What else is there to talk about?

What else is there to talk about?

Hello, lovely listeners in radio land.

This past Friday Morning Show started off slow with Baby Roach going solo for the first 45.  I was later joined by Kpop and Ivan with which we discussed the lovely day that is black Friday.

Surprisingly Miley Cyrus did not breach our conversation in the entertainment world and Ivan and I had a lovely chat about Charlie Sheen visiting a cancer patient.

Laurier Problems dragged on a bit, as we talked about 12 Barz and the many ways to call the walk home the next morning…

For our how to we advised shoppers how to Survive the Canadian Black Friday.  Basically shop at your own pace.  Ivan found a list of tips from Forbes stating that you should not bring your kids and leave all valuables at home.

Never a dull moment on Morning Show!

Enjoy your weekend, you lovely golden hawks!


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