News Unplugged, Tuesday March 17th

News Unplugged, Tuesday March 17th

Network Failure in Parliament Shootings

The October 22nd shootings at Parliament Hill seem to have ran into technical issues with the area’s cellular and internet networks.  These networks were converting from landlines to cell service.  This made communication with emergency personnel very difficult.


Robert Durst Charged with First Degree Murder

Real estate heir, Robert Durst, has been charged with first degree murder of old friend, Susan Berman.  Durst exposed the truth unintentionally while filming his docu-series.  He muttered incriminating words to himself in the washroom, while his microphone was still on.  If proven guilty, Durst could face the death penalty.


Bertrand Charest Charged with Sexual Assault

Former national ski coach, Bertrand Charest, was charged with close to four dozen sexual offences last week.  These acts took place between the years of 1991-1998.  All victims were junior skiers at the time of the crime.


PEI Snowfall Breaks Records

Prince Edward Island’s recent blizzard has broken snowfall records for the region.  The storm hit Sunday and Monday, and dumped 48cm of snow in the area.  The total snowfall in the province this season thus far is 453cm, passing last years total of 451cm.





News Unplugged March 12 2015

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News Unplugged March 12 2015

Jurors get record to make ground breaking decision

The Canadian government is planning to give juries an increased role in deciding whether Parole will be available to convicted Murderers.

Currently, people convicted of First-degree murder can apply for parole after 22 years in jail, however the changes would mean “essentially that they will take their last breath behind bars” Justice Minister Peter MacKay said.

The Jury would have to decide whether a killing was designated as “brutal” although there is no definition or criteria for brutal, suggesting that it would be up to the Juries’ judgment.

Canadian Government calls for deportation of alleged Terrorist

The Canadian Government is attempting to deport a Pakistani National who is currently under arrest on suspicion of plotting terror attacks on the US consulate in Toronto.

Jahanzeb Malik, 33, is part of a strange legal case, where several allegations of planned Terrorist offences have been stated by the authorities; however no criminal charges have been filed.

The government has bid to deport the man to Pakistan, his original home, citing a security risk. This is not likely to be a quick or simple process however, as deportation cases can take months or years to process.

GO rail system to come to a halt in Niagara

The expansion of the GO rail system to the Niagara region is not a priority, according to a spokesman for Metrolinx, the company that runs the GO transit service.

The spokesman, Malon Edwards, stated “at this time” they did not have an immediate plan to expand the Niagara service.

He also mentioned that current funding was going towards improving services in core areas such as the GTA.

However, increased transportation funding for projects outside of the Toronto area could make such an expansion plan possible, as a 14 Billion dollar plan has been proposed by the Ontario Government over the next decade.

Ferguson Chief of Police to Step Down

The chief of Police, Thomas Jackson in Ferguson, Missouri has stepped down after a scathing review found that several officers in his force displayed racist tendencies through emails.

The move comes after months of calls for his resignation, not only from the public but from federal officials who were investigating the force.

He will officially leave his post on March 19th, to be replaced temporarily by Lieutenant Colonel Al Eichhoff, until the city council finds a replacement.

Thomas Jackson initially defended the officer who killed Michael Brown, although he was increasingly absent from public affairs once the public’s attention shifted to the Ferguson police force.

The release of the Justice Department’s report detailing the faults of the Department has caused several high-ranking local officials and authority figures to step down from their posts.


News Unplugged March 5th 2015

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News Unplugged March 5th 2015

Waterloo gives more money St. Paddies Tent Party

Wilfrid Laurier University and the City of Waterloo have increased funds to the St. Patrick’s Day tent party. This is the second year for the event which has been created to try and the traditional flow of people that flock to Ezra Avenue.

This funding was increased from 15000 to 2000 over 3600 tickets have been sold.

According to CTV News Kitchener, The Waterloo Regional Police say 70 officers will be assigned to the university district on that day.

“We will be very much present on the streets of Waterloo,” says police spokesperson Alana Holtom.

Holtom says the most common offence related to St. Patrick’s Day partying is carrying an open container of alcohol, which carries a penalty of a $150 ticket.

Rob Ford Sells Depreciated Goods

Rob Ford was able to get $23,000 selling some of his memorabilia during his time as Mayor of Toronto.

Late last month, Ford listed about a dozen items of “Rob Ford memorabilia” on the online auction site,

“Everyone wants a piece of it while it’s hot, and in three, four years, people are going to be saying ‘Rob Who?’ —that’s my feeling,” said Mike Rice, a British Columbia-based specialist in Canadian political collectibles.

The most coveted item was a National Football League tie that he wore at a press conference where he officially admitted he had smoke crack cocaine at $16,100. Bottom of Form

Key Stone Pipeline Avoids the Veto

U.S. President Barack Obama’s recent veto of a bill that would have approved the Keystone XL pipeline, was upheld as the Republicans were not able to get enough votes to overrule him.

The final tally for the vote on this veto was lost 62-37 on Wednesday.

“If we don’t win the battle today, we will win the war because we will find another bill to attach this pipeline to,” said North Dakota Republican Senator John Hoeven,.

The TransCanada Corporation proposed that the $8 billion, 1,800-kilometre pipeline, would bring 800,000 barrels of Canadian oil to refineries on the U.S. Gulf Coast every day.

This has been a controversial issue on both sides of the border as supporters look to the benefits that it create jobs and allows Americans to become more energy sufficient, but the opposition have expressed environmental grounds.

New York Children have some New Holidays:

New York will become the United States’ first major metropolis to close its public schools in observance of the two Muslim holy days.

According to the New York Times, Mr. de Blasio, a Democrat who has pledged “a more tolerant and inclusive city, described the policy that begins in the coming school year as a simple ‘matter of fairness.’”

When these holidays are recognized, it’s a sign that Muslims have a role in the political and social fabric of America,” said Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

According to the New York Times, These holidays are known as Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr. The Eid al-Fitr holiday marks the end of the holy month of fasting for Ramadan, which is signaled by the sighting of the crescent moon.


News Unplugged March 3rd 2015

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News Unplugged March 3rd 2015

Metrolinx and Toronto Negotiate for Train Funding

This week the City of Toronto and Metrolinx are going to continue negotiations over significant costs to build a new airport express line.

This spring Metrolinx is planning to launch its Union-Pearson Express line but has requested that the city front the bill for some of its costs. According to the Globe and Mail, Metrolinx wants these funds to go towards “new grade separation and reconstructing roads and rail bridges.”

“This is just the start of many, many projects,” City Manager Joe Pennachetti said. “Our goal is to work out a framework of principles with Metrolinx and the province for this going forward for literally decades.”

This comes just after a month after Mayor John Tory and the province were unable to negotiate getting more funding to be try and balance the city’s budget.

Conservative MP’s forced to address Duffy

Stephen Harper’s Chief of Staff, Nigel Wright along with some senators and Conservatives Members of Parliament’s have been subpoenaed to testify on the Mike Duffy trial.

The Daily Kelowna Courier stated that among the many senators called to testify include Marjory LeBreton, the former government leader in the Senate, David Tkachuk and Carolyn Stewart-Olson.

Duffy was a former Conservative senator that is now facing 31 charges, including fraud, breach of trust and bribery. The last charge deals with a $90,000 cheque Duffy received from Wright to reimburse the Senate for challenged expense claims.

The trial is scheduled for 41 days, from April 7-May 12 and June 1-June 19.

Los Angeles Homeless Man Dead by Police Hands

A homeless man is dead after three police officers opened fire after he attempted to grab a gun from an officer.

BBC News reports that after the officers were responding to reports of a robbery and after used a Taser to subdue the suspect but he continued to fight and resist.

Witnesses at the scene identified the dead man as Africa and had been homeless after treatment for mental illness.

BBC News reports that “Ina Murphy, who lives in an apartment nearby, said he had told her that he had recently been released after spending 10 years in a mental health facility.”

This incident has been recorded on video by some witnesses at the scene.

Landlords set their eyes Target to cash in

Target Canada has reached an agreement to return 11 properties to landlords across Canada.

In Ontario there are four Target locations, including Square One in Mississauga; Upper Canada Mall in Newmarket; Hillcrest Mall in Richmond Hill; and Conestoga Mall in Waterloo.

According to the Toronto Star, “The value of the deal was stricken from the Ontario Superior Court documents and court approval to keep the price secret for competitive reasons is being sought.”

The deal is subject to court approval on March 5.


News Unplugged February 26th 2015

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News Unplugged February 26th 2015

Rural Manitoba Family Devastated by Flames

In southern Manitoba, the Froese family suffered a fire at their family home.

Bernard Schellenberg, RM of Morris fire chief noted the bleakness of the incident as result of the home being “a two-storey bungalow with an addition on the side of it. By the time they had arrived, it was fully engulfed and the walls had collapsed.

“Our crews did the best they could with the conditions they had,” said Schellenberg.

There were 7 children inside when the house caught on fire. However the three youngest children were saved by the mother, but the oldest 4 children were not able to escape.

The Outlook is bleak for Google Chat

Microsoft has decided to remove the ability to use other programs from two of its chat services.

Google has decided to discontinue its use of Google talk and Facebook Chat within

Microsoft advises its members to utilize Skype for their chat and video calling needs.

Microsoft Spokesperson Mary Foley, states that “most customers already prefer to use Skype when they are chatting and we see this as a great option for anyone impacted by Google’s decision to shut down Google Talk and associated APIs, or the recent deprecation of Facebook Chat for

The reason for this decision remains unknown.

Truce on Hold as Economic Pressure seen in Ukraine

Ukraine’s economy suffers as they have banned trade until the end of the week

Reuters News noted that “the bank reversed the decision, giving no explanation for the abrupt change in policy. But it came after a sharp rebuke from Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk, who said the move was bad for the economy.”

This halt on trading will impact the rest of Europe through the oil market.  Reuters News reports  that “Russia could halt gas supplies to Ukraine, which could disrupt flows to Europe, which receives around a third of its gas from Russia with 40 percent shipped via Ukraine.”

This  war in Ukraine has wreaked havoc on the Ukrainian economy that has seen their currency lose half of its value through all of 2014.

Confused Fire Officials in Saskatchewan Reserve Set Ablaze

A fire that killed two children started at a reserve on Loon Lake Saskatchewan, has baffled fire officials.

Two-year-old Harley Cheenanow, and his 18-month-old sister, Haley, died after the fire broke out at their grandmother’s home.

The grandmother managed to get out alive but the children, carried out of the burning building by their father, died at the scene.

RCMP were the only first responders that showed up to help the fire.

CTV News clarifies that the Makwa Sahgaiehcan First Nation reserve has a working fire truck, but they didn’t have enough money for proper equipment or to train crews to use it.

News Unplugged, Tuesday February 24th 2014

News Unplugged, Tuesday February 24th 2014

ISIS Militant Group Captures 70 or More Christians

A number of villages in Syria were overrun by ISIS.  It is believed that anywhere from 70 to 100 Christians were taken in these raids.  

Officials say ISIS may be looking to negotiate a prisoner swap.

Tunnel Found in Toronto

A tunnel found near York University last month is set to be discussed at a press conference today.

The tunnel is 7m long and 2.5 m high with generators providing light.

It is located very close to the Rexall Centre, which is a venue for this summer’s Pan Am Games.

CNR Reaches Contract Agreement with Unifier

The CNR was very close to having 4800 employees locked out.  The railway company and Unifor, a labor union, negotiated an agreement just an hour before the deadline last night.

No government intervention was needed in this matter.

Toronto Maple Leafs Winger Joffrey Lupul May be Traded

Joffrey Lupul is the centre of trade talks in the NHL right now.  There is speculation that the Montreal Canadians may be interested in Lupul.

Toronto Maple Leafs GM, Dave Nonis, informs the public to expect trades to occur before the deadline of March 2nd.

Sexual Education Curriculum Presented by Ontario Government

Kathleen Wynne’s government presented the new sexual education curriculum this morning.  This education is to begin in Grade 1 and be taught through to Grade 12.

Sexual consent has been added and will be emphasized.

All public and Catholic schools in Ontario are expected to teach this curriculum.