Next Week Now Thursday Nov 17


Hey everybody! I hope you have a good Next Week Now before I talk to you Next Week Now. Boy oh boy I’m getting good at sneaking that title into things. This week I shared a story about pigs that can be optimists which is where that little cutie comes from. Also if you can think of a pun involving pigs and optimism that would make me squeal. Get it? Get it? I’ll show myself out…

Anyway, in other animal news, leaf spiders are everywhere! Or at least in a rain forest in China where they have remained undercover since… forever. Also there is a monkey in China that gets anxious unless it’s riding on a goats back. A man in P.E.I. dug his own grave last year and he’s 90 now. More on that story as it develops. Or ceases to develop, I guess. Microsoft has invented holograms… kinda? If you’re a sci-fi nut for real-time spatial projection you’ll have to do your own research because I cannot figure that out. There is a King Kong movie coming out this summer that the studio hope is going to be a blockbuster. I don’t know where all these puns are coming from.

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