The Morning After – Celebrity Gossip

The Morning After – Celebrity Gossip

Good morning Laurier! Welcome back to another morning after with O$AP and Goldilocks on our second show of 2017. We hope these introductory course weeks are going smooth, especially if you’re part of the widespread Laurier Plague that every golden hawk seems to be dreading.

What could make that better? How about a morning full of Mac Miller’s latest album, The Devine Feminine, and some oh so expected talk about the Weeknd. This week was all about the gossip with some rumors of Abel Tesfaye from the Weeknd, allegedly getting involved with Justin Bieber’s ex-lover Selena Gomez. It looks like that unsubtle shout out from his song Party Monster off the new Starboy Album might have caught her attention! We don’t know for sure that anything is official, but it was an extra dramatic discovery to find out Abel’s previous girlfriend Bella Hadid unfollowed him on Instagram!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a normal Monday Morning After if The Weeknd didn’t get his share of discussion time. This week’s talk was about the expectations of the awaited Starboy album, and the not so expected results (sorry fans). With all that advertising, thousands of banners wherever you went, and pop-up ads on every piece of technology you own, it just doesn’t seem to be hitting the bar that his previous album Beauty Behind the Madness set. Goldilocks and O$AP seem to agree quite clearly this time that they had more expectations for this new album. It’s still early though and they have plenty of fan faith in the super star.

With this week’s focus on Mac Miller’s album it would only be right to talk a little gossip about him. Of course, his relations with Ariana Grande need to be brought up after playing songs like My Favourite Part and The Way, which, for those who don’t know, are two songs that the lover-artists have collaborated on together. Goldilocks wasn’t a fan of either until she heard The Way, and O$AP had to admit his gravitating appreciation for Ariana’s talented voice and singing skills. If you want to check out either of the songs just click on the links below! Let us know what you think and which artist you like better.

To end the week let’s all get involved with the Laurier student elections, which you’ll be able to hear all about this week on Radio Laurier. Make sure to stay tuned to your favourite shows and hear all about the elections, and be sure to check out the Interview this Tuesday morning January 17, 2017!

Make sure to have a stellar week Golden Hawks! Good luck getting over those colds and flus, and don’t fall too far behind. We’ll see you next week!


Song List:

Congratulations (feat. Bilal)

Dang! (feat. Anderson .Paak)


Planet God Damn (feat. Njomza)


We (feat. CeeLo Green)

My Favourite Part (feat. Ariana Grande)

God is Fair, Sexy Nasty (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

Next Week Now/Next Week Now

Next Week Now Thursday Nov 17


Hey everybody! I hope you have a good Next Week Now before I talk to you Next Week Now. Boy oh boy I’m getting good at sneaking that title into things. This week I shared a story about pigs that can be optimists which is where that little cutie comes from. Also if you can think of a pun involving pigs and optimism that would make me squeal. Get it? Get it? I’ll show myself out…

Anyway, in other animal news, leaf spiders are everywhere! Or at least in a rain forest in China where they have remained undercover since… forever. Also there is a monkey in China that gets anxious unless it’s riding on a goats back. A man in P.E.I. dug his own grave last year and he’s 90 now. More on that story as it develops. Or ceases to develop, I guess. Microsoft has invented holograms… kinda? If you’re a sci-fi nut for real-time spatial projection you’ll have to do your own research because I cannot figure that out. There is a King Kong movie coming out this summer that the studio hope is going to be a blockbuster. I don’t know where all these puns are coming from.

Happy Halloween
Next Week Now/Next Week Now

Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween! I hope you guys have a safe and raucous weekend and a great Monday. We might even see some costumes in class next week.
On the show I read a couple short scary stories from the reddit page r/shortscarystories. In movies there are a couple fun Halloween events happening around town including the Princess playing Rocky Horror Picture Show and the Apollo having quite a few viewings of different Halloween classics. There are also several club events going on in uptown, most having costume competitions.
In the news, there have been several discoveries in prosthetic limb technology that are awesome. There were some sci-fi-esque developments in a battery based on he human intestine and a diamond being used as an advance storage device.
Lastly, in old news, an escapologist was going to get out of a straight jacket while hanging upside down in the middle of a street on July 7th 1928. It’s interesting that the field of escapology has not changed much in 88 years.
If you guys would like to contact me tweet me @NextWeekNow, and I’ll talk to you Next Week Now.

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The Pit Episode 2

Welcome to The Blog!

Zack writing here, just want to thank anyone who’s been listening, I hope I can grow a real fan base.

Episode 2 was incredibly fun to put together, it really is a challenge to find metal that doesn’t contain adult language, luckily my knowledge about the music is formidable.

As I mentioned yesterday was my birthday, I turned 25, and went to go see Gojira and Tesseract at the sound academy in Toronto. The show was amazing, all my band mates showed up to see them, they put on an a killer performance. I can without a doubt say it was the best show I’ve ever seen.

I managed to get those guitar strings to my address after that little mix up, I haven’t installed them yet, but when I do I shall have to let you all know how they play.

Not too much more to say after that, here is the play list from this week

Death- Painkiller

In flames–Colony

Lamb of God – Embers

Sikth- Part of the Friction

Whitechapel- Bring me Home

Gojira – Lowlands

Machinehead- Darkness Within

Mastodon- Blood and Thunder

Razor – The Marshall Arts

Devil Driver – I Could Care Less

Edge of Sanity – Blood Colored

Testament- Practice What You Preach

The next episode airs this Friday, October 28, 2016

I’ll see you in The Pit!

Next Week Now November 20
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Next Week Now November 20

The show this week was Italian themed, as my parents are traveling in Florence, Italy. On home turf, in movies this week, The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay – Part 2 came out and is getting good reviews. The Stanford Prison experiment and Sleeping With Other People also came out this week and have been quite well received. Other Movies playing this week include Room, Suffragette, Sicario, and Crimson Peak.
At the Registry Theatre this week, Radio Ridiculous and The Bully Effect are both being performed as well as musical performances from the Kevin Ramessar Group and Nota Bene Baroque Players.
In news, a skull carved from a $150,000 meteorite is going on auction in L.A. and a French artist has recreated Star Wars characters as classical Greek statues. Finally, a bulldog in Peru, named Otto, has claimed the “World Record for Longest Human Tunnel Traveled by a Dog Skateboarder”.
Here is the music playlist for this weeks show:


The Rap Up: Your Weekly Hip-Hop Fix

Pusha T performs during the 2013 Coachella Valley Music

Shows/Music Shows/Music Shows/The RapUp

The Rap Up: Your Weekly Hip-Hop Fix

Pusha T is on it!

It’s been almost two years since Pusha T’s last album and he knows fans are getting tired of waiting. Don’t worry though, Pusha says he’s been feverishly trying to finish his highly anticipated KING PUSH by the end of the month. That’s right! Pusha T wants you strolling to lecture with possibly Hip-Hop album of year in your back pocket.


Straight Outta Compton… To The Bank

First weekend sales are in for Straight Outta Compton, and it looks like $60.2 million worth of people are throwing up the West Side all over North America. With a historic box office opening weekend, Dr. Dre’s newest album Compton has done quite well itself boasting an impressive 280,000 copies falling short to only Kendrick Lamar and Drake.


Eenie Meenie Miney Mo, Catch a Tyga By The Toe

I know, I know, that was corny, but then again so is Tyga. With a new mixtape on the way set to release August 24th, Tyga looks to prove he’s worth more than his infamous relationship with Kylie Jenner. With rumors of Kylie learning to make music, this might be the perfect opportunity for a really interesting feature.



Show Set:

Keep On Hustlin – Warren G ft. jeezy, bun b & Nate Dogg

9 Shots – 50 Cent

A Milli Billi Trilli – 2 Chainz Ft. Wiz Khalifa

Say So – Wiz Khalifa

Intro – dr. dre

Talk about it – dr. dre ft. Justus & King Mez

Its all on me – Dr. Dre Ft. Justus & BJ The Chicago Kid

Darkside/Gone – Dre ft. King Mez, Marsha Ambrosius & Kendrick Lamar

Medicine Man – Dre. Ft. Eminem, Candice pillay & Anderson Paak

Kehlanis (Freestyle) – PARTYNEXTDOOR

Sweeterman (Remix) – Drake

Here – Alessia Cara

Acting Like 1 – Tory Lanez & WEDIDIT

I Know how it Feel – Ace Hood Ft. Ty Dolla Sign

Room Full Of G’s – League of Starz Ft. Snoop Dogg, Game, Joey Fatts & Dee

Again – Fetty Wap

The Fix – Nelly Ft. Jeremih

Driving Ms. Daisy – Logic Ft. Childish Gambino

Westside Rooftops – Skeme Ft. G Austin

Toyota Music – Big Sean