo

Achy Break Heart 2 – Billy Ray Cyrus

Blue Heron – Javier Vercher


Other Shows:

You, Me, & Indie:

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