NextWeekNow Oct 5th 2017

NextWeekNow Oct 5th 2017

The last week of NextWeekNow before reading week is upon us. Really it is simply the last week, whether the show happens or not. I for one am excited, though that is not always true for everyone. On a serious note if you have any emotional stresses over thanksgiving weekend and reading week, make sure to reach out. You are not alone and there are people, like me, who care and want you to feel good. That’s the point of the show and blog after all. On to the news!

A strange creature washed up on a Texas beach after Hurricane Harvey. It has bee identified as most likely being a decomposing eel, but the photos are still worth checking out. Quite creepy.

Dubai has started an air taxi program using crewless drones with space for two people. Currently it is not in use by the public but the government is set to make it available for everyday use. This is being done in an effort to contribute to the goal of having one quarter of their transportation automated by 2030.

Sri Lankan customs authorities detained a man heading to India after they became suspicious of his strange behaviour. Specifically his trouble walking and that he appeared to be in pain. They discovered that the man was attempting to smuggle approximately $36,000 CAD inside of his rectum.

Ishmael Osekre is currently under investigation from New York State Attorney General. This is not a trivial investigation, no; he is under suspicion of hosting a scam food festival. The NYC pizza festival that he threw received such a wide variety of complaints that the $75 US ticket price seems criminal and not just unreasonable.

Erendira Wallenda broke the record for the highest suspension over Niagara Falls in mid June of this year. To really up the anti she did so hanging by her teeth. I do not understand several elements of this. Why does height over Niagara Falls matter as a record? Surely height over the fall and height over solid ground is equally dangerous. Is it not more dangerous to be near the water instead of far away? Why involve your chompers? You need those for celery and opening beer bottles. (WARNING: do not open beer bottles with your teeth, I just wrote that for the goof. It can damage your teeth quite badly.)

The Albuquerque branch of the Federal Bureau of Investigation hosted a live Question & Answer event on Twitter on Wednesday September 27th focusing on their internship program. The Q & A got slightly out of hand as many wanted to know the answers to the really important questions. Questions like: ‘Who does Number 2 work for?’ and ‘What actually happened at Roswell?’

The police of Aspen, Colorado have given a warning to the people visiting their town that applies to all people ever and always: do not take photos with bears. Several people did so in Aspen and it was not a great scene.

The record has been set for the world’s longest eyelashes, clocking in at 5 inches. You Jianxia of Shanghai set the record after a fifty-year growth period. She explained that this happened because of her lifestyle of being connected to nature.

Big Mouth Billy Bass can now be hooked up with Alexa, the artificial assistant created by Amazon. The… fish-thing will sing and dance in accordance with any songs that you play using Alexa.

Microsoft has created a custom Xbox One S in memory of the actor Paul Walker, most famous for his role in the Fast and Furious franchise. Walker’s friends and family have all announced their appreciation on social media. The console is going to be raffled off in support of Reach Out Worldwide, a non-profit formed by Walker.

Boeing, the aerospace corporation, has set up a reward of $2 million for anyone who can build a working jet pack within the next two years. There are quite a few restrictions, but it is a challenge I level at you, the engineers reading this. Blow them away and fly to great heights.



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