The Boiling Point, March 9 2017
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The Boiling Point, March 9 2017

Good afternoon, fair Golden Hawks!

This lovely sunny Thursday will be capped off by an evening with The Boiling Point at 9pm. This week, to celebrate International Women’s Day/Day Without A Woman which took place yesterday, tonight’s show will feature the music of extraordinarily talented women, and showcase iconic figures of history that have shaped our world as we know it.

Tune into the live radio show/join the Facebook Live chat at 9pm.  You don’t want to miss this one!

Next Week Now March 2
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Next Week Now March 2

Welcome back from reading week! I hope the break went well for you all and you’re prepared for class. If not… sorry and good luck, I geuss. On to the news!

A wizard who came through town cursed me at a young age, and now I have to talk about robots every week or else I’ll die a painful death. So this week’s robot story is fluffy dog tails that robots can use to express their feelings.

In the world of medicine some scientist from the university of Minnesota have discovered that they can more easily keep donated organs cool and able to be used if they use a process involving nano-particles of iron and cryopreservation techniques. There’s that quote about anything that we are unable to figure out is magic or something to that effect.

The world’s oldest fossil was discovered here in Canada, specifically Quebec. It is estimated to be between 3.77 and 4.3 billion years old. As a point of reference the earth is roughly 4.5 billion years old so this means that life has been around since near the start of this home of ours existing. By the way the fossil is microfilaments left behind by bacteria, it’s not a skull or something cool to us lay people who don’t understand fossils.

SpaceX has announced that they will be sending tourists to the moon in 2018… and then some scientists did the important thing and explained why that might not be the best idea. The tourists will have carsickness that’s out of this world. Booyah! I knew I could fit that pun in.

We have recently had a breakthrough about the colours of Anchiornis a small ankle-biting dinosaur. This is quite the discovery due to the fact that we don’t know what the colours of any dinosaurs were.

In local news, just a heads up: GRT drivers may be going on strike on March 19th. If you rely on the bus be aware that you might need to make alternative arrangements for a while.

It turns out that Hamilton is the Canadian version of the town from Footloose: it has been illegal to play street hockey there for the last fifty years. The city council overturned the decision recently. The weirdest part is that the vote wasn’t unanimously in favour. There are at least three people on the city council that are total downers. Get it together Hamilton.

A researcher named Micheal Fedak has glued cameras to the heads of elephant seals to figure out how they survive for months at sea without returning to shore. It’s really cute.

A study released out Missouri University investigates the disconnect between the media and the general American public. The studies main points include the difference between the most prevalent political philosophies of the two groups as well as the effect few staff and the requirement to break a story first has on journalists.

Several of the cast members of Marvel’s Inhumans have been announced. Also there is an X-Men related project coming from Fox that has yet to receive a name. Also form Marvel the new Guardian’s of the Galaxy trailer has dropped a bunch of details about the next film that had not yet been revealed. In our last piece of Marvel news, Logan, the next film about Wolverine comes out tomorrow.



When you hurl, aim for the stars:

Fuzzy-Wuzzy was a vacuum cleaner:

I give it my seal of approval:

Maybe Kevin Bacon can come by and have a game:

Velociraptors in vogue:

GRT drivers potentially on strike:

The world’s oldest fossil:

The media and the public at odds. Who’da thunk it?:

Cryo-stasis and iron nano-particles:

The marvels of Marvel:


Playlist for Show:

Nobody’s Fault But Mine – Martin Harley And Daniel Kimbr

Radio Bikini – The Vaccines

All Alone – Terra Lightfoot

Stay With Us – Seoul

Looking Too Closely – Fink


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Next Week Now February 16
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Next Week Now February 16

External forces stopped there from being a show this week, the week of Feb 16, but that does not mean that the news stopped as well.

Australia has decided to remind the world why they’re so cool with the posting of a video of the second deadliest snake in the world being killed by a venomous spider. Also there’s a bunch of guys in the background cheering the spider on.


Agility Robotics, an American company, has created another robot and the point of this one is to get your groceries… maybe? Its name is Cassie and it walks on two feet and their mission statement with the bot is that it can help you out and go places for you.


Some German scientists have found a fossil of a new species of crocodile. Or more accurately a ‘crocodile-like atoposaurid’. It’s really cute. They named it Knoetschkesuchus langenbergensis so that they can make fun of non-biologists when they try to say it and it’s estimated to have lived about 154 million years ago.


A new report has found that working away from your place of work (e.g. home instead of the office) increases stress levels. One day we’ll figure out how to minimize stress coming in from external sources and on that day the only thing making us anxious will be our own body. Imagine that future.


The smallest town in Canada is called Tilt Cove. The two recently lost three of its citizens so now there are only four people left. I can’t really think of any goofs about this one. The people seem a little nutty and they don’t have Internet access so they won’t hear about my coverage of them.


Some Japanese researchers have found that dogs, our greatest companions, engage in behaviour that suggests that they may have a moral compass similar to our own. Every time I think I appreciate dogs as much as I could I learn something new about them.


I don’t know about you but I have always wanted to see a woolly mammoth. I might be able to in a couple years time. The American Association for the Advancement of Science has announced that they think they might only be two years away from completing the mammoth ‘de-extinction’ project.


That’s all for this week and I’ll talk to you in two weeks, Thursday March 2nd at 1:00pm.

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It’s cold, it’s grey, and it’s rough out there this week so lets take a short respite in the fun news that I could find. A new marvel show has been announced and cast. The show will follow the characters Cloak and Dagger, a pair of superheroes that are just far enough under the radar that I don’t know anything about them. We have lost to the machines. Poker that is, not everything. A scientist teacher was fired for stroking his phallic balloon to show the effects of friction. Specifically, static electricity. Several real scientist have had a few pretty cool inventions recently. Robotic bats, robotic skin, and robotic crocodiles among them. HMV Canada is going under so if you want some DVDs or CDs on sale go get ‘em while they’re hot. A Floridian snake helps relieve a mans stress through some constriction massage tactics. Some recent research has established that whales breach, jump out of the water, to yell things out to one another. Some intrepid CBC reporters covering the number of potholes in some sections of Newfoundland were stopped (I might say nefariously) by hitting a pothole and damaging their car. Buzz Aldrin at the age of 87 is the first astronaut to walk down the runway at New York Fashion Week: Men’s. The theme was ‘Life on Mars’. Lastly, Rob Stewart, the documentary filmmaker and shark enthusiast was declared missing this Tuesday. I wish the search crews luck in finding him safely and quickly.


Cloak and Dagger:


Can’t read my Read my Poker User Interface:


Feel the burn:






Shocked Snake Shares Stress Symptoms:


Jumping for a whale of a good time:


Public reporters in pothole parel:




This teacher is a bit of a dick:


The Buzz about Buzz:


Lost at sea:



Giant – Banks and Steelz

Centuries – Fall Out Boy

War Paint – Madeline Merlo

Achy Break Heart 2 – Billy Ray Cyrus

Blue Heron – Javier Vercher


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Next Week Now January 26
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Next Week Now January 26


Sorry for the late post my readers. This is the fourth week of 20Sweatin’ and I hope you guys are getting things done. Anyway, to the News!

A British scientist thinks that if we use acoustic gravity wave or AGWs we will be able to somehow stop tsunamis. I have no idea how, but I’m imagining a giant guitar fist fighting a sentient wave. Canada is currently listed as the ninth most corrupt nation in the world. Don’t worry this is a good thing. It’s out of all nations so ninth is good. Crash-test dummies have been redesigned recently because America is fat and normal crash-test dummies don’t accurately represent the American population anymore. A New Zealand man has been fined $100 for shooting McDonald’s employees with a nerf gun after they did not give him his nuggets fast enough. This weeks Hypes & Gripes is the people in the states who feel that they were supposed to be merfolk instead of people. I am not a fan of theirs. Florida Man is back at it: this week he stuck a mop to his head and ran around his neighbourhood knocking on doors demanding eggs. Prince had roughly $800,000-1,000,000 worth of gold bars in his house upon his death. This weeks lead story: tablets for blind people. Our old news story is that a Pennsylvanian man in 1893 had a pitcher that had been on the Mayflower. Gait improving robot pants and black magic nerd glasses also happened in the news this week. A mall in Pennsylvania got auctioned off today for one hundred smakaroos. I wonder how much the insurance is. A Cincinnati man does not want any more television suggestions so leave him alone guys. The Han Solo story has been delayed to when you think it will be released: December 2018. A robot has been invented and named Kuri. It beep-bops and it’s a little adorable. Lastly, there are some new wind turbine designs that look like hummingbird wings. That’s all the news I hope you enjoyed the show and I’ll talk to you next week now.




Wave hello to AGWs:


Canada? Corrupt? Who wants to know?:


Fat-Test Dummies:


‘GunNugget’, is this guys new nickname:


Swimming up the wrong stream:


Look at this egghead:


A Prince’s fortune:


A Historical pitcher. A hitcherical:


Blitab, the tablet for the blind, with just the worst name. ever.:


It Told Me To Walk This Way:


Talk About Eye Candy:


I Got a Hundred Dolla’ Bill Y’all:


No More TV, Thanks:


This isn’t news; you knew it wasn’t coming out in May:


Kuri is a Kuti:





Banana Man – Tally Wall

Last Rites – Swervedriven

25 – Heat


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The Pit – Back after a Short Reprieve

Heyo, Zack here, and Welcome to the Pit!

Things got a little hectic the past couple weeks, but I am back once more, ready to deliver quality programming to you!

Last weeks episode featured a song by a band, Aepoch, good friends if mine, playing some of the best technical death metal I’ve heard in a long time. You can listen to their entire EP on youtube, just follow this link:

I spoke about James Hetfield saying some very, very dumb things, you can read those statements in full here:


It is this moment, and opportunity, I would like to speak about the DAPL pipeline once more. I have been following the movement since it started, carefully watching, and what I see is more than just a native rights issue, I see a deeply infected, rotting democracy. Police, armed with military grade gear, clashing with unarmed, peacefully protesting Native Americans. The police accuse the protesters of being aggressive and violent, actions, and attitudes, I have yet to see emerge. I have seen many a cop, covered in body armor, carrying assault weapons loaded with rubber bullets, and  as aggressive as the eradication of Native American culture. I have seen the armored trucks, the wounded protesters, and the destruction of Native American heritage sites. These things I have seen are not common knowledge, in fact it appears to me that the government and media, intent on its “forward” march have done all they can to divert attention away from it. Fires have been purposefully set, and we are to believe, ludicrously so, that those who only tried to defend the land, and their livelihood based upon it, set those fires. The disgusting North Dakota police, cowards all, would have us believe the destroyers, the aggressors, are the Native American protesters. What I implore, what I beg, is for awareness of this issue, true awareness. This is exactly what democracy was created to fight, to fight inequality, to give voices to the majority, and the minority. Not all can make pilgrimage to the states to protest, to show physical support, but we can at least talk of it, and all the issues this pivotal, historic happening. Everything wrong with our society is being put up on display, for us, and the world, to see. If you can, please donate to the gofundme page, winter is coming, and with it, the greatest challenge the protesters face. This about the environment, protecting the drinking water of millions of people, and trying to make amends for the historic wrongs of heedless expansion our society has yielded. One day it may come, where it is all of us, standing as one against the creeping vines of oppression, seeking to corrode the foundations of society, and drag us to the earth once more. Until that time, we must find the way to unity, we must support each other in brotherhood, and we all must fight against the wrongs we inflict upon each other.

Thanks for listening, please keep watching, and never stop opposing those who would seek to take all you, all we, hold dear. Heres the link for the gofundme, send what you can, if you can, every bit I am sure, is appreciated.