Next Week Now Thursday December 1st

Next Week Now Thursday December 1st


ROBOTS WILL ONE DAY RULE THE WORLD… but it is not today my friends. No, today robots are sniffing things and failing tests so I think were good for a while still. They have gotten into music production and it is frightening. Not in the apocalyptic way, mind you. There is also a robot suit not available, the MAX suit, and it looks pretty dope. Also, by the way, today was my birthday show.

In other News, Buzz Aldrin was evacuated from the South Pole this week due to illness. Next Week Now wishes him and his family the best. Adidas has invented a ‘lab grown futurecraft biofabric shoe’ made of artificial spider silk. I also presented a piece on the Tasmanian tiger, a species believed by most to be extinct, but by a few, alive and well. A man who, I still cannot decide if he is smart or stupid, walked up to the back of an unguarded truck in New York got away with 1.6 million in gold.

I think this is the last blog post I’ll be doing for the semester so I hope you all have a good winter break or at least a good winter season if you’re not getting time off.

Track List:

Parachute Kaiser Chiefs

Deathscene Half Decade – Scooterbabe


An introduction to the Tasmanian tiger:

Goldilocks and the Opportunistic thief:

Adidas Shoes:

Computer generated Christmas carol:

Spider-like gaming Robots:

Buzz Aldrin:

Robot Dog Nose:

Wildlife Photography:

MAX robot suit:

Robot Failing exam:

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