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NextWeekNow March 30
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NextWeekNow March 30

Yes my friends, this will be the last blog post for NextWeekNow this year. I wish you all a fun and safe summer, but for now, on to the news!

A fifty-year-old woman Idaho hit a deer last week. This would not normally make it to my news feed except that this particular incident was the fault of a Sasquatch. Yes, that is correct, she saw the walking carpet in her rear view and swerved and hit the deer.

This week, actor James Bland was contacted by a woman, who informed him that his photo was being used for a fake obituary. A pastor created the fake obituary to get a few days off work saying that James, or as he is known in the fake obituary ‘Eddie’, was his brother. The most recent update is that the man had been fired.

Just a small update to a story I ran last week: the Venom Movie has had its date changed again. Probably, at least. Info has surfaced that it will likely be filming in this fall and not knowing when you will finish filming is a bad thing if you already have a set release date.

Jeremy Putnam, a 31-year-old Virginian man, was arrested last week for dressing up in Joker make-up and wielding a sword in public. Turns out, the charge was for the make-up not the sword wielding.

A British-Columbian study has found that dairy cows will actively work to go outside at night. They do so by leaning their body weight against their pens. The study’s findings suggest that they cows might get something out of getting to go outside at night.

A study out of the UK found that playing Tetris helps people prevent intrusive memoirs caused by trauma. The only thing that I am confused about while reading the study is whether you have to play Tetris immediately after the trauma or just anytime after the trauma.

For some reason, both humans and computers have the ability to correctly guess people’s names based on their face. Several studies revealed that based on the society that the person is from their name can be guess with a higher than predicted likelihood.

To my fellow students out there: have you ever gotten in a fight with someone because you think they are doing okay and it turns out that they are very angry with you? Well have I got news for you: you might be exhausted. A University of Arizona professor found that tired people are unable to correctly read some emotions.

Drinking! Everyday! A joint study from the University of Cambridge and University College of London has found that people who engage in moderate drinking reduce the risk of several serious heart conditions.

It’s really something how often we find new species in this beautiful world of ours. Last week a new species of terrestrial crab (I was unaware that that was a thing that existed) was discovered in Japan while it was climbing trees.

You know when you smoke a massive blunt and you also happen to be a member of an extremely wealthy New York based design firm? Yeah so a couple of people had that totally normal experience this week and have announced plans to pursue a giant floating space skyscraper. Just a warning, based on the day this was published and the content, I am actually unable to tell if this is for April fools’ or not.

Associate Press or AP, a stylebook that many students will be familiar with, has adopted ‘they’ as a gender-neutral pronoun. Thank you AP I am proud to have used you as a style form. You are doing right by me. Even if I hate footnoting.

In Aswan, Egypt, an intact tomb from the 12th dynasty has been discovered in Qubbet El-Hawa. Just so you know that is roughly 3,800 years ago.



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NextWeekNow March 23
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NextWeekNow March 23

On this Thursday March 23rd, we observe the second to last airing of NextWeekNow with your host MCMac of this year. It’s sad but true. It was a shortened show again this week. We’ll figure out the technical errors eventually. I promise. On to the news!

A spa in Perth Australia has opened up exclusively for babies. Human babies. It is excruciatingly adorable and pointless but there are a lot of cute baby pictures.

The World Happiness Report of 2017 was released and Canada is in the top ten at seven. The list is led by Norway followed by all of Scandinavia then us.

Sony has announced a release date for the Venom film. Venom, for those who are unaware, is a killer alien villain of Spiderman. The release date is October 5th 2018. The date is the same as the original release date for the Aquaman film, but that date has been pushed back.

Iron Fist has received bad critical approval almost exclusively since its release. The creators have been a little butt-hurt about it and have taken to blaming Donald Trump for being obnoxious or saying that the softly liberal can’t take the idea of a white guy not being ‘Oriental’ enough. What a collection of scumbags.

Black Panther will be coming out February of next year. Dope. The linked article is mostly a meaningless interview but that little nugget is at the end.

A shop in Cleveland Ohio created a giant ball of popcorn for New Years Eve. It was stolen this week… and then returned.

Some American researchers did some research on the meta-data of pornography searches in the Bible Belt and found that the more religious you are the more likely you are to look up porn. I don’t know if this has weight or meaning but it is interesting.

J & P Grocery has opened up in downtown Kitchener. It has taken hot minute, but maybe it’s going to be the best grocery store ever.

A plane going to Alaska had a loose snake on it. It was not venomous or dangerous in any way but wow people love snakes on planes. I wonder why?

Batman was in Montreal this week helping people dig out their cars.

A piece of space junk created in 2007 by the Chinese has a twitter account. It’s a real poet.

Some research has found that the blood of the young might be able to help reduce the effects of aging. I don’t know if it requires consumption, injection, sacrifice or what but still.

There is some new research that I cannot explain in any way but it focuses on the idea that light may be able to slow down. Somehow.

I recently discovered a fascinating new site. If you are a comic boo fan you might like this. Particularly if you think DC are nuts with how they handle their intellectual properties. It’s called “Has DC done Something Stupid Today?”

Superbad came out 10 years ago. Time flies, eh? I remember that movie being new. The linked article has reviews of a few ‘super bad’ comedies that came out since the film. I do not agree with all of the reviews but most of them seem pretty on point.

John Goodman got a star on the Hollywood walk of fame and Jeff Bridges came by to show that the Dude abides.

This is the second last show of this semester. Keep your head up and push through, we are almost there. I’ll talk to you NextWeekNow.

Baby back rubs:

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“I was born in space. My parents were the weather satellite and the missile”:

Maybe take A literal Bloodbath This Weekend:

This is an article where you read the headline and go ‘Crap. This can’t be good”:

As Of Posting This, It Has Been 97 Days Since DC Did Something Stupid:

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NextWeekNow March 16
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NextWeekNow March 16

We’re coming to the end of the term so keep your head on your shoulders and power through. We can write those 6 papers and 5 exams if we just work together. Not on the papers I mean. Just on the solidarity. On to the News!

Sheldon Cooper, the character of Big Bang Theory fame, is getting a spin off show about his childhood. Why? Good question. I do not have an answer other than potential profit, but at least there will be a couple jobs for some Hollywood writers that could use work. Try to find the bright side right?

An ad was released at SXSW for David Leitch’s new film Atomic Blonde starring Charlize Theron. It’s based on Antony Johnston’s graphic novel Cold City and it looks real good.

The first promo image of Jurassic World 2 has been released. Currently their saying that it will be released June 22, 2018. The picture is pretty and hopefully the movie will be a little stronger than the first Jurassic World.

Video of a creepy occurrence in a Brazilian school was shared on reddit. The door is repeatedly opening and slamming as two people walk towards it to investigate. I’m not a believer in ghosts, but the video is spooky so, in case you’re interested, it’s in the links below.

Footage of some dolphins coming alongside a boat near Marlborough, New Zealand popped up on LiveLeak. They are very beautiful creatures. By the way, in case you don’t know what LiveLeak is… just watch this video and then close the window without clicking anything.

A Miami lawyer’s pants burst into flame during closing statements on an arson case. Yeah, dawg. It’s a pretty good story.

A stunt motocross rider in California jumped the 60 freeway in the middle of the day. Security cam footage saw the guy and the Highway Patrol is currently investigating.

Have you wanted to wear sports themed shoes while you become obese? Well, good news, Pizza Hut can hook you with their new Pie Tops. If you squeeze the button under the Pizza Hut logo, the shoe will order you a pizza.

When I was a small boy there were these ads on TV for devices that you put on your body and they would vibrate and you would loose weight. You wouldn’t actually, but this is what the ads claimed. Turns out it works for mice when you vibrate their whole body.

Absolute Zero… roughly. It has been mathematically confirmed that absolute zero is only theoretically possible. So it isn’t really absolute zero, I guess.

Turns out, spiders have an immense effect on their environments. This article claims that there is a global population density of, on average, 1000 spiders per square meter, which I am hoping, for everyone involved, is a typo. I’m not afraid of spiders but this math would mean that there would be about 15,000 spiders in my apartment right now and I can’t see them.

Ambidextrous elk are bolder than the less flexible members of their species. What does that even mean? I have no idea. I loved the headline so much and I wanted to share it with you.

For some reason Humpback whales have recently been engaging in strange grouping behaviours that scientist cannot explain. They’re called super groups and they range from 20 to 200 whales.

A species of fluorescent frog has been found in South America. The South American polka dot tree frog gives off a fluorescent green or blue glow when put under a black light.

The five second rule has been confirmed true by a group of scientist who had nothing better to do than prove that your and my laziness was totally okay and not going to kill us.

A cooler full of approximately $24,000 worth of weed was dropped of at goodwill in Washington and instead of turning a profit on it staff contacted police. $24,000 guys.


That’s it for this week guys. Talk to you again NextWeekNow.


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NextWeekNow March 9
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NextWeekNow March 9


Thursday March 9th? More like Bursday Larch Kinth! What does that even mean? I think I have a fever. On to the stories!

Researchers at Ohio State University have found that they can mix food waste into tires to partially replace petroleum-based filler. It is both greener and was found to exceed industry standards.

Some new research out of the University of Nevada suggests that Mars had a lot more water on it than previously thought. The evidence is the degree of merillite that may have been converted from whitlockite, which only appears in wet environments.

Some Harvard researches have developed a picture-based language to communicate mathematical equations. The main news here is that I was unaware that this was not the first time this has been attempted. The main improvement that this new language, called ‘quon’, has made is that it can communicate big physics problems using 3D aspects.

A Japanese man from the city of Fukuoka was arrested after he stabbed himself to get a day of work. From what I can tell the cops did not have to do much questioning before the guy just admitted it on the spot.

Argonne National Laboratory’s Seth Darling has created a sponge mad out of a special material that is really effective for soaking up oil that is floating on water. Under test conditions it was successful at dealing with a spill in a pool designed to mimic emergency oil spills.

The University of Exeter has released findings that blueberries, concentrated blueberry juice and other dark skinned fruits help older brains, specifically after the age of 65 improve cognitive function and blood-flow in the brain.

Brian Primack of the University of Pittsburgh has released a study showing that if the more a person uses social media platforms the more likely they are to express feelings of isolation. Don’t tweet me to tell me how you feel about this. Go find on of your friends and talk face-to-face with them about it.

Israeli born model Orit Fox killed a snake. Not on purpose. She was posing with the Boa constrictor when the snake felt threatened and bit her on her breast. She was rushed to hospital and given a tetanus shot. The snake died of silicone poisoning.

There is a Wreck-It Ralph sequel that’s current release date is March 9th 2018, one year from today. Ralph and Vanellope will be returning though in what capacity remains unclear. Ana Ortiz will also be joining the cast though as who is, again, unknown.

A group of Illinois researches found that if 60-84 year olds listened to very particular acousic stimulation methods while sleeping they would have increased memory retention. I do not understand the rest of the research so you will have to look it over if you want to convince your Nana to listen to Ariana Grande while she is sleeping so that she remembers that you changed majors.

In Onoway Alberta, all the water turned neon pink. It was an accidental turn of the wrong valve that resulted in the release of potassium permanganate. It is a harmless cleaning chemical but boy-oh-boy does it have a resounding effect.

Some photos have been released from the set of Thor: Ragnarok. He has different hair and swords. Also Jeff Goldblum is in it. That is all. This is not really real news, but I thought you guys might be interested.

The first underwater footage of the True’s beaked whale was filmed recently. They look kind of like massive misshapen dolphins.

Some researchers stored data on DNA and got it off with out damage to the files whatsoever. It was a really weird assortment of files but they were all fine. So we will all soon have USB keys for fingers.

New discoveries in mammoth DNA have found that by the end they were all quite racked with disease and genetic mutation. The creatures likely avoided company had shiny coats (which was not normal), and several other symptoms.

Stars Wars is finally starting to get a little better about the fact that there are probably a couple more black in the universe. The new Han Solo movie that is coming out will have two black people in it. Crazy right? So forward thinking.

Todd Macfarlane, creator of Spawn, has announced that the Spawn movie he wants to make will be a much harder R than Logan or Deadpool. He is essentially a thirteen year old who has gotten taller and been given money. From what I can tell, he just wants two hours of people exploding on screen.



Talk about food trucks:


The rivers flow red. Because they’re on Mars, not from blood. Don’t be ridiculous:


Piction– long form algebra:


He REALLY needed a day off:


It’s like a sham-wow but useful:


I got blueberries on the brain:


Anti-social networking:


Remember the LadyBots in Austin Powers? This is the lame, animal abusive version:


Let’s hope the sequel doesn’t Wreck-It. Or is wrecking it a good thing in this case?


Sing me to sleep:


Do you remember the water runs red goof earlier? Well… The water runs pink now:


Marvel at these photos:


These beaks got peaked:


Maybe instead of USB fingers we’ll get RoboCop wrist spikes. That’d be dope:


Mangy Mammoths:


A long time ago, when dispelling racial segregation was a new idea:


Spawning a bad idea:


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Next Week Now March 2
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Next Week Now March 2

Welcome back from reading week! I hope the break went well for you all and you’re prepared for class. If not… sorry and good luck, I geuss. On to the news!

A wizard who came through town cursed me at a young age, and now I have to talk about robots every week or else I’ll die a painful death. So this week’s robot story is fluffy dog tails that robots can use to express their feelings.

In the world of medicine some scientist from the university of Minnesota have discovered that they can more easily keep donated organs cool and able to be used if they use a process involving nano-particles of iron and cryopreservation techniques. There’s that quote about anything that we are unable to figure out is magic or something to that effect.

The world’s oldest fossil was discovered here in Canada, specifically Quebec. It is estimated to be between 3.77 and 4.3 billion years old. As a point of reference the earth is roughly 4.5 billion years old so this means that life has been around since near the start of this home of ours existing. By the way the fossil is microfilaments left behind by bacteria, it’s not a skull or something cool to us lay people who don’t understand fossils.

SpaceX has announced that they will be sending tourists to the moon in 2018… and then some scientists did the important thing and explained why that might not be the best idea. The tourists will have carsickness that’s out of this world. Booyah! I knew I could fit that pun in.

We have recently had a breakthrough about the colours of Anchiornis a small ankle-biting dinosaur. This is quite the discovery due to the fact that we don’t know what the colours of any dinosaurs were.

In local news, just a heads up: GRT drivers may be going on strike on March 19th. If you rely on the bus be aware that you might need to make alternative arrangements for a while.

It turns out that Hamilton is the Canadian version of the town from Footloose: it has been illegal to play street hockey there for the last fifty years. The city council overturned the decision recently. The weirdest part is that the vote wasn’t unanimously in favour. There are at least three people on the city council that are total downers. Get it together Hamilton.

A researcher named Micheal Fedak has glued cameras to the heads of elephant seals to figure out how they survive for months at sea without returning to shore. It’s really cute.

A study released out Missouri University investigates the disconnect between the media and the general American public. The studies main points include the difference between the most prevalent political philosophies of the two groups as well as the effect few staff and the requirement to break a story first has on journalists.

Several of the cast members of Marvel’s Inhumans have been announced. Also there is an X-Men related project coming from Fox that has yet to receive a name. Also form Marvel the new Guardian’s of the Galaxy trailer has dropped a bunch of details about the next film that had not yet been revealed. In our last piece of Marvel news, Logan, the next film about Wolverine comes out tomorrow.



When you hurl, aim for the stars:

Fuzzy-Wuzzy was a vacuum cleaner:

I give it my seal of approval:

Maybe Kevin Bacon can come by and have a game:

Velociraptors in vogue:

GRT drivers potentially on strike:

The world’s oldest fossil:

The media and the public at odds. Who’da thunk it?:

Cryo-stasis and iron nano-particles:

The marvels of Marvel:


Playlist for Show:

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Stay With Us – Seoul

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Next Week Now February 16
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Next Week Now February 16

External forces stopped there from being a show this week, the week of Feb 16, but that does not mean that the news stopped as well.

Australia has decided to remind the world why they’re so cool with the posting of a video of the second deadliest snake in the world being killed by a venomous spider. Also there’s a bunch of guys in the background cheering the spider on.


Agility Robotics, an American company, has created another robot and the point of this one is to get your groceries… maybe? Its name is Cassie and it walks on two feet and their mission statement with the bot is that it can help you out and go places for you.


Some German scientists have found a fossil of a new species of crocodile. Or more accurately a ‘crocodile-like atoposaurid’. It’s really cute. They named it Knoetschkesuchus langenbergensis so that they can make fun of non-biologists when they try to say it and it’s estimated to have lived about 154 million years ago.


A new report has found that working away from your place of work (e.g. home instead of the office) increases stress levels. One day we’ll figure out how to minimize stress coming in from external sources and on that day the only thing making us anxious will be our own body. Imagine that future.


The smallest town in Canada is called Tilt Cove. The two recently lost three of its citizens so now there are only four people left. I can’t really think of any goofs about this one. The people seem a little nutty and they don’t have Internet access so they won’t hear about my coverage of them.


Some Japanese researchers have found that dogs, our greatest companions, engage in behaviour that suggests that they may have a moral compass similar to our own. Every time I think I appreciate dogs as much as I could I learn something new about them.


I don’t know about you but I have always wanted to see a woolly mammoth. I might be able to in a couple years time. The American Association for the Advancement of Science has announced that they think they might only be two years away from completing the mammoth ‘de-extinction’ project.


That’s all for this week and I’ll talk to you in two weeks, Thursday March 2nd at 1:00pm.

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