The Pit Episode 3

The Pit Episode 3

Welcome to the blog!

Another episode, another week, another great set of tunes.

the set list is as follows:

Gojira – Vacuity

Overkill- Ironbound

Exodus – Impaler

Revocation – Dismantle the Dictator

Slipknot – Wait and Bleed

Protest the Hero – These Colours Don’t Run

The Agony Scene  – Suffer

Threat Signal – Afterlife

System of Down – Aerials

Iced Earth – Violate

Killswitch Engage – Just Barely Breathing

Metallica – Jump in the Fire

That is all she wrote, or played, I suppose.

On a serious note, if anyone has been paying attention to the news, there has been clashes with police and protesters at Standing rock over native land rights. I wish to voice my support for the protesters, fighting for what has been taken from them, and standing up for thier rights. Never before have I seen such perversion of democracy, such a shameful display of authoritarian control. It has never been clearer that the US is not a democracy, but a pseudo democracy, with elements of communism and despotic leadership.

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Cheers, have a great weekend!

I’ll be back next week at 4 pm, on Friday, until then, I’ll see you in the pit!

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  1. sorry for the late reply, I’ll see about getting those up, stay tuned and thanks for listening!

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