Media Monday
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Media Monday

Today DJ O$AP and DJ Goldilocks covered a wide range of topics, all revolving around things that are creating quite a buzz in the media world.

Is Laurier boycotting St. Patties Day? In case you haven’t heard all of the buzz around campus, Laurier has decided not to endorse the festivities this year: they will not be selling merchandise in the book store, nor will they be serving green beer in Wilf’s! But is this really a boycott of the holiday? We think they want to dissociate themselves from the street party reputation so that it doesn’t overshadow the strong academics in the school, but their not going to discourage students from going out and having a good time (responsibly). Maybe we’ll see some of you on Ezra?

Speaking of the Irish… Conor McGregor lost to Nate Diaz, didn’t see that one coming. Just like Rhonda, Conor was expected to pummel the competition and take the win, but that wasn’t nearly the case. Following his loss Conor shook Nate’s hand and gave him a hug… a rare show of sportsmanship from Conor.

The Just Trudeau government has been talking about free tuition to come in 2017 for households with an income of $50, 000 or less. This would benefit many families across Canada, but what about those that aren’t receiving financial support from their parents? Shouldn’t they have free tuition as well? It’ll be interesting to watch this develop, hopefully he is able to make post secondary education more accessible to everyone, not just those that fall within a certain income bracket.

Kendrick Lamar released a new album with a jazz twist; there’s a different vibe to this album than his previous work, but it is just as genius as his last. Lil’ Wayne and 2 Chainz paired up and released a mixtape on the same day. There are some fire tracks on the mixtape titled ColleGrove, if you haven’t heard it yet make sure you check it out, you won’t regret it!

Thank you for tuning in with us today, we hope you have a fun and safe week! Don’t forget to get your St. Patties Day gear now before it’s all picked over next week! Join us again next Monday!

Song List:

  • Vice City – Jay Rock ft. Black Hippy
  • Ice Box – Omarion
  • Panda – Desiigner
  • I Mean It – G-Eazy
  • In the Night – The Weeknd
  • Kiss Kiss – Chris Brown
  • Holy Grail – Justin Timberlake
  • Work – Rihanna
  • 7 Years – Lukas Graham
  • Where Ya At – Future
  • Jumpman – Drake
  • No Sense – Justin Bieber
  • Pillow Talk – Zayn Malik
  • Happiness and the Fish – Our Lady Peace
  • Can’t Stop – Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Best Friend – Young Thug
  • Pretender – Foo Fighters
  • Tennis Court – Flume ft. Lorde
  • Fallin on – Finger Eleven
  • In Too Deep – Sum 41
  • Girls Don’t Like Boys – Good Charlotte
Oscar Wild
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Oscar Wild

Last night Leonardo Dicaprio won his first Oscar! We know what you’re thinking… it’s about time. He made a humble acceptance speech and also addressed issues regarding climate change and Indigenous people. There was a lot of controversy around racial discrimination and the Oscars… so we want to know… who makes up the academy? Who decides who wins?

But more importantly, how do we get invited to the after party? We talked about our top celebrity party list which, for us, included Leonardo Dicaprio, The Weeknd (if you couldn’t already guess that one), Justin Bieber, G-Eazy, and Nicki Minaj.

We ended the show talking about some of our favourite movies of all time, going through the different genres and some of the most popular movies.

Song List:

  • Nocturnal – The Weeknd
  • I Took a Pill in Ibiza – Mike Posner
  • One of Them – G-Eazy
  • Panda – Desiigner
  • Palm Trees – Flatbush Zombies
  • Ice Box – Omario
  • Take You Down – Chris Brown
  • Low – Flo Rida
  • Work – Rihanna
  • Temperature – Sean Paul
  • Lollipop – Lil Wayne
  • Birthday Sex – Jermih
  • Summer Sixteen – Drake
  • Riot – Three Days Grace
  • Day n’ Night – Kid Cudi
  • Whatever You Like – T.I.
  • 502 Come Up – Bryson Tiller
  • And We Danced – Mackelmore
  • Happiness and the Fish – Our Lady Peace
Good Fridays with Williams in the Morning

Good Friday mornings, lead to good Friday nights

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Good Fridays with Williams in the Morning

Good Friday mornings, lead to good Friday nights

Good Friday mornings, lead to good Friday nights

Hey Yall

With my first Blog post for my new gig Friday mornings at 9-11am as part of the morning show crew. I want to give you a little intro into what the show is all about .

This was my third show in and what a time to be alive. Its a show about having fun and getting ready to tackle the day and more importantly get ready for the weekend. I like to Wrap up happenings from the week that was, and make sure everyone is fresh for the most important days of the week Friday and Saturday. A lot of Shop style talk where its all fun and games with a lot of  wacky dumb and silly topics.

For this show it is the first Friday evening where I wont be working all semester long. So a lot of the show was spent tailored around going out, or at least drinking a few cold ones.

What was on the Show for Friday February 26th

  • The Report: Today’s top Canadian news stories from Americas finest news sources. We Talked about Paytan manning and his attempt to deny the latest allegations against the hall of fame and recent Superbowl winning quarterback.
  • As well we did some Big league Banter. For this it was focused on the NHL Trade deadline and the MLB spring training my notably the Blue jays and Joes Bat fips lasted news on contracts. As well Old boy John Gibbons and his cannon slipped in there.
  • Our daily Seinfeld clip of the week: Was about my trip to Toronto over reading week and the pleasant traffic that existences in that town. Well Kramer let us know really the only way to beat Traffic…
  • Fridays Five the biggest, best, top, most all star quality list of 5 for this week: Was people you meet on Spring Break. this is one segment you don’t want to miss on any Friday.
  • Finally Wrapping the show up with My bone to pick in this world… THE SO CALLED KING OF THE JUNGLE

All music on this show was centered around country music and cold cans… as i was getting ready to go to Dallas. Selfish I know but its fun to do every once and a while.

Drink a beer- Luke Bryan, Anything goes- Florida Georgia Line, Beer in mexico- Kenny Chesney, Beer Money- Kip Moore, Save Water, Drink Bee- Chris Young, Power of positive Drinking Chris Janson, One more Drinking song- Jarrod Niemon, Parking lot party- Lee Brice, Days of Gold- Jake Owen, Alcohol- Brad Paisley, Drink in my hand- Eric church, Tequila makes her clothes come off- Joe Nichols, Day Drinking- Little Big Town, Margaritaville- Jimmy Buffett, Take my Drunk ass Home-Luke Bryan,  Red Solo Cup- Toby Keith, I think ill just stay here and drink a beer- Merle Haggard, Pretty good at drinking beer- billy currington, boys Round here- Blake Shelton, I like Beer- Tom T Hall, Beer for my horses- Toby Keith, Drinking Bone- Tracy Byrd, Somthing bout a truck- justin Moore, Barefoot blue jean night- Jake owen. Hope the Country beer songs didnt get old everyone.

Have a safe and Happy Weekend. Enjoy a Cold one. See you out there..

Be responsible. Don’t drink and Drive. Party Safe people. Forget the Smoke.

And Remember for every 1 mile of highway there is 2 of ditch. So keep it between the Mustard and the mayonnaise.

Williams in the Morning



The Morning After
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The Morning After

This morning was the official debut of The Morning After with DJ Goldilocks and DJ O$AP!

We had a lot of fun talking about our unproductive reading week and shared some funny stories. We also talked about the Grammy’s and the drama between Kanye and Taylor Swift. The Weeknd had a forced solo performance when his duet partner Lauryn Hill failed to show up in time for the show (he killed it nonetheless though). Later in the week The Weeknd performed again on Jimmy Fallon, but this time Lauryn Hill managed to get there on time to sing alongside him – DJ Goldilocks was not impressed with her performance.

DJ O$AP saw Deadpool over the break and loved it – not your average superhero movie, but this change was a good one. Both DJ’s favourite superhero is Spiderman… which is pretty ironic considering they both have a phobia of spiders.

Thanks for tuning in with us this morning, have a great first week back! See you next week!

Song List:

  • Panda – Desiigner
  • Glorious Thugs – Flatbush Zombies
  • Rambo – Bryson Tiller
  • 679 – Fetty Wap
  • No Sense – Justin Bieber
  • Pillowtalk – Zayn Malik
  • Work – Rihanna
  • Jumpman – Drake
  • TRNDSTTR – Black Coast (Lucian Remix)
  • Nocturnal – Disclosure ft. The Weeknd
  • Get You Good – Roy Woods
  • Hymn for the Weekend – Coldplay ft. Beyonce
  • Say It – Tory Lanes
  • Dopamine – Third Eye Blind
  • Jump Off the Roof – Vince Staples
  • Pass Dat – The Weeknd Remix
  • Pilot Jones- Frank Ocean
  • Love in the Sky – The Weeknd
  • Gooey – Glass Animals
Monday Funday
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Monday Funday

This wasn’t just any old Monday.. this was DJ Goldilocks’ first week as a morning host! She opened the show talking a little bit about her adventures over the weekend and her experiences with carousel interviews, nights out, and working alongside the hip hop dance team ALIAS from Laurier.

If you want to see some sick moves, make sure to check out this video of ALIAS killing it on stage – one of my favourite performances.

Considering today is the Monday after the Superbowl, of course she had to talk about some of the highlights of yesterday’s game! She talked about Jimmy Fallon’s prediction puppies correctly guessed who was going to be this year’s winner. The half time show, let’s face it, was half the reason a lot of us tuned in for the game. To say the least Beyonce, Coldplay, and Bruno Mars crushed it. Easily one of the best performances DJ Golidlocks has ever seen.

try guys

Buzzfeed never disappoints, they are always sending out some of the funniest videos on the web and this week is no different. In honour of Valentine’s Day coming up the Try Guys decided to give edible lingerie a shot. If you need a pick-me-up, this is your go to video!

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, DJ Goldilocks talked about her plans: going to hangout with some of her closest girl friends, drink some wine and make cookies. DJ Goldilocks suggested a brand new perspective on Valentine’s Day: forget about the romance (it sets too many people up for disappointment), let’s all celebrate together over a few drinks and some junk food, just like we do on St. Paddy’s Day!

Thank you for tuning in with DJ Goldilocks this morning! Next week she will be working with a new DJ, you’ll have to wait to find out who it is! Have a great week Golden Hawks, work hard… there’s only a week left before reading week!

Song List:

  • Stressed Out – Twenty One Pilots
  • Gold – Chet Faker
  • Don’t – Bryson Tiller
  • Pillow Talk – Zayn
  • Sunday Morning – K-OS
  • Poppin’ – Chris Brown
  • Good For You – Selena Gomez
  • Hymn for the Weekend – Coldplay ft. Beyonce
  • Roses – Chainsmokers
  • My House – Flo Rida
  • Bass Down Low – DEV ft. The Cataracs
  • Work – Rihanna
  • No Sense – Justin Bieber
  • 2 AM – Adrian Marcel
  • Plus One – Martin Solveig
  • Do My Thang – Miley Cyrus
  • Suit and Tie – Justin Timberlake
  • Piece of Me – Britney Spears
  • Just Dance – Lady Gaga
  • Summer Sixteen – Drake
  • TRNDSTTR – Black Coast
  • Wasn’t Me –  Shaggy
  • Dancing in the Dark – DEV
  • Commander – Kelly Rowland
  • It Goes Down in the DM – Yo Gotti
News Unplugged – Friday, Dec. 4
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News Unplugged – Friday, Dec. 4

Gun Control Measures in the United States

In response to the appalling San Bernardino mass shootings that took place last Wednesday, Democratic candidates have come out to support pro gun control measures in the US.

Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders issued a statement calling for stricter provisions to be placed on gun ownership, including a ban on assault weapons, tougher background checks, as well as mental healthcare reforms. In a statement, Sanders declared, “gun violence has reached epidemic levels in the United States”.

Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton has also focused much of her campaign on gun control, calling for the United States to “keep weapons out of the hands of criminals and the violently unstable while respecting responsible gun owners.”

The shooting has also sparked discussions in Quebec to reinforce a provincial gun-control database, as opposed to the Liberal government’s nationwide registry.

The San Bernardino attack marks the 355th mass shooting in America this year.



Oscar Pistorius Charged with Murder

Yesterday morning, disabled South African Olympic athlete, Oscar Pistorius was found guilty of the murder of his girlfriend, Reena Steenkamp in 2013.

At the time of the incident, the athlete had claimed to wake up to a noise in the bathroom, reportedly firing 4 shots through the door, killing his girlfriend.

In court, the judge made the ruling that Oscar had in fact murdered his girlfriend rather than committing a culpable homicide, as he had not fired a warning shot. Pistorius will be serving a minimum sentence of 15 years in prison.


Paris Climate Conference Persists

As the Paris climate change conference continues to take place, Canadian representatives are optimistic that they will negotiate a new climate deal.

Canada hopes to impose reduced greenhouses gas emissions and keep global temperatures from rising 2 degrees, beginning in 2020. In addition, Canada has pledged $2.5 billion over the next five year period towards an international environmental initiative of $100 billion.

Over the next week, we will know what settlement the 190 countries taking part in the conference will come to.



American Senate Defunds Planned Parenthood

Yesterday, the American senate Republicans were successful in their vote to defund the reproductive health organization, Planned Parenthood, in a vote of 54-46.

The senate is seeking the approval of a bill that would repeal Obamacare, however the White House has stated that President, Obama will veto it.

Planned Parenthood is one of America’s largest providers of affordable healthcare and sex education for both males and females, including breast cancer exams, HIV tests, and abortion services.

The decision has also left many outraged, as it has come only days after a shooting at a Colorado Planned Parenthood facility, leaving 3 civilians dead and 9 injured.



Record Flooding Hits Chennai, India

Chennai, India is currently facing the worst flooding the country has seen in a decade. Upwards of 300 deaths have been reported since November, as a result of the hazardous flooding conditions in the area.

The flooding began on December 1st. cutting electricity and mobile connections, submerging homes, and stranding dozens as a result of their airport closure.

According to the Indian defense ministry, the Indian army, coastguard, and navy are working in relief efforts to help rescue victims.