News Unplugged, Tuesday February 24th 2014

News Unplugged, Tuesday February 24th 2014

ISIS Militant Group Captures 70 or More Christians

A number of villages in Syria were overrun by ISIS.  It is believed that anywhere from 70 to 100 Christians were taken in these raids.  

Officials say ISIS may be looking to negotiate a prisoner swap.

Tunnel Found in Toronto

A tunnel found near York University last month is set to be discussed at a press conference today.

The tunnel is 7m long and 2.5 m high with generators providing light.

It is located very close to the Rexall Centre, which is a venue for this summer’s Pan Am Games.

CNR Reaches Contract Agreement with Unifier

The CNR was very close to having 4800 employees locked out.  The railway company and Unifor, a labor union, negotiated an agreement just an hour before the deadline last night.

No government intervention was needed in this matter.

Toronto Maple Leafs Winger Joffrey Lupul May be Traded

Joffrey Lupul is the centre of trade talks in the NHL right now.  There is speculation that the Montreal Canadians may be interested in Lupul.

Toronto Maple Leafs GM, Dave Nonis, informs the public to expect trades to occur before the deadline of March 2nd.

Sexual Education Curriculum Presented by Ontario Government

Kathleen Wynne’s government presented the new sexual education curriculum this morning.  This education is to begin in Grade 1 and be taught through to Grade 12.

Sexual consent has been added and will be emphasized.

All public and Catholic schools in Ontario are expected to teach this curriculum.





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