Where We Been At?

Where We Been At?

Wudduupp friends?! Hope all is well in school-land. Over here in radio-land we have been busy. Apologies for not being on the web in a minute but we are back now with that real real. We are going to recap you on the past three weeks. Get ready, this may take you a while.

Three weeks ago we had a few friends on the sho. TJ and Rafey from our very own newspaper, The Cord, came on and shared their thoughts on the current state of hip-hop. We chopped it up about Big Sean’s recent releases and how salty he is about Naya Rivera breaking his heart. Peep his obviously directed track below. #StrayShots

We also had an interview with New York rapper, Sammus. She has been killing the local circuit for a while now. Her tracks mix all different kinds of flow, beats and delivery but the message is very concise; girls have bars too. Her summer mixtape Another M got some real attention from major hip-hop publications so naturally, we had to get her on the phone. We talked about everything from the state of females in hip-hop to Kanye’s influence on her music. She may spaz on tracks but she’s extremely down to earth and easy to talk to. Did we mention she currently goes to Cornell as well? Pretty dope mi; a rhyme slinger and a scholar. Check out our fave track below and remember to follow her on Soundcloud.

Last week we had some real Gs on the show. The entire KTDA family came thru and updated us on what they’ve been up to. They literally stepped on the plane and came to Waterloo after a three week studio bender in Dallas, Texas. Konfident and the gang have been busy promoting their latest release Liberty which dropped back in May. They are between shooting videos, doing remixes, making clothes and living it large. Kon’s also got a hit on his hands. His coming of age track ‘Everything I Wanted’ is getting some serious plays on local stations in Canada and in some American cities. Be on the lookout for new music really soon but for right now peep the video below. vaaaaMMMMosss.


Now, this past week we took it slow. After a crazy month, we just relaxed and talked that real. We played some new music from Mr. Childish Gambino who just dropped a fire mixtape called STN MTN. It is hosted by DJ Drama so you know he is going over some other rappers’ beats. He legitimately murder some old school beats like ‘Go DJ’ and ‘Southern Hospitality’ but also got busy on beats like ‘Money Baby’.

We also ran thru a list of the 10 best auto-tune songs of the last five years. T-Pain mastered the auto-tune effect back in 2006-2009 but recently years ago, he has fallen off. There are a ton of reasons why this happend but one of the most prominent reasons is because he didn’t evolve with the vocoder. These days, hip-hop sing/sung tracks are more spacey and foggy, T-Pain was sticking to his ‘Buy U Drank’ flow which didn’t fly. That being said, we recapped some tracks that are doing it right. Peep the full list below and let us know what you think via Twitter.

Tony Montana – Future

Turn On The Lights – Future

Citgo – Chief Keef

Blood On The Leaves – Kanye West

Guilt Trip – Kanye West

Dis Ain’t What You Want – Lil Durk

Up Down – T-Pain

Money Baby – K Camp

Danny Glover – Young Thug

We Dem Boyz – Wiz Khalifa

Anyways, that is it from us this week(s). Our dearest apologies for not updating you sooner and we promise to keep up with the blogs each and every week so you guys can get all filled in. In the meantime, make sure to follow us on Twitter * @RLRapUp* and tune in next week for more of the same!











Peace, Love & Amber Rose’s alimony cheques.

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