News Unplugged- Tuesday, February 10, 2015

News Unplugged- Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Update on Conflict in Ukraine

The Ukrainian government are fighting for gains in eastern Ukraine after Russia support the rebels.

This comes just before tomorrow’s scheduled peace talk.

Since then the government has gained control of several villages close to the Russian border, while the rebel groups have cut off access to a major highway. This ultimately gives both opposing sides power.

Harper added that, “Many options of aid will be provided to Ukraine and he will continue to work with allies regarding the conflict”.

The countries involved in the peace talks are Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France.

Ottawa Breast Cancer Victim Gives Has Successful Birth

Ottawa woman, Jill O’Connor was diagnosed with incurable breast cancer while pregnant. O’Connor was advised to start chemotherapy immediately.

She has given birth this past week to a perfectly healthy baby boy, despite her health issues.

Boston Experiencing Record-breaking Weather

Boston continues to receive record-breaking weather as the month goes on.

Many regions in the Northeast has not received storms since last week, but Boston has continued to experience large amounts of snow.

Sunday alone, Boston received 22 cm of snow. Even more snow is expected to arrive on Thursday.

The area has received over 80 cm of accumulation in the past two weeks.

Pharmaceutical Companies Expected to Expose Drug Shortages

The government of Canada is announcing that pharmaceutical companies will be required to give notice to the public when they are experience shortages for specified drugs.

The mandatory system of declaration will “ease frustration” states the Health Minister of Canada.

Previously, it was voluntary that they provide this information.

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