Monday Morning Kick Off

Monday Morning Kick Off

This week DJ Goldilocks and DJ O$AP were all about the stories!

This past week DJ O$AP witnessed an intense arrest in the Sobey’s and Walmart Plaza on Weber!┬áThis was no ordinary police arrest, as the officers were carrying larger than your average belt gun. He saw a man get tackled to the ground and held down while another officer searched him. The man was repeatedly screaming for a woman named Stephanie. DJ O$AP tried to locate more information on the incident, but he and his friends are left to speculate the reason behind the arrest.

This morning DJ Goldilocks and DJ O$AP also talked about Movember! O$AP has been debating on shaving his (partial) facial hair… he can’t grow a full beard yet (like many young men in their early twenties, his facial hair leaves many gaps and does not grow properly), but he has maintained the 5 o’clock shadow look for a year now… what do you think? Should he shave or save the facial hair? Let us know!

The Morning After Facebook page is in the works and will be revealed later this week!! A special thanks to Krystof Ponce for taking some amazing photos for the page, we can’t wait to share it with you all! Next week we will post a link on the blog post directly to the Facebook page: we invite you to like the page and to participate in the conversation!

Have a great week Laurier, we’ll see you next Monday!

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