The Morning After More Life
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The Morning After More Life

This week, DJ Goldilocks and DJ O$AP began saying their goodbyes to Radio Laurier and their listeners for this school year. Crazy to think how quickly the time’s passed…but as sad as it is to say goodbye to this year, they hoped their playlist of the morning gave you More Life.

That’s right, DJ Goldilocks and DJ O$AP jammed out this morning to Drake’s newly-released album, More Life. They discussed the album’s track list and some of the featured artists.

Currently, their favourite tracks are: Ice Melts feat. Young Thug (DJ O$AP’s choice), and Get It Together (DJ Goldilocks’ choice). They made special mention of the songs Passionfruit and Gyalchester. They also compared the similar beats to some of the songs in More Life to that of Drake’s last album, Views. Could there have been some inspiration stemming from the popularity of One Dance to influence Passionfruit?

There were a few interludes on this album, which was more of a miss for these DJ’s. O$SAP and Goldilocks agreed that the interlude with Drake’s mother on the phone seems to be an overdone feature that many rap artists are including on their recent albums, for example Mac Miller in the Divine Feminine.

Drake really impressed the DJ’s with some of his featured artists, especially Young Thug! Young Thug is one of O$AP’s favourite rappers, and thinks he is one of the most underrated rappers.

If you want to hear more of Young Thug’s music to see for yourself, here’s a few of his suggestions:

Track List (all from Drake’s album, More Life):

  • Passionfruit
  • Madiba Riddim
  • Blem
  • 4422 (feat. Sampha)
  • Ice Melts (feat. Young Thug)
  • Get It Together
  • Gyalchester
  • Glow
  • Fake Love


The Morning After… WAKE UP!

Student Studying Sleeping on Books, Tired Girl Read Book, Library


The Morning After… WAKE UP!

Good morning Hawks!

Hopefully you’ve all had a wonderful week since the last. This week Goldilocks and O$AP are flooded with midterms and seriously lacking on sleep! No worries however, they’ve brought their coffees and study questions on the air to share in order to sneak in some last minute revision

The first topic this week was all about greed. If you had the power to get what you want and get away with it without consequence, would you do it? O$AP’s question got the DJ’s in a pretty honest debate about their choices, minutes before his ethical theories midterm! Goldilocks seemed to be a lot more trustworthy in taking the high road, but it’s definitely apparent that the two may both use those powers for a a little undeserved profit! That’s alright for O$AP though as it seemed to be quite a deep desire to win the lottery some day, and abandon ship on becoming a lawyer or teacher. However… they both agreed that the money would go towards some good character building experiences, travelling the world non-stop until they had none left. Goldilocks has a good head start though, leaving for Costa Rica this Sunday for 9 days!! Talk about a reading week to be jealous of.

After ranting about how little effort they hope to put into making fortunes in the future, it was time to take a look at Goldilocks’ midterm questions. Has American media worked it’s way in to, and overthrown Canada’s? Goldilocks shared some insight on the lack of attention that newsworthy stories from Canada receive, due to the celebrity status of American media. Who’s news is more important? and who do the public care hearing about more? Certainly we hear about Trump every 20 minutes, and there’s always a new American blockbuster being produced each week. Is Canadian content being shoved to the back burner on Canadian media outlets? Let us know what you think.

Thanks for tuning in this week Hawks! Have a wonderful week and don’t let the midterms get to you. Reading week is just a couple of days away now and you’ll have the time to relax! Have a safe time at home and an even safer time if you’re joining Goldilocks in some international travels. See you in a few weeks!

This weeks song list comes from the album Another Eternity by Purity Ring:

  1. Heartsigh
  2. Bodyache
  3. Push Pull
  4. Repitition
  5. Stranger than Earth
  6. Begin Again
  7. Dust Hymn
  8. Flood on the Floor
  9. Sea Castle
  10. Stillness in Woe





The Morning After a Crazy Week

The Morning After a Crazy Week

Hello and good morning Golden Hawks! Hopefully you’ve had a fantastic week and no issues easing into those dreaded midterms. This week O$AP and Goldilocks had lots to talk about as it’s been a hectic week in world events as well as within the Laurier community.

The show started with a segment regarding the Miss Universe Pageant and this year’s winner, Iris Mittenaere from France! The returning host, Steve Harvey, had the chance to redeem himself successfully after announcing the wrong contestant as the winner in last years pageant. If you’re interested in reading more about the pageant, click here!

Next on the celebrity list is Justin Bieber, who made an appearance at this years NHL All-Stars competition. Apparently his coach for the big game was hockey idol Wayne Gretzky. O$AP and Goldilocks had to debate who would have been more excited to meet the other. The conclussion was definitely Bieber being more excited, even though it’s probably safe to assume Gretzky is a big pop fan!

And last on our celebrity list this week is Lady Gaga who will be performing at this year’s Superbowl, where the Patriots will face the Falcons. Though she’s quite the performer, it wasn’t clear whether or not your Morning After DJ’s agreed with her being this years pick for the biggest football game of the year. Hopefully she can keep up with the legendary entertainment of the Superbowl commercials and get the crowd even more pumped for the game.

In this weeks Laurier news, we send a well-deserved congratulations to the new Student Union President Kanwar Brar! Such a motivational and involved new president will surely show that the Golden Hawks are in good hands. Also coming this week is the voting for positions in the Laurier student publications. Between 7-10 PM this Wednesday February 1st, come enjoy some free food and good company in the Hawk’s nest right beside the Turret. Get involved and send out your votes! To read up on the candidates and other information regarding WLUSP, click here!

Lastly, Laurier sends it’s condolences to the victims of the Quebec mosque shootings on Sunday. To anyone involved and connected with the family’s affected we send our thoughts and prayers.

Have a lovely week Hawks! We’ll see you next Monday on the Morning After!

Song List: Drake and FutureWhat a Time to Be Alive

  • Digital Dash
  • Big Rings
  • Diamonds Dancing
  • Scholarshps
  • Change Locations
  • Jumpman
  • Jersey
  • Plastic Bag


The Morning After feat. Joseph Small
The Morning Show/The Morning Show

The Morning After feat. Joseph Small

This week on The Morning After DJ Goldilocks and DJ O$AP had the opportunity to sit down with one of the candidates campaigning for the Student’s Union Board of Directors, as well as for the Laurier Board of Governors. His name is Joseph Small and he is a second year Economics and Accounting major who wants to see real change come to Laurier, specifically in the communication between the Student’s Union and the student body.

The main take away from his campaign is his primary goal to increase efficiency in addressing the concerns of students and improve the system in which students are able to voice their opinions. Joseph believes he is the candidate to accomplish the necessary changes because he brings a unique perspective and has an action plan prepared to start guiding the Student’s Union in the right direction towards improving the flow of communication. After sitting down with several students Joseph realized that many students feel very disconnected from the Student’s Union despite their presence on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.

As a result of these conversations his goal in pursuing this position has become to break down the overall feeling of exclusivity of the Student’s Union through the creation of a new social media platform. Ideally Joseph wants to create a website exclusive to the Laurier community where students are able to post anonymously, or with their student number attached if they so choose, any questions, comments, or concerns that they deme important or feel should be addressed by the Student’s Union. He also wants to increase the flow of information out to the students from the Student’s Union; for example, he would like to post the main discussion points from the board’s weekly meetings on this website so that students have the ability to voice their concerns and opinions on current issues and initiatives taking place. He believes this approach will help students feel more engaged with their school and increase student involvement in the Laurier community.

Joseph has a great deal of experience in financial roles, such as Finance Director in his House Council, a payroll clerk and a professional book keeper. He believes these positions have prepared him for the roles he is pursuing because they have allowed him to gain experience in fiscal management – how budgeting works and how to implement initiatives in a cost-efficient way. He believes these experiences have provided him with the skills and knowledge on compromising the desirable and what’s feasible.

If you’re interested in reading further on Joseph’s campaign, or the other candidate’s platforms, please click here to go to the Student’s Union page!

The Morning After – Celebrity Gossip

The Morning After – Celebrity Gossip

Good morning Laurier! Welcome back to another morning after with O$AP and Goldilocks on our second show of 2017. We hope these introductory course weeks are going smooth, especially if you’re part of the widespread Laurier Plague that every golden hawk seems to be dreading.

What could make that better? How about a morning full of Mac Miller’s latest album, The Devine Feminine, and some oh so expected talk about the Weeknd. This week was all about the gossip with some rumors of Abel Tesfaye from the Weeknd, allegedly getting involved with Justin Bieber’s ex-lover Selena Gomez. It looks like that unsubtle shout out from his song Party Monster off the new Starboy Album might have caught her attention! We don’t know for sure that anything is official, but it was an extra dramatic discovery to find out Abel’s previous girlfriend Bella Hadid unfollowed him on Instagram!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a normal Monday Morning After if The Weeknd didn’t get his share of discussion time. This week’s talk was about the expectations of the awaited Starboy album, and the not so expected results (sorry fans). With all that advertising, thousands of banners wherever you went, and pop-up ads on every piece of technology you own, it just doesn’t seem to be hitting the bar that his previous album Beauty Behind the Madness set. Goldilocks and O$AP seem to agree quite clearly this time that they had more expectations for this new album. It’s still early though and they have plenty of fan faith in the super star.

With this week’s focus on Mac Miller’s album it would only be right to talk a little gossip about him. Of course, his relations with Ariana Grande need to be brought up after playing songs like My Favourite Part and The Way, which, for those who don’t know, are two songs that the lover-artists have collaborated on together. Goldilocks wasn’t a fan of either until she heard The Way, and O$AP had to admit his gravitating appreciation for Ariana’s talented voice and singing skills. If you want to check out either of the songs just click on the links below! Let us know what you think and which artist you like better.

To end the week let’s all get involved with the Laurier student elections, which you’ll be able to hear all about this week on Radio Laurier. Make sure to stay tuned to your favourite shows and hear all about the elections, and be sure to check out the Interview this Tuesday morning January 17, 2017!

Make sure to have a stellar week Golden Hawks! Good luck getting over those colds and flus, and don’t fall too far behind. We’ll see you next week!


Song List:

Congratulations (feat. Bilal)

Dang! (feat. Anderson .Paak)


Planet God Damn (feat. Njomza)


We (feat. CeeLo Green)

My Favourite Part (feat. Ariana Grande)

God is Fair, Sexy Nasty (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

The Morning After The New Year; Kissing 2016 Goodbye
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The Morning After The New Year; Kissing 2016 Goodbye

Welcome back to The Morning After, 2017 edition! What better way to kiss goodbye to 2016, than a full hour of The Weeknd’s Kissland album? Even with all of the new music released over the past year, including Starboy, the Kissland album has remained a staple in DJ Goldilock’s and DJ O$AP’s music playlists.

This year Laurier took a total of 11 days for their winter break, while most other schools took an additional 6 days off before starting classes. 11 days is not a lot of time, so here’s to hoping you made the best of it! Over the break DJ Goldilocks an DJ O$AP had the opportunity to attend a work Christmas party for Victoria Star Motors, where DJ Goldilocks experienced hypnotism for the first time! That’s right, DJ O$AP had a good laugh watching Goldilocks make a fool of herself while she summer salted around the dealership, acted as Austin Powers, and trying to steal a 30 ft Christmas tree! Any skepticism from O$AP before the show had definitely dwindled by the end of the performance, stay tuned on our Facebook page for some funny clips from the performance!

New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest events across the country every year, but is it really worth the hype? O$AP may argue that it’s not, especially after his sub-par experience this year at a country bar in London. In past years, Goldilocks had not had the best experiences on New Year’s Eve and had a difficult time getting hyped for it this year. But it may have been this very lack of excitement that made her night so enjoyable; going into the event with very low standards meant that there was no way she could be disappointed. In fact, this was her best New Year’s Eve yet! She went to Bar 244 in Toronto with her best friend and a fantastic group of girls. The music was on point and they did nothing but dance all night long! Maybe the key to having a good time is to set the bar really low… then there’s no where to go but up!

2016 may be over…. But 2017 is just getting started! Laurier is starting the year off with a bang, as this coming week is crazy busy the Laurier community! No matter what you’re into, there’s something for you; Student Union Presidential Elections begin this week, Winter Carnival officially kicks off, and there’s a full week of free group exercise and dance classes being offered in the AC! If you have yet to get involved at Laurier, this is an excellent week to experiment a little bit and find your niche. O$AP is a captain of the Winter Carnival team, Rock Bottomest and although they don’t plan on winning any particular events, you can guarantee they will be having the best time! You can catch Goldilocks in the AC attending her favourite dance classes: burlesque and advanced hip hop!

We hope you all take full advantage of this week and get involved in the incredible Laurier community! Tune in next week!!

Song List:

Real Life

Tell Your Friends


Can’t Feel My Face


Dark Times (feat. Ed Sheeran)


In the Night