Position Descriptions

Position Descriptions

Brantford/Waterloo DJ – 

Ever wanted to host your own show, curate your very own content and hone your interview and broadcast journalism skillset? Create your own show on Radio Laurier’s Program Schedule! We welcome all ideas and personalities from each Laurier campus, and from surrounding communities. No prior experience required, as we’ll train you on all equipment and discuss how to structure, research and prepare for your show each week. 

Your responsibilities include preparing a 50-minute broadcast each week, thoroughly research your content, and develop creative ideas that peak our listener’s interest. This is an excellent opportunity to turn your ideas into high-quality on-air content for your community, friends, and family to enjoy but that can also be used to bolster your portfolio going forward. 

Hosts are expected to make a commitment of 3-5 hours a week which consists of a weekly team meeting, preparation, and broadcasting. They are also expected to attend all general station meetings and, when able to, attend events. All programmers will directly report to the Program Director and are expected to adhere to WLUSP’s code of conduct and content ownership policies.

*If you’re on the Brantford campus, you will be required to pre-record your shows in our Brantford studio and send them via MP3 to our Program Director. Please be sure to make note of your campus on our contact form or in your email. 

Morning Show & After Class Hosts – 

DJ’s work as part of a team to produce weekly content during prime-time hours. On week days, The Morning Show runs from 10am-12pm and After Class runs from 10pm-11pm. Just like your classic morning show, it consists of fun segments, exciting interviews, popular music, and much more. After Class shows are an opportunity to tastefully discuss mature and provocative topics. The Morning and After Class members will work closely with the manager to create a consistent structure among the shows while maintaining creative freedom for individual DJ’s. Each show is geared towards the Laurier campus and community and provides a wide variety of content. Hosts are expected to make a commitment of 3-5 hours a week, which consists of a weekly team meeting, preparation, and broadcasting. DJ’s are also expected to attend all general station meetings and, when able, attend Radio Laurier & WLUSP events. All Morning Show/After Class hosts directly report to our Morning Show/After Class manager and are expected to adhere to WLUSP’s code of conduct and content ownership policies.


Sports Live Broadcasting – 

Ever wonder how those people covering the World Series, FIFA World Cup, NBA Finals, and the Stanely Cup got their start? Wonder no more. Radio Laurier’s Sports Live Broadcasting team covers Men’s Football, Men’s/Women’s Basketball, Men’s/Women’s Hockey and specialty games for Men’s/Women’s Soccer Home Games. Available positions include Play-By-Play, Color Commentators, Sideline Reporters, and more. The commitment is between 3-10 hours a week, which consists of regular team meetings, preparation, and presentation of the broadcasts. You will also be expected to attend all general station meetings attend as many Radio Laurier & WLUSP events as possible. All Sports Broadcasters will report directly to our Sports Manager.  Come out and work alongside your Laurier Golden Hawks!


Street Team/Events Team – 

Interesting in promotions, strategic marketing and generating captivating content that will entice Laurier’s student body?

Radio Laurier’s Street Team represents the station on campus, and in the Waterloo community. As a member of a team, you will be responsible for putting up posters, assisting the Promo and Branding Manager, and recruiting volunteers at weekly/bi-weekly booth’s in the concourse by engaging students with games, contests, and giveaways. Additionally, Street Team is responsible for assisting in planning, setting up, and executing all Radio Laurier events (Dirty Bingo, Open Mic Night at Wilfs, etc.). Street Team members will also be given special opportunities to attend and produce blog content regarding live music and events at various venues around Waterloo. You directly report to the Promotions & Branding Manager.


Music Assistant – 

Does local and Canadian talent tickle your fancy? OURS, TOO. Join Radio Laurier’s Music Assistant team and help us find that new heat.

As a member of a team, you will assist the Music Director in the processing and maintenance of all the music we receive. Radio Laurier receives dozens of albums a week both digitally and physically (via snail mail), so Music Assistants are tasked with processing some these submissions every week. This can be either sent or given to you by the Music Director, or from managing one of the digital download sites (these are sites where we log on and have access to a catalog of artists from a company/distributor). Music Assistants will also help the Music Director in charting the songs playing on Radio Laurier. Additionally, there are opportunities to join one of the department’s flagship music program, Pass The Aux, as a guest host, contribute to social media collaborations, and write album/concert reviews for our site. The time commitment for this position is 3-5 hours per week. You will also be expected to attend all music department meetings and attend as many Radio Laurier & WLUSP events as possible. Report directly to the Music Director. 


Public Relations Assistant – 

Were you born with the eye for trends? Are you an unrealized social media influencer or is making people look good easy for you?  Bring that vision over here.

As Public Relations Assistants, your role is to help the Public Relations Manager in overseeing all Public Relations for Radio Laurier. This includes assisting with all Radio Laurier social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), communicating with various venues or businesses, and assisting hosts/shows with the branding and promotion of their show. You will be expected to attend all PR meetings and as many Radio Laurier & WLUSP events as possible. Report directly to the Public Relations Manager. 


Production Assistant –

Interested in learning how to utilize Audition and produce an on-air broadcast? Do you have ideas for creative and engaging PSAs or on-air advertisements? Want to know how to create a splitter for campus&community radio? Join our production assistant team! All the skills that are required for this position can be easily taught, so bring your creativity and your passion for developing a multitude of skillsets and you’re all set to go. The time commitment is 2-6 hours per week dependent on the number of shows you sign up to produce. Report directly to our Station Manager. 


News Assistant or Host – 

Are you invested in campus & community news and have an affinity for broadcast journalism? Us, too. Aid in the curation of our News Show’s content or even become one of their co-hosts! Our News Show reflects the content published within the Cord, is interview friendly and focuses around campus and community topics. 


Programming Committee Member – 

Would you rather critique a show than host one? Nothing like a good ol’ quality checklist. Join our Programming Committee and help us improve our content! As a member, you’ll assist the Program Committee Manager in reviewing our on-air broadcasts to ensure that our show’s content, structure, and dialogue adheres to Radio Laurier’s expectations and is engaging for our listeners. The time commitment is 2-3 hours per week. Report directly to the Program Committee Manager.