Williams & Williams in the Morning – November 25

Guess who's back and bringing sexy with them?

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Williams & Williams in the Morning – November 25

Guess who's back and bringing sexy with them?

Guess who’s back and bringing sexy with them?

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We are. After a week off, we came back hot with a show to do with everything back-related. The part of your body, the door, the room, whatever. Usually we count down our Friday’s Five at the end of the show, but we put our brainstorming skills to the test and came up with a Friday’s Twenty-Five back-related things instead. For the sake of having too much time on our hands, we broke them up into categories:

Top 5: Entertainment – 5) Backgammon 4) Back to the Future 3) Backstreet Boys 2) Back to Back – Drake 1) Laying on your back counting stars

Top 5: Places – 5) Backs against the wall 4) Back alley 3) Back to School 2) Walmart Rollback 1) Back stage

Top 5: Movement – 5) Looking back 4) Fighting back 3) Back flips 2) Backbone Slide 1) Piggy back rides

Top 5: Body/Fashion – 5) Backhand (always wash it) 4) Back breaking work 3) Business in the front, party in the back 2) Backless dresses 1) Backwards hats

Top 5: Things We Love – 5) Backpacks 4) Fall back plans 3) Back bacon 2) Baby back ribs 1) Back massages

We learned a lot this week, like not to drink coffee hungover, not to run up or down escalators, and that our predictions are always right, no questions asked. Thanks for tuning in again, and if you missed it you can click the link below for the audio:

You can also find the audio for all of our past shows here.

Song List:

Hello Friday – Flo Rida

Boys are Back in Town – Thin Lizzy

Back in Black – AC/DC

24K Magic – Bruno Mars

Everybody – Backstreet Boys

Snapback – Old Dominion

Back to December – Taylor Swift

Without Me – Eminem

Cheers – Rihanna

The Morning After…. The Ama’s
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The Morning After…. The Ama’s

Did you catch the AMA’s last night? …Neither did DJ Goldilocks and DJ O$AP, so they decided to go through the winners and debrief the show!

There were a lot of expected winners for this years award show… like Justin Bieber’s Purpose album winning Favourite Pop/Rock Album. However there were also some winners that the DJ’s did not think deserved to win their awards. Who, you might ask? Well for starters… Selena Gomez winning Favourite Pop/Rock Female Artist.

It is undeniable that Selena has some catchy songs. But it is highly debatable that she earned this award. Have you heard her sing live? Her talent is sub par, at best. The real talent behind her music is just that… behind the scenes. Her producers and the people that create her music do a fantastic job of creating upbeat, catchy songs that are fun to sing along to but Selena is merely a face for the music. Without the auto tune Selena fails to match the talent that is perceived on the radio. There are so many talented artists in this category that would be much more deserving of this title but unfortunately she was able to snag the award.

Another upset for the DJ’s was the winner of the Collab of the Year: Work From Home. Again, a catchy song… but of all the collab songs over the last year, was this really the best one? The DJ’s don’t think so. Kendrick Lamar, for example, has collaborated with many artists over the last year and it surprised both DJ’s that none of these songs were the chosen winner for this category.

Although the DJ’s were mildly disappointed with some of the winners from this year’s AMA’s, they are still looking forward to all of the music the new year will bring! What’s even more exciting? The Weeknd releasing his new album in FOUR DAYS!! There have been two new released songs: Party Monster, and I Feel It Coming. Stay tuned next week while the DJ’s play through and discuss the album!!

Thank you for tuning in this week with The Morning After! Have a great week Laurier!

Monday Morning Kick Off
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Monday Morning Kick Off

This week DJ Goldilocks and DJ O$AP were all about the stories!

This past week DJ O$AP witnessed an intense arrest in the Sobey’s and Walmart Plaza on Weber! This was no ordinary police arrest, as the officers were carrying larger than your average belt gun. He saw a man get tackled to the ground and held down while another officer searched him. The man was repeatedly screaming for a woman named Stephanie. DJ O$AP tried to locate more information on the incident, but he and his friends are left to speculate the reason behind the arrest.

This morning DJ Goldilocks and DJ O$AP also talked about Movember! O$AP has been debating on shaving his (partial) facial hair… he can’t grow a full beard yet (like many young men in their early twenties, his facial hair leaves many gaps and does not grow properly), but he has maintained the 5 o’clock shadow look for a year now… what do you think? Should he shave or save the facial hair? Let us know!

The Morning After Facebook page is in the works and will be revealed later this week!! A special thanks to Krystof Ponce for taking some amazing photos for the page, we can’t wait to share it with you all! Next week we will post a link on the blog post directly to the Facebook page: we invite you to like the page and to participate in the conversation!

Have a great week Laurier, we’ll see you next Monday!

Wicked Games
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Wicked Games

For the last show of the year DJ O$AP and DJ Goldilocks decided to have some fun and play a couple of games.

We started off getting to know a little bit more about each other by playing rapid fire questions. We each came up with 12 random questions and the other person had to answer them as fast as possible, some fairly edgy and some simple ones too. If you wanted to get some dirt on either of us then this was your chance. From your favourite song to your preference of chest hair or not, lots of personal info was uncovered today, and we can say now with certainty, that Goldilocks has kissed a girl, and O$AP’s guilty pleasure is bumping some Riff Raff and the aquaberry dolphin.

And to end the show, a classic game of would you rather revealed that Goldilocks prefers to give the lap dances, and O$AP has no doubt that it’s in everybody else’s best interest that he get the lap dance, definitely not give. Drink ketchup or drink mustard? Lick the ground or a strangers hand? Apparently this DJ combo disagrees on just about every question dropped, because they all lead to a new entertaining debate.

So until next year, when we’ll surely be back on the scene, we hope you all had a wonderful Easter break just before those dreadful exams, and that the summer treats you well so that we can all make some greater donations to Phil’s next semester!

Song List

  • Little Lion Man – Mumford and Sons
  • Habits of My Heart – Jaymes Young
  • Wait – M83
  • Scar Tissue – Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Lost in You – Three Days Grace
  • Paralyzed – Finger Eleven
  • Needed Me – Rihanna
  • Pray 4 Love – Travis Scott ft. The Weeknd
  • Sweeterman – Drake
  • Superman’s Dead – Our Lady Peace
  • Do You Remember – Jarryd James
  • Kryptonite – 3 Doors Down
  • Pretender – Foo Fighters
  • Peaches – In The Valley Below
  • Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol
  • 7 Years – Lukas Graham
  • Shameless – The Weeknd
  • Muse – OCAD
  • Wicked Games – The Weeknd
Lend Support to Laurier
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Lend Support to Laurier

Hopefully everyone had a safe and fun St. Paddy’s day! DJ O$AP was one of many guests at The Hoose where his roommates were master hosts for a Hawk infested St. Paddy’s day party. No, it wasn’t the one that got busted and ended up on Buzzfeed, but shout out to those guys! What an awesome representation of the partying community here at Laurier. Ezra was far from a let down, despite the cold weather the street was filled by a green sea and happy cops – many of which took photos and shared some laughs.

Easter is coming up this weekend, so it’s pretty exciting to have a short week! If you haven’t heard though, there is a make-up day on the Monday following the last week of classes. We suppose it’s still better than what UW is doing… holding classes on a Saturday. Be sure to consume copious amounts of chocolate and home-cooked food this weekend and come back to school rested and ready to start getting ready for exams.

Lend Your Leg is happening this Wednesday! Roll up one of your pant legs to show support for this cause. Lend Your Leg is a day dedicated to raising awareness of the landmines that remain in numerous places, especially in the East. These landmines took about $3 to make during the war but take thousands of dollars to remove; many countries cannot afford this and innocent civilians are constantly at risk of setting one off. There will be stations and speakers all around campus on Wednesday, be sure to check some of them out!

Unfortunately Laurier lost one of its Golden Hawks this weekend in a car accident, he was a second year student named Travis Brown. We want to send our condolences to his family and friends, and want to remind anyone grieving that there are many resources around the school available to you.

Have a safe and happy week, we’ll see you next time!

Song List

  • 7 Years – Lukas Graham
  • All My Friends – Tinashe ft. Chance the Rapper
  • Booty Me Down – Kstylis
  • No Sense – Justin Bieber
  • Panda – Desiigner
  • Mr. Ramrod – Ramriddlz
  • The Weekend – Mac Miller
  • Excuse Me – A$AP Rocky
  • Oui – Jeremih
  • Die a Happy Man – Thomas Rhett
  • I Took a Pill – Mike Posner
  • Lemme Freak – Lil’ Dicky
  • Wicked Games – The Weeknd
  • Pray 4 Love – Travis Scott ft. The Weeknd
  • FM$ – New Boyz
  • Palm Trees – Flatbush Zombies
  • Work – Rihanna
  • Sweeterman – Drake
Tears in the Rain
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Tears in the Rain

The annual fundraiser, 5 days for the homeless, is active and awaiting generous donations from the Golden Hawks. Today we had Sarah and Amber from the fundraiser come in and tell us a little bit about the event and the cause. Five students will live outside the Fred Nichols building for five days, only allowed to eat donated food and sleep with a pillow and a sleeping bag (that’s right even in this terrible weather they do not get to sleep in a tent). You can bring your non-perishables to a few different spots on campus and help out with this great cause. If you happen to pass by any of the participants make sure you say hello and cheer them on, they’re super friendly and really appreciate the support! Laurier is known for its supportive environment, let’s keep this legacy going.

In the media world…Kanye apologized! We know it sounds ridiculous but the notoriously attention-holding Kanye had a short twitter confrontation with Wiz Khalifa after a couple different misunderstandings. However it seems to have been resolved and Kanye made a pretty noble apology to Wiz for jumping to conclusions.

“It’s not fair if the Weeknd is in your song!” “Producers are getting too good!” As per usual, there was a lot of talk about our favourite music stars today and the producers that put their music together and broadcast it to the world. Check out some pretty entertaining videos on youtube of artists like Jay-Z or Pusha-T reacting to hearing Kanye’s beats for the first time.

We know St. Paddy’s is this week, so hopefully those poor unfortunate souls writing midterms have the luck of the Irish on their sides! For the rest of Laurier, we know how much of a toll a day like St. Paddy’s can take on the average human body, so make sure you get some good eats in and maybe try to hit the gym to make up for the extra alcohol calories. Eli T and DJ O$AP are already planning to try and hit the gym before summer starts and it’s too late.

And finally, a little shout out to an up and coming rap group called Flatbush Zombies, they dropped a fire new album this week, certainly aren’t letting anybody down. Check them out and see what you think about 3001: A Laced Odyssey, the newest album.

Song List:

  • Lowlife – Future ft. The Weeknd
  • Stronger – Kanye West ft. Daft Punk
  • Still Dre – Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg
  • Cocoa Butter Kisses – Chance the Rapper
  • March Madness – Future
  • King of the Fall – The Weeknd
  • Pulling up – Meek Mill ft. The Weeknd
  • Renegade – Jay-Z ft. Eminem
  • FML – Kanye West ft. The Weeknd
  • U mad – Vic Mensa ft. Kanye West
  • Back to Back – Drake
  • Say it – Tory Lanez
  • Trap House – Tory Lanez
  • Bounce – Flatbush Zombies
  • Control – Big Sean ft. Kendrick Lamar & Jay Electronica
  • Pass dat – Jeremih