Music Submissions

Who is Radio Laurier’s Music Director?

Emily Sharma is the keeper of all our acoustic treasures (rock, folk/roots/blues, hip hop/R&B, electronic, jazz world, metal, psychedelic, etc.)

Contact Information:

Tracking: accessible through email Monday-Friday 11am-5pm

We’re currently accepting both physical and digital submissions!

What are the basic requirements to be considered for airplay on Radio Laurier? 

A submission can include a single track, EPs, or an entire album. These tracks should not include FCC warnings, however, if they do Radio Laurier requires there be a clean edit sent along with the submission. If your submission is digital, we require that you send us MP3 or WAV files either through a digital download link (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive) or as an attachment to your email or ZIP file. If your submission is digital/cassette only, you may also include a digital download code along with the cassette. 

We do not accept Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube or Bandcamp links unless there is a way to download the processed tracks into our system. If a music submission only contains links to any of the aforementioned websites, they will not be considered for airplay and the email disregarded. 

Additionally, we are accepting 7-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch vinyl singles – with these we request that you send an digital copy of your submission along with your vinyl. 

If you have any questions regarding submission requirements, please email!

What else would be favoured in your music submission? 

We recommend you include a bit about yourself in your submission, i.e. where you’re from, previous works, and if you’re touring in the upcoming months. We also appreciate if you include recommended or focus tracks, similar artists, and any specific tracks that there is an FCC warning for. We don’t require press kits or professional photos within your submission. Please ensure you’re including the artist/band name, album or EP title, and track listing. 

Submissions sent without a track listing, downloadable format Mp3 files/digital download links or written content will not be considered for airplay. 

What happens following your submission? 

Depending on whether you’re sending us a physical CD, which generally takes 7-10 business days to arrive if you’re within Canada, or a digital submission we submit it into our unprocessed folder within our email or at the studio. Within 7 days of receiving your submission, we’ll have distributed your singles, albums, or EPs to our team of music processors to effectively listen and decide whether your sound is the right fit for Radio Laurier. 

If accepted, we upload the recommended tracks onto our studio computer and it will cycled into our airplay rotation during the hours we don’t have programming. 

If your submission isn’t recommended for airplay, which can be due to a variety of reasons, we won’t be adding it to our music library. Unfortunately, Radio Laurier is unable to return any physical submissions.

We’re freeform here at Radio Laurier, meaning our processors pick and choose which tracks they decide are appropriate and appealing to our listeners. Due to being the only college radio solely online, we offer a unique experience for those that are involved with and are listening to our station. 

Why does Radio Laurier pass on certain music submissions? 

Unfortunately, we must consider our audience and what will appeal to them. We cannot recommend every submission for airplay, as with any and all college radio stations we process them with a keen ear for anything that will add to our carefully crafted playlists. The most prevalent reason for not accepting a music submission is due to not meeting our submission criteria. However, it can also include lyrical concerns (FCC warnings/swearing/derogatory content), recording quality, lack of a downloadable format, or because it’s not the right fit for RadL. 

We tend to favour any independent, local or under appreciated bands/artists as our aim is to use the privilege that is college radio to give a spotlight to talent that wouldn’t necessarily fit in with commercial radio. 

Additionally, we do not contact each artist/band/PR team whose submissions we’ve passed on unless you’ve sent us an email inquiring about the status of your submission specifically. 

Does Radio Laurier write album or concert reviews on their music submissions? 

Yes, we love to create content for! Album and concert reviews are another tool at our disposal to allow for our listeners to appreciate the music that we receive from artists/bands. If you have an upcoming show around KW, as far as Toronto or Hamilton, we’re happy to look into sending our music processors there to review the show or accept tickets for ticket giveaways during our programming. The same goes for your music submissions – if you have an album you’re wanting more of a spotlight on, RadL would be glad to consider it for a review for our website. Any event/concert invitations or album review inquiries are to be sent through our Music Directors at! 

Where should I send my physical music submissions? 

Radio Laurier
75 University Ave W
Waterloo, ON
N2L 3C5


Feel free to contact the Music Director directly to find out whether your submission has been received – depending on where you’re sending the submission from give it a minimum of 7-10 business days. 

**We’re highly interested in giving a radio presence to any Kitchener-Waterloo talent or Laurier alumni that are currently working on or have already produced an album or any recorded tracks – we love to support our community and will would be more than happy to receive your music submissions. #localforlocal

If your question isn’t covered throughout this blurb then please contact our Music Director, Emily Sharma, at! Looking forward to hearing from you.