The Morning After – Celebrity Gossip

The Morning After – Celebrity Gossip

Good morning Laurier! Welcome back to another morning after with O$AP and Goldilocks on our second show of 2017. We hope these introductory course weeks are going smooth, especially if you’re part of the widespread Laurier Plague that every golden hawk seems to be dreading.

What could make that better? How about a morning full of Mac Miller’s latest album, The Devine Feminine, and some oh so expected talk about the Weeknd. This week was all about the gossip with some rumors of Abel Tesfaye from the Weeknd, allegedly getting involved with Justin Bieber’s ex-lover Selena Gomez. It looks like that unsubtle shout out from his song Party Monster off the new Starboy Album might have caught her attention! We don’t know for sure that anything is official, but it was an extra dramatic discovery to find out Abel’s previous girlfriend Bella Hadid unfollowed him on Instagram!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a normal Monday Morning After if The Weeknd didn’t get his share of discussion time. This week’s talk was about the expectations of the awaited Starboy album, and the not so expected results (sorry fans). With all that advertising, thousands of banners wherever you went, and pop-up ads on every piece of technology you own, it just doesn’t seem to be hitting the bar that his previous album Beauty Behind the Madness set. Goldilocks and O$AP seem to agree quite clearly this time that they had more expectations for this new album. It’s still early though and they have plenty of fan faith in the super star.

With this week’s focus on Mac Miller’s album it would only be right to talk a little gossip about him. Of course, his relations with Ariana Grande need to be brought up after playing songs like My Favourite Part and The Way, which, for those who don’t know, are two songs that the lover-artists have collaborated on together. Goldilocks wasn’t a fan of either until she heard The Way, and O$AP had to admit his gravitating appreciation for Ariana’s talented voice and singing skills. If you want to check out either of the songs just click on the links below! Let us know what you think and which artist you like better.

To end the week let’s all get involved with the Laurier student elections, which you’ll be able to hear all about this week on Radio Laurier. Make sure to stay tuned to your favourite shows and hear all about the elections, and be sure to check out the Interview this Tuesday morning January 17, 2017!

Make sure to have a stellar week Golden Hawks! Good luck getting over those colds and flus, and don’t fall too far behind. We’ll see you next week!


Song List:

Congratulations (feat. Bilal)

Dang! (feat. Anderson .Paak)


Planet God Damn (feat. Njomza)


We (feat. CeeLo Green)

My Favourite Part (feat. Ariana Grande)

God is Fair, Sexy Nasty (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

Happy Halloween
Next Week Now/Next Week Now

Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween! I hope you guys have a safe and raucous weekend and a great Monday. We might even see some costumes in class next week.
On the show I read a couple short scary stories from the reddit page r/shortscarystories. In movies there are a couple fun Halloween events happening around town including the Princess playing Rocky Horror Picture Show and the Apollo having quite a few viewings of different Halloween classics. There are also several club events going on in uptown, most having costume competitions.
In the news, there have been several discoveries in prosthetic limb technology that are awesome. There were some sci-fi-esque developments in a battery based on he human intestine and a diamond being used as an advance storage device.
Lastly, in old news, an escapologist was going to get out of a straight jacket while hanging upside down in the middle of a street on July 7th 1928. It’s interesting that the field of escapology has not changed much in 88 years.
If you guys would like to contact me tweet me @NextWeekNow, and I’ll talk to you Next Week Now.

Good Fridays with Williams in the Morning

Good Friday mornings, lead to good Friday nights

The Morning Show/The Morning Show

Good Fridays with Williams in the Morning

Good Friday mornings, lead to good Friday nights

Good Friday mornings, lead to good Friday nights

Hey Yall

With my first Blog post for my new gig Friday mornings at 9-11am as part of the morning show crew. I want to give you a little intro into what the show is all about .

This was my third show in and what a time to be alive. Its a show about having fun and getting ready to tackle the day and more importantly get ready for the weekend. I like to Wrap up happenings from the week that was, and make sure everyone is fresh for the most important days of the week Friday and Saturday. A lot of Shop style talk where its all fun and games with a lot of  wacky dumb and silly topics.

For this show it is the first Friday evening where I wont be working all semester long. So a lot of the show was spent tailored around going out, or at least drinking a few cold ones.

What was on the Show for Friday February 26th

  • The Report: Today’s top Canadian news stories from Americas finest news sources. We Talked about Paytan manning and his attempt to deny the latest allegations against the hall of fame and recent Superbowl winning quarterback.
  • As well we did some Big league Banter. For this it was focused on the NHL Trade deadline and the MLB spring training my notably the Blue jays and Joes Bat fips lasted news on contracts. As well Old boy John Gibbons and his cannon slipped in there.
  • Our daily Seinfeld clip of the week: Was about my trip to Toronto over reading week and the pleasant traffic that existences in that town. Well Kramer let us know really the only way to beat Traffic…
  • Fridays Five the biggest, best, top, most all star quality list of 5 for this week: Was people you meet on Spring Break. this is one segment you don’t want to miss on any Friday.
  • Finally Wrapping the show up with My bone to pick in this world… THE SO CALLED KING OF THE JUNGLE

All music on this show was centered around country music and cold cans… as i was getting ready to go to Dallas. Selfish I know but its fun to do every once and a while.

Drink a beer- Luke Bryan, Anything goes- Florida Georgia Line, Beer in mexico- Kenny Chesney, Beer Money- Kip Moore, Save Water, Drink Bee- Chris Young, Power of positive Drinking Chris Janson, One more Drinking song- Jarrod Niemon, Parking lot party- Lee Brice, Days of Gold- Jake Owen, Alcohol- Brad Paisley, Drink in my hand- Eric church, Tequila makes her clothes come off- Joe Nichols, Day Drinking- Little Big Town, Margaritaville- Jimmy Buffett, Take my Drunk ass Home-Luke Bryan,  Red Solo Cup- Toby Keith, I think ill just stay here and drink a beer- Merle Haggard, Pretty good at drinking beer- billy currington, boys Round here- Blake Shelton, I like Beer- Tom T Hall, Beer for my horses- Toby Keith, Drinking Bone- Tracy Byrd, Somthing bout a truck- justin Moore, Barefoot blue jean night- Jake owen. Hope the Country beer songs didnt get old everyone.

Have a safe and Happy Weekend. Enjoy a Cold one. See you out there..

Be responsible. Don’t drink and Drive. Party Safe people. Forget the Smoke.

And Remember for every 1 mile of highway there is 2 of ditch. So keep it between the Mustard and the mayonnaise.

Williams in the Morning



News Unplugged – Friday, Nov. 20
Shows/News Unplugged

News Unplugged – Friday, Nov. 20

Man sues Toronto police for $5M wrongful arrest

Toronto police officers are facing a $5 Million dollar lawsuit from Santokh Bola – a 21 year old, intellectually challenged man from Woodbridge, Ontario. On November 1st, Bola was in the parking lot of his family’s store, when Toronto police wrongly arrested him for an attempted burglary in the area. Video footage of the incident shows several police officers with drawn guns violently beating Bola to the ground, despite his pleads of innocence. As a result, Bola has suffered physically and mentally in the aftermath of the attack, and his family hopes to find justice.


Paris attacks leader, Abdelhamid Abaaoud killed in raid

Last Wednesday, alleged ringleader of Paris attacks, Abaaoud was killed in a French police raid in Paris suburb, Saint Denis. Since the terrorist attacks last Friday that left 129 citizens dead, French President, Hollande has taken severe measures to combat Islamic State terrorists, and has extended France’s state of emergency for an additional three months from November 26th.


Islamophobia rampant in Toronto

Over the past week, there has been a spike in Islamophobic hate crimes committed in the GTA as a result of public outcry over the Paris attacks. In the most recent incident, two Muslim women were verbally assaulted on a TTC train at Shelbourne Station. Three individuals on board the train made Islamophobic slurs against the Muslim women, and allegedly, pushed one of them. Meanwhile, Islamophobic graffiti has been found on a GO train on the Lakeshore corridor in one of its bathrooms. In addition, last Monday a Muslim mother was beaten and robbed by two men after dropping off her children at Flemington Park, public school in North York. Spokespeople from both the TTC and GO Transit have made statements that the crimes do not reflect the beliefs of their organizations in any way.


Ex-Subway spokesman jailed for child pornography

Yesterday morning, former subway spokesman, Jared Fogle was sentenced to 15 years in prison for child pornography and sex charges. In testifying for the defense of Fogle at the hearing, psychiatrist, John Bradford claimed that Fogle’s “hypersexuality” was a direct result of rapid weight loss, as the spokesman is most well known for losing weight on a diet that included Subway sandwiches. Subway has since fired Fogle, and he has already begun to pay the $1.4 million in restitution to his 14 victims.


Palestinian attacks in Israel and West Bank kill five

On Thursday, two attacks in Israel and the West Bank have resulted in 5 deaths. In the first attack, two Israelis died in a stabbing by a Palestinian man outside of a synagogue in Tel Aviv. Later that day, an attacker opened fire from their car in a Jewish settlement, crashing into several civilians, and resulting in the deaths of another Israeli, as well as an 18 year old Jewish American tourist and a Palestinian. Terrorist organization, Hamas has taken to twitter to praise the attackers for their actions, fueling the hate-filled crime. Israeli prime minister, Netanyahu has vowed to punish the terrorists by stating “There is no immunity for terrorists: We will hold them to account, we will exact a price from their families, we will destroy their homes, and we will cancel their citizenship.”

Austin Basham “Linton//Oslo” EP Review
Album Reviews

Austin Basham “Linton//Oslo” EP Review

Austin Basham

Austin Basham is a Texas born indie-folk singer with more talent in his pinky finger than most of us can imagine. If you’ve never heard of him before don’t worry because prior to his EP Linton // Oslo released on May 4th, 2015, he’s only had three singles on iTunes and sadly has no YouTube page, that being said keep an out out for him in the future. Maybe you can even claim to be one of his first fans!
The mellow, melodic nature found in all of his music including the 5 songs found in this EP, has the ability to snap you out of whatever you’re concentrating on and bring you into his world. The combination between his guitar playing and his soothing voice, his music connects you to memories, and gives you a sense reconnecting with an old familiar friend.
He says that his influences come from Bob Dylan and Johnny Flynn and it is in no way surprising. When listening to all his tracks, both from the EP and his singles, you can hear hints of their music within Basham’s voice and his guitar. My favourite track between on the EP is by far Running, which was also previously released on iTunes as a single.
Although there is a solid line between what is considered folk and what is considered indie in todays music world, Basham has found a perfect balance between the two.
The EP Includes Songs:
1. Find A Way
2. On The Hunt
3. Running
4. All Is Well
5. See You Soon
Noise Pollution – End of Semester
Shows/Noise Pollution

Noise Pollution – End of Semester

Hello listeners! I am sad to say that this is our last show for the semester and while we hope to return next year and maybe even do some podcasts over the summer, nothing is set yet so stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter for more info as we figure it out. If the show continues next year (and we hope it does) we are looking for another person to join us on the show. Mallaika will be graduating so we are looking for a new host! If you are interested, or know someone who might be then contact us on our Facebook page or send us a private message on Twitter @Npollution

This week we talked about the top 10 climate issues facing our planet, many of which we had touched on in previous shows. In the news there are new recyclable K-cups for Keurig coffee machines, and while these single serve coffee machines are incredibly wasteful its a step in the right direction.

For international news the US just submitted its proposal for cutting carbon emissions. These proposals being submitted by countries all over the world will be part of the negotiations happening at the UN climate summit in Paris taking place in November. So the activities leading up to the summit will be something to watch for in the news as the summit will hope to achieve legally binding universal agreement on climate from the participating counties.

Antarctica hit a record high of 17.5 Celsius on March 24 which is bad news for the polar bears who probably cannot adapt to a land based diet as the ice melts. In other news it was revealed that Indonesia and Brazil spend over 100 times subsidizing deforestation than the amount that goes towards aid.

Thanks for listening!