The Pit Episode 8

So as the year comes to a close, this blog will be short and sweet. There will be a holiday episode for the pit, airing on the 23rd of December at 4 pm.

I will be spending the holiday writing a new show, as well as formulating and focusing The Pit, and working on new social media platforms.

here is this weeks track list;

Edge of Sanity – elegy

Protest the hero – turn soonest to the sea

Texas hippie coalition – paw paw hill


Pantera- goddamn electric

Adrenochrome – the horror

After the burial – cursing akenaten


System of a down – dreaming

Steel dragon – we all die young

Rage against the machine – microphone fiend


Lost society – Only (my) death is certain

Unearth – We are not anonymous

Refused – New noise


Have a good week, and Ill see you in The Pit!

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