News Unplugged: Tuesday March 24th

News Unplugged: Tuesday March 24th

Germanwings Flight 4U9525 Crashes in French Alps

Flight 4u9525 went down today in southern France.  All 148 passengers on board are presumed to be dead.  The passenger plane was on a routine flight from Barcelona to Dusseldorf.  Investigators are still working to figure out what problems the aircraft encountered.


Harper Looks to Bomb ISIS in Syria

PM Stephen Harper is seeking authorization to bomb ISIS targets in Syria during a six month mission.  Parliament must vote in favor to put the plan into motion.


Toronto Subway Service Halted Due to Environmental Spill

The Yonge, University and Spadina lines between Bloor and Union station been suspended at this time due to the spill.  Crews are working to figure out what the substance is and how it spilled.


Tractor Trailer Rolls onto the 401

A truck going down a ramp rolled onto the 401 yesterday afternoon.  All westbound lanes were closed until 9pm.  It is believed that speed was a factor in the accident.


Patrick Brazeau in Court This Week

Court hearings for suspended Ottawa Senators player Patrick Brazeau  continue.  An unnamed woman testified against Brazeau, stating that he assaulted her physically and sexually.


Angelina Jolie Undergoes Preventative Surgery

Two years after Jolie underwent a double mastectomy she has now had her ovaries removed as well.  Under the advice of a specialist, Jolie decided to receive the preventative surgery to lessen the risk of developing cancer.





News Unplugged, Tuesday March 17th

News Unplugged, Tuesday March 17th

Network Failure in Parliament Shootings

The October 22nd shootings at Parliament Hill seem to have ran into technical issues with the area’s cellular and internet networks.  These networks were converting from landlines to cell service.  This made communication with emergency personnel very difficult.


Robert Durst Charged with First Degree Murder

Real estate heir, Robert Durst, has been charged with first degree murder of old friend, Susan Berman.  Durst exposed the truth unintentionally while filming his docu-series.  He muttered incriminating words to himself in the washroom, while his microphone was still on.  If proven guilty, Durst could face the death penalty.


Bertrand Charest Charged with Sexual Assault

Former national ski coach, Bertrand Charest, was charged with close to four dozen sexual offences last week.  These acts took place between the years of 1991-1998.  All victims were junior skiers at the time of the crime.


PEI Snowfall Breaks Records

Prince Edward Island’s recent blizzard has broken snowfall records for the region.  The storm hit Sunday and Monday, and dumped 48cm of snow in the area.  The total snowfall in the province this season thus far is 453cm, passing last years total of 451cm.





2015 In The Building!
Shows/The RapUp

2015 In The Building!

Wudddupp friends?! Everyone feeling good about being back at school? Us neither. BUT the good news is that we get to give y’all some more very dope rap and hip-hop. We had an exciting past couple days with tons of new music sooooo lets get right to it!

Kanye brought in the new year in a very emotional-random-sporadic way. He dropped a new track called ‘Only One’ on new years day. In short, it’s an ode to his daughter North but rapped as his mom. Seems kind of like inception but trust us, it’s actually very well done. Did we mention it features the legendary Beatle front man Paul McCartney. It’s also Kim’s favorite track. Check it out right here.

We also got new music from A$AP Rocky which is an extension of his last single ‘Multiply’. This new one however is called ‘Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye’ and sounds right up any “trill” “expensive rap” fan’s alley. We are very much looking forward to A$AP’s new album which is due out some time in 2015. Take a look at the track below.

We also got a new project from Brooklyn’s very own Fabolous. The album is called ‘The Young OG Project’. It has some new sounds and concepts but also brings that good ;ol Fabo that we know and love. Check out our fave track below. Niiiiiiiiccceeee *Fab voice*

We moved on a little later to some very dope music we were sent back in the summer. If you’ve listened a few times these past 8 months then you will know him 100%. Detroit/Miami rapper Kidd Wes chopped it up with us for more than 20 minutes. We talked all about his upbringings in Detroit, his move to Florida, his newest project ‘Young World’ and much much more. If you haven’t yet heard his stuff peep the LP below and be on the lookout for more from him very very soon.


Well, that’s all from us this week. Make sure to tune in next. Rumor has we’ve got Konfiident back on. Ahh Ahh Ahhhh.







Peace, Love & The Dipset Reunion

Taking Lunch Money!
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Taking Lunch Money!

Wuddduupp friends?! Hope all is well and everyone is avoiding the snowmagedon happening outside. We’ve been all bundled up on some eskimo type ishhhh but our Timbs are still soaking wet. Can anyone help? No? Okay. Anyways, we’ve had two really dope shows back to back with some crazy music, videos and cyphers.

First things first we NEED to talk about this Shady XV thing. So Shady Records is celebrating their 15th year anniversary this year and to do so they are dropping an album next week featuring a whole whack of different people from all over the record label as well as the industry as a whole. On top of that (probably to promo the album) Eminem, Yelawolf and Slaughterhouse got together for an 18 minute acapella cypher. Everyone remembers the BET Awards Shady 2.0 Cypher and this new one gives it a run for its money. Check it out below as well as a new track off their upcoming album.’ ______ vs. Everybody’ on the way?

On top of that we talked about J Cole’s upcoming album, YG’s movie and of course the whole Kim K naked photoshoot.

Lastly, we took a look at Your Old Droog’s new LP. If you don’t remember YOD, let me give you a little reminder.  Way back in the summer time we talked about this unknown rapper from New York who sounded EXACTLY like Nas. Like, almost 100% like Nas. A lot of people thought that he was actually Nas. However, we eventually found out that he wasn’t but the raps are still amazing. Anyways, he recently released his full length self titled LP. There is really no other rapper right now doing what he’s doing. His use of boom baps and jazz samples makes us feel like we are back in the 80s/90s. Peep our faves below!

Well, that’s it from us this week. Check us out same time same place. Make sure to check us out on Twitter for all the updates and so on and so forth.











Peace, Love & Eminem’s Rhyme Books

The RapUp/The RapUp

The Pull Up!

Wuddduupp friends?! I know y’all been sweating the fact that we haven’t been in these online streets for a few weeks. Sorry. We’ve been working hard to give you guys the best of the best on the air. There has been a ton of new music so be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled as you read below.

We have really been digging this new Theophilus London album entitled ‘Vibes’. Executive produced by Mr. Kanye West himself, the Brooklyn rapper gives us a new feel to his abilities as an emcee. The last we heard from Theophilus was back when he had that 2012 hit with A$AP Rocky. (you can peep it below). But in all honesty, the album is pretty tight. It has a real medley of sounds from different genres. Some songs sound more like slow building, progressive EDM than authentic hip-hop; but it works. Check out his previous hit and new cuts below. Good vibes only!

Up next we touched on the BET Hip-Hop Awards that happend a few weeks back. The best part about these awards are their, well, awards. They have all different kinds of awards ranging from fan faves to more technical accolades. Check below for a full list of winners.

Best Video: Drake – Worst Behavior

Best Collab: YG – My Hitter

Best Live Performer: Kanye West

Lyricist of the Year: Kendrick Lamar

DJ of the Year: DJ Mustard

Producer of the Year: DJ Mustard

MVP of the Year: DJ Mustard

Album of the Year: Drake – Nothing Was The Same

Who Blew Up: Iggy Azalea

Made You Look: Nicki Minaj

Hustler of the Year: Dr. Dre

Best Club Banger: Future – Move That Dope

Track of the Year: YG- My Hitter

Sweet 16: Kendrick Lamar – Control

Best Mixtape: Wiz Khalifa – 28 Grams

People’s Champ: Drake

Impact Track: Common – Kingdom

Best Hip-Hop Site: WorldStarHipHop

Obviously some suspect winners but it will play. Not to mention the cyphers were fiiiiiiiire, so all is forgiven.

Well, that is it from us this week. TUNE IN every Wednesday. Get at us on Twitter (@RLRapUp) for all that good good!

Peace, Love & Eminem’s Extraterrestrial Rhyme Schemes

Need The Scratch To Get Me In
The RapUp/The RapUp

Need The Scratch To Get Me In

Wudddupp friends?! Hope everything is rolling well into midterm season for everyone because lord knows it can be stressful time. You’re all up tight about this and that but don’t fret because we are here to sooth your academic soul with a little hip-hop music. We looked at some new music and of course the BET AWARDS CYPHERS.

As you guys all know, the BET Awards happen each and every year and a top the boring speeches and lackluster performances, there are the cyphers. These cyphers take place during breaks in the show and include the dopest rhymes from old school cats and new schoolers alike. This year was very battle rap heavy featuring battle emcees such as Arsonal, Murda Mook, Calicoe, Conceited, Charron, Goodz, Tsu Surf etc. Nice to see the sub genre is making it to the forefront.

The mainstream rappers included Remy Ma, Papoose, Jaren Benton, Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, Emilio Rojas, Logic and David Banner just to name a few. The bars were good but nothing comes close to Shady’s cypher back in 2011. Check out a full review of this year’s cyphers here and peep the GOAT below.

We also played some new Game. He dropped a new LP called ‘Year of the Wolf’. It has some pretty big bangers but TOO MANY FEATURES. Rappers need to know the difference between making a “solo” album and what appears to be a collab album. I’m convinced that the featured rappers on Game’s new album have more collective rap time than Game himself. That’s a problem. Anyways, check out some good tracks below and enjoy Compton’s very own.

Well, that’s it from us! Make sure to tune in next week for more rap-y goodness.














Peace, Love & Meek Mill’s Welcome Home Party