The Boiling Point, Feb 16
The Boiling Point/The Boiling Point

The Boiling Point, Feb 16

First off, let me apologize for not airing an audio show last night.

Lots of topics were covered in this week’s episode, and some of them were covered in a Facebook Live stream.  From the handshake felt around the world to the ongoing investigation into the Trump administration, there was no shortage of compelling material from this past week to cover.  Not only were there hot headlines, but there were historic events as well: Prime Minister Trudeau was officially received in Strasbourg for the passing of CETA by the European Parliament- the first of its kind- as an alternative to protectionist politics.  The PM had strong words for critics of the deal and a message of encouragement for supporters: “We can’t understate how important it was to get this deal right,” and “The anxiety people have towards the economy and trade — the worry that our kids won’t have access to the same jobs and opportunities that we had — can be addressed only if we ensure that trade is inclusive, so that everyone benefits.  This agreement … delivers just that.”

As well, the topic of autonomous weapons was looked at, and one Harvard student’s efforts to work with like-minded people to ban them altogether.  For any further updates, tweet to @BoilingPointRL.

Next show will be back to normal, regular audio, and most likely live stream.  Apologies for the mixup!

Happy Halloween
Next Week Now/Next Week Now

Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween! I hope you guys have a safe and raucous weekend and a great Monday. We might even see some costumes in class next week.
On the show I read a couple short scary stories from the reddit page r/shortscarystories. In movies there are a couple fun Halloween events happening around town including the Princess playing Rocky Horror Picture Show and the Apollo having quite a few viewings of different Halloween classics. There are also several club events going on in uptown, most having costume competitions.
In the news, there have been several discoveries in prosthetic limb technology that are awesome. There were some sci-fi-esque developments in a battery based on he human intestine and a diamond being used as an advance storage device.
Lastly, in old news, an escapologist was going to get out of a straight jacket while hanging upside down in the middle of a street on July 7th 1928. It’s interesting that the field of escapology has not changed much in 88 years.
If you guys would like to contact me tweet me @NextWeekNow, and I’ll talk to you Next Week Now.

Good Fridays with Williams in the Morning

Good Friday mornings, lead to good Friday nights

The Morning Show/The Morning Show

Good Fridays with Williams in the Morning

Good Friday mornings, lead to good Friday nights

Good Friday mornings, lead to good Friday nights

Hey Yall

With my first Blog post for my new gig Friday mornings at 9-11am as part of the morning show crew. I want to give you a little intro into what the show is all about .

This was my third show in and what a time to be alive. Its a show about having fun and getting ready to tackle the day and more importantly get ready for the weekend. I like to Wrap up happenings from the week that was, and make sure everyone is fresh for the most important days of the week Friday and Saturday. A lot of Shop style talk where its all fun and games with a lot of  wacky dumb and silly topics.

For this show it is the first Friday evening where I wont be working all semester long. So a lot of the show was spent tailored around going out, or at least drinking a few cold ones.

What was on the Show for Friday February 26th

  • The Report: Today’s top Canadian news stories from Americas finest news sources. We Talked about Paytan manning and his attempt to deny the latest allegations against the hall of fame and recent Superbowl winning quarterback.
  • As well we did some Big league Banter. For this it was focused on the NHL Trade deadline and the MLB spring training my notably the Blue jays and Joes Bat fips lasted news on contracts. As well Old boy John Gibbons and his cannon slipped in there.
  • Our daily Seinfeld clip of the week: Was about my trip to Toronto over reading week and the pleasant traffic that existences in that town. Well Kramer let us know really the only way to beat Traffic…
  • Fridays Five the biggest, best, top, most all star quality list of 5 for this week: Was people you meet on Spring Break. this is one segment you don’t want to miss on any Friday.
  • Finally Wrapping the show up with My bone to pick in this world… THE SO CALLED KING OF THE JUNGLE

All music on this show was centered around country music and cold cans… as i was getting ready to go to Dallas. Selfish I know but its fun to do every once and a while.

Drink a beer- Luke Bryan, Anything goes- Florida Georgia Line, Beer in mexico- Kenny Chesney, Beer Money- Kip Moore, Save Water, Drink Bee- Chris Young, Power of positive Drinking Chris Janson, One more Drinking song- Jarrod Niemon, Parking lot party- Lee Brice, Days of Gold- Jake Owen, Alcohol- Brad Paisley, Drink in my hand- Eric church, Tequila makes her clothes come off- Joe Nichols, Day Drinking- Little Big Town, Margaritaville- Jimmy Buffett, Take my Drunk ass Home-Luke Bryan,  Red Solo Cup- Toby Keith, I think ill just stay here and drink a beer- Merle Haggard, Pretty good at drinking beer- billy currington, boys Round here- Blake Shelton, I like Beer- Tom T Hall, Beer for my horses- Toby Keith, Drinking Bone- Tracy Byrd, Somthing bout a truck- justin Moore, Barefoot blue jean night- Jake owen. Hope the Country beer songs didnt get old everyone.

Have a safe and Happy Weekend. Enjoy a Cold one. See you out there..

Be responsible. Don’t drink and Drive. Party Safe people. Forget the Smoke.

And Remember for every 1 mile of highway there is 2 of ditch. So keep it between the Mustard and the mayonnaise.

Williams in the Morning



Laurier Students Meet Their Federal Candidates
News/News Unplugged/The Morning Show

Laurier Students Meet Their Federal Candidates


On Wednesday, October 7th, Waterloo candidates gathered in Laurier’s concourse to debate and discuss their platforms for the upcoming federal election.

Representatives from all four parties were present: Conservative’s Peter Braid, New Democratic Party’s Diane Freeman, Liberal’s Bardish Chagger, and Green Party’s Richard Walsh.

The debate was primarily focused on student issues, with the concern of student debt playing a key role in each of the candidates’ discussion points.


Each party came forward with a plan of action to combat student debt. The individual candidates’ main points were as follows:

1. Chagger stated that the Liberal Party would not only increase access to student loans, but also absorb interest in the repayment time until students are earning a minimum salary of $25,000 a year.

2. In Braid’s plan, the Conservative Party would use Canada’s current Student Loans and Grants program to eliminate in-study income from loans, for students who are balancing a job while attending post-secondary education.

3. Walsh projected that by 2020, the Green Party would be able to eliminate tuition fees altogether. The party would also forgive any student debt over $10,000, contribute annually to local municipalities to hire young people, and have a guaranteed annual income.

4. Freeman proposed that the New Democratic Party would eliminate all interest on student loans over the next 7 years, help establish 40,000 new permanent internship and co-op opportunities for students, and build affordable housing for new graduates.


Another hot-button topic that arose during the debate was the lack of Aboriginal students entering the post-secondary sector.

All four candidates agreed that the government must work alongside Aboriginal communities to invest further in their education.

Walsh, Freeman, and Chagger noted that the current Conservative government’s cuts to Aboriginal communities must be restored in order for Aboriginal students to thrive. Braid stated that the Conservative government is prepared to assist each Indigenous community on a nation-by-nation basis.


To close off the debate, candidates gave a final statement to summarize their arguments.

1. In Braid’s closing statement, he emphasized that the Conservative Party is “the only choice to keep our economy strong, and taxes low”.

2. Walsh argued that the Green Party has “the vision to get our economy on track for an environmentally sustainable future”.

3. Freeman stated that her background in engineering has prepared her to invest in Waterloo with “stable funding for roads, bridges, affordable housing, and transit”.

4. Chagger closed by stressing the Liberal government’s values “compassion, inclusion, and respect for the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms”.

Each candidate brought on strong tactics to entice students and delivered key messages as to how they would deliver change within the community.


As the debate came to a close, students took the time to get to know the candidates before they will be placing their ballots in the upcoming voting days.


News Unplugged, Tuesday March 31st

News Unplugged, Tuesday March 31st

Meetings in Switzerland Over Iranian Nuclear Weapons

This week in Switzerland some the of the world’s most powerful diplomats met with Iranian nuclear negotiators to seek a deal.  Iran is currently paying high sanctions and is looking to in return promise to not create any nuclear weapons for 15 years.

Air Canada AC624 Landing

Aviation experts are suggesting that Air Canada flight Ac264’s hard landing should actually be classified as a crash landing.  The landing was technically classified as collision with terrain.  Some passengers are filing lawsuits for physical and psychological trauma.

US Coast Guards Rescue Canadian Ship

9 people were rescued by coast guards off the coast of Massachusetts at 12:35am this morning.  The engine failed and its sails were not working properly.  One passenger was treated for a concussion.

ISIS Mission Extended

Federal MP’s voted 142-129 in favour to extend the air mission in syria.  This makes the mission another year longer and authorizes air strikes.

Popular Music Festivals Ban Selfie Sticks

Both Coachella and Lollapalooza are banning selfie sticks from their festivals this year.  Although not confirmed, it is speculated that it is because the product affects other attendees view of the show.


News Unplugged: Tuesday March 24th

News Unplugged: Tuesday March 24th

Germanwings Flight 4U9525 Crashes in French Alps

Flight 4u9525 went down today in southern France.  All 148 passengers on board are presumed to be dead.  The passenger plane was on a routine flight from Barcelona to Dusseldorf.  Investigators are still working to figure out what problems the aircraft encountered.


Harper Looks to Bomb ISIS in Syria

PM Stephen Harper is seeking authorization to bomb ISIS targets in Syria during a six month mission.  Parliament must vote in favor to put the plan into motion.


Toronto Subway Service Halted Due to Environmental Spill

The Yonge, University and Spadina lines between Bloor and Union station been suspended at this time due to the spill.  Crews are working to figure out what the substance is and how it spilled.


Tractor Trailer Rolls onto the 401

A truck going down a ramp rolled onto the 401 yesterday afternoon.  All westbound lanes were closed until 9pm.  It is believed that speed was a factor in the accident.


Patrick Brazeau in Court This Week

Court hearings for suspended Ottawa Senators player Patrick Brazeau  continue.  An unnamed woman testified against Brazeau, stating that he assaulted her physically and sexually.


Angelina Jolie Undergoes Preventative Surgery

Two years after Jolie underwent a double mastectomy she has now had her ovaries removed as well.  Under the advice of a specialist, Jolie decided to receive the preventative surgery to lessen the risk of developing cancer.