News Unplugged: Tuesday March 24th

News Unplugged: Tuesday March 24th

Germanwings Flight 4U9525 Crashes in French Alps

Flight 4u9525 went down today in southern France.  All 148 passengers on board are presumed to be dead.  The passenger plane was on a routine flight from Barcelona to Dusseldorf.  Investigators are still working to figure out what problems the aircraft encountered.


Harper Looks to Bomb ISIS in Syria

PM Stephen Harper is seeking authorization to bomb ISIS targets in Syria during a six month mission.  Parliament must vote in favor to put the plan into motion.


Toronto Subway Service Halted Due to Environmental Spill

The Yonge, University and Spadina lines between Bloor and Union station been suspended at this time due to the spill.  Crews are working to figure out what the substance is and how it spilled.


Tractor Trailer Rolls onto the 401

A truck going down a ramp rolled onto the 401 yesterday afternoon.  All westbound lanes were closed until 9pm.  It is believed that speed was a factor in the accident.


Patrick Brazeau in Court This Week

Court hearings for suspended Ottawa Senators player Patrick Brazeau  continue.  An unnamed woman testified against Brazeau, stating that he assaulted her physically and sexually.


Angelina Jolie Undergoes Preventative Surgery

Two years after Jolie underwent a double mastectomy she has now had her ovaries removed as well.  Under the advice of a specialist, Jolie decided to receive the preventative surgery to lessen the risk of developing cancer.





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