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*New* Gutteral Radio

Hello, welcome back after the school break, “The Pit” is now “Gutteral” radio.

This week I aired my bands new single, Cynaptic – Mental Imprisonment, from our upcoming album titled “Cohesion in Death”. I am very proud of how it turned out, the production value is insane, and I look forward to releasing the full work for all to hear.

Follow this link to like my bands Facebook page


Follow this link to like the new Gutteral radio Facebook page, currently low on likes there so any would be appreciated.


This weeks playlist was as follows:

Aepoch – Crystal Mountain

Battlecross – Misery

Beyond Creation – Fundamental Process

Carcass- Captive Bolt Pistol

Deftones – Hexagram

Havok- The Disease

Sylosis – Apparations

Threat Signal – Beginning of the End

Revocation-Madness Opus

Sikth – Philistine Philosophies

Cynaptic – Mental Imprisonment


Here is a link to my bands Bandcamp, you can download our single for free, but any donations would be appreciated.


Catch the show next week, until then, keep it gutteral!


The Pit Episode 8

So as the year comes to a close, this blog will be short and sweet. There will be a holiday episode for the pit, airing on the 23rd of December at 4 pm.

I will be spending the holiday writing a new show, as well as formulating and focusing The Pit, and working on new social media platforms.

here is this weeks track list;

Edge of Sanity – elegy

Protest the hero – turn soonest to the sea

Texas hippie coalition – paw paw hill


Pantera- goddamn electric

Adrenochrome – the horror

After the burial – cursing akenaten


System of a down – dreaming

Steel dragon – we all die young

Rage against the machine – microphone fiend


Lost society – Only (my) death is certain

Unearth – We are not anonymous

Refused – New noise


Have a good week, and Ill see you in The Pit!

The Pit Episode 7 – a new contributor

The Pit Episode 7 – a new contributor


Hello all, as mentioned on the show, there is a new contributor coming to the Pit. His name is Chris, and he will be creating his own half to the show, which will air on a two hour time slot instead of a one hour time slot. Chris’s taste in metal is different than mine, and my hope is he will be able to showcase a greater variety of the genre.

There will be a Christmas show, featuring some Christmas tuneage, but not entirely Christmas music…too festive if you ask me.

here is this weeks set list

Lamb of God – Omerta

Feared – Fall of Man

Chimaira- Pictures in the Gold Room

All Shall Perish – Black Gold Reign

Tool – The Grudge

Kingdom of Sorrow – God’s Law in the Devils Land

Sikth – Wait for Something Wild

Iced Earth – Dark Saga

System of a Down – Chop Suey

Testament – Native Blood

Trivium – Pull Harder on the Strings of your Martyr

Pantera – Domination (Alive and hostile version)

Psychostick – Obey the Beard

In an update of the news, the protesters at standing rock have managed to get construction of the DAPL pipeline halted, if temporarily. I think I speak for many when I say this is highly suspect, and most certainly a ploy, as has often been the case in the past. In order to divert rising tension and deescalate a situation the the party of power will seek to appease the other party in some small way, this is to stop a movement from gaining momentum, and becoming larger. This will lower the governments ability to manage the situation, and increase the chances of it becoming news, which could thwart the pipeline altogether. If the government ever had any intention of helping the people at standing rock, they wouldn’t have let their abuse continue on for so long, only to grant reprieve when thousands of veterans showed up overnight to defend the democratic process.

I’m at a loss for words, the frustration is overwhelming, and in my heart I feel big oil and the government laughing at the native american’s expense.

I’ll be putting on a good show next week, more talk, less music.

I’ll see you in the pit.

The Pit – Episode 6
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The Pit – Episode 6


Hey all! as promised, I am back, and working on a way to bring you archived episodes of the Pit!

This episode I spoke out against the DAPL pipeline, and I will continue to do so, publicly and privately.

What were seeing in north Dakota is nothing short of horrifying, and needs to be stopped.

here’s a link to the news site that reported Randy Blythe was heading out there to show his support;

Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe Finishes Tour to Join Water Protectors at DAPL, Donate Supplies


here is this weeks play list:

Acid Bath – Bleed me an Ocean

Across the Sun – Tipping the Scales

Mastodon – Chimes at Midnight

Sikth – Philistine Philosophies

Monarch Woods – Ophea’s Hymn and Rise of the Corvians- the First Winged Men

Slayer – Angel of Death

Threat Signal – Fallen Disciples

All Shall Perish – Songs of the Damned

Beyond Creation – Injustice revealed

Allegaeon – the God Particle


I’ll do another update this week regarding the archived episodes, until then, I’ll see you in the pit.


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The Pit – Back after a Short Reprieve

Heyo, Zack here, and Welcome to the Pit!

Things got a little hectic the past couple weeks, but I am back once more, ready to deliver quality programming to you!

Last weeks episode featured a song by a band, Aepoch, good friends if mine, playing some of the best technical death metal I’ve heard in a long time. You can listen to their entire EP on youtube, just follow this link:


I spoke about James Hetfield saying some very, very dumb things, you can read those statements in full here:




It is this moment, and opportunity, I would like to speak about the DAPL pipeline once more. I have been following the movement since it started, carefully watching, and what I see is more than just a native rights issue, I see a deeply infected, rotting democracy. Police, armed with military grade gear, clashing with unarmed, peacefully protesting Native Americans. The police accuse the protesters of being aggressive and violent, actions, and attitudes, I have yet to see emerge. I have seen many a cop, covered in body armor, carrying assault weapons loaded with rubber bullets, and  as aggressive as the eradication of Native American culture. I have seen the armored trucks, the wounded protesters, and the destruction of Native American heritage sites. These things I have seen are not common knowledge, in fact it appears to me that the government and media, intent on its “forward” march have done all they can to divert attention away from it. Fires have been purposefully set, and we are to believe, ludicrously so, that those who only tried to defend the land, and their livelihood based upon it, set those fires. The disgusting North Dakota police, cowards all, would have us believe the destroyers, the aggressors, are the Native American protesters. What I implore, what I beg, is for awareness of this issue, true awareness. This is exactly what democracy was created to fight, to fight inequality, to give voices to the majority, and the minority. Not all can make pilgrimage to the states to protest, to show physical support, but we can at least talk of it, and all the issues this pivotal, historic happening. Everything wrong with our society is being put up on display, for us, and the world, to see. If you can, please donate to the gofundme page, winter is coming, and with it, the greatest challenge the protesters face. This about the environment, protecting the drinking water of millions of people, and trying to make amends for the historic wrongs of heedless expansion our society has yielded. One day it may come, where it is all of us, standing as one against the creeping vines of oppression, seeking to corrode the foundations of society, and drag us to the earth once more. Until that time, we must find the way to unity, we must support each other in brotherhood, and we all must fight against the wrongs we inflict upon each other.

Thanks for listening, please keep watching, and never stop opposing those who would seek to take all you, all we, hold dear. Heres the link for the gofundme, send what you can, if you can, every bit I am sure, is appreciated.


The Pit Episode 3
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The Pit Episode 3

Welcome to the blog!

Another episode, another week, another great set of tunes.

the set list is as follows:

Gojira – Vacuity

Overkill- Ironbound

Exodus – Impaler

Revocation – Dismantle the Dictator

Slipknot – Wait and Bleed

Protest the Hero – These Colours Don’t Run

The Agony Scene  – Suffer

Threat Signal – Afterlife

System of Down – Aerials

Iced Earth – Violate

Killswitch Engage – Just Barely Breathing

Metallica – Jump in the Fire

That is all she wrote, or played, I suppose.

On a serious note, if anyone has been paying attention to the news, there has been clashes with police and protesters at Standing rock over native land rights. I wish to voice my support for the protesters, fighting for what has been taken from them, and standing up for thier rights. Never before have I seen such perversion of democracy, such a shameful display of authoritarian control. It has never been clearer that the US is not a democracy, but a pseudo democracy, with elements of communism and despotic leadership.

Let me know what you think, share with your friends, like the facebook page.

Cheers, have a great weekend!

I’ll be back next week at 4 pm, on Friday, until then, I’ll see you in the pit!