Summer 2014 In Review!

Summer 2014 In Review!

Wuddduupp friends?! WE’RE BACK! Well, we’ve been here all summer but I mean school. School is back. Whether you are sad summer is over or happy that Fall semester is starting, it doesn’t matter because class is now in session. That being said, we can’t forget all the gems that came out of this summer. There was a ton going on including releases, singles, beef, and of course super dope festivals. We recapped all this and more live on the show but take a look below for a ┬ánice medley of the biggest tracks of the┬ásummer that was…

Hol uhhh hol uhhh hol uhhhh. Whether you mess with it or nah, this track had guys (and girls) turning way up all summer long.

Forget Miley Cyrus, Bobby Shmurda came in like wrecking ball this summer with ‘Hot Hitter’. Just call it a 3M dollar smash. Word to Epic.

Keeping the sing alongs strong this summer was none other than ATL’s Rae Sremmurd. They knoooooow better.

My anaconda DON’T! Nicki Nicki Nicki back with another provocative track that took over the second half of the summer.

Drizzy Drake remixed Tinashe’s already smash hit and made it even hotter. We love to get on…

As if Drake couldn’t get any more heaters, he drops this gem that us going 0-100 real quick.

Carter V coming soon. That is all…


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Peace, Love & The Drake Effect



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