The Pit - Episode 6

The Pit - Episode 6


Hey all! as promised, I am back, and working on a way to bring you archived episodes of the Pit!

This episode I spoke out against the DAPL pipeline, and I will continue to do so, publicly and privately.

What were seeing in north Dakota is nothing short of horrifying, and needs to be stopped.

here’s a link to the news site that reported Randy Blythe was heading out there to show his support;

Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe Finishes Tour to Join Water Protectors at DAPL, Donate Supplies


here is this weeks play list:

Acid Bath – Bleed me an Ocean

Across the Sun – Tipping the Scales

Mastodon – Chimes at Midnight

Sikth – Philistine Philosophies

Monarch Woods – Ophea’s Hymn and Rise of the Corvians- the First Winged Men

Slayer – Angel of Death

Threat Signal – Fallen Disciples

All Shall Perish – Songs of the Damned

Beyond Creation – Injustice revealed

Allegaeon – the God Particle


I’ll do another update this week regarding the archived episodes, until then, I’ll see you in the pit.


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