The Pit Episode 2

The Pit Episode 2

Welcome to The Blog!

Zack writing here, just want to thank anyone who’s been listening, I hope I can grow a real fan base.

Episode 2 was incredibly fun to put together, it really is a challenge to find metal that doesn’t contain adult language, luckily my knowledge about the music is formidable.

As I mentioned yesterday was my birthday, I turned 25, and went to go see Gojira and Tesseract at the sound academy in Toronto. The show was amazing, all my band mates showed up to see them, they put on an a killer performance. I can without a doubt say it was the best show I’ve ever seen.

I managed to get those guitar strings to my address after that little mix up, I haven’t installed them yet, but when I do I shall have to let you all know how they play.

Not too much more to say after that, here is the play list from this week

Death- Painkiller

In flames–Colony

Lamb of God – Embers

Sikth- Part of the Friction

Whitechapel- Bring me Home

Gojira – Lowlands

Machinehead- Darkness Within

Mastodon- Blood and Thunder

Razor – The Marshall Arts

Devil Driver – I Could Care Less

Edge of Sanity – Blood Colored

Testament- Practice What You Preach

The next episode airs this Friday, October 28, 2016

I’ll see you in The Pit!

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