NextWeekNow Sept 28th 2017

NextWeekNow Sept 28th 2017

Frida, a rescue dog belonging to the Mexican Navy, with her handler Israel Arauz Salinas, takes part in the effort to look for people trapped at the Rebsamen school in Mexico City, on September 22, 2017, three days after the devastating earthquake that hit central Mexico. / AFP PHOTO / OMAR TORRES (Photo credit should read OMAR TORRES/AFP/Getty Images)

On this, the 28th of September in the year of 2017 we find ourselves here, at the blog of NextWeekNow. ‘Tis a beautiful place to be. The weather has gone back to being what you would expect. On to the news!

Sadly, on the evening of Wednesday September 27th, Hugh Heffner died. The founder of playboy died peacefully at his home, surrounded by loved ones. Heffner, being an outspoken advocate for sexual freedom and equality in race, gender and sexuality, will be missed by many.

The company responsible for the creation of the AK-47 has recently released footage of a hover bike prototype that is currently unnamed. The footage shows the bike flying through what looks to be a warehouse being ridden by a guy in a motorcycle helmet. He is hovering approximately 10 feet off the ground.

After Terry Pratchett’s death in 2015 his friend and fellow writer, Neil Gaiman, was tasked with destroying Pratchett’s work. Pratchett asked that Gaiman take the hard drive, that was full of unfinished work, and have it crushed by a steamroller. It took two years but, about three weeks ago, Gaiman finally felt comfortable in having it done.

In Cambridgeshire, England, police arrested a swan after several incidents of road rage as well as blocking the highway. I am not entirely sure as to how one might level charges against a swan, but I have always thought that they were all criminals, so good on you guys for finally catching one in the act Cambridgeshire police.

In Bristol, England a date went sideways for two Tinder users after the young woman got stuck halfway through a window trying to retrieve a piece of poop. She had thrown the poop out the window after she realized that the toilet was broken and when the poop failed to go completely out the window she followed it through to finish the job.

In Mexico, after the earthquake, Frida, a golden retriever, has saved at least fifty-two people. She and many other dogs like her have been brought in by SEMAR, the canine unit of the Mexican navy to help with the devastation.

Getty, the Getty Images people, have declared that they will have a ban on photo submissions that have been edited to make the model thinner or larger, the goal being to promote people having a more psychologically healthy relationship with their body. Though a step in the right direction, they still will accept photos that have had skin blemishes removed, hair colour and nose shape edited and other small details.

B.o.B., or Bobby Ray Simmons, has recently set up a GoFundMe campaign. No, not for a new album as you might have thought. Instead it is for a project to send ‘one if not multiple satellites’ up into space in order to prove whether or not the earth is actually round. The asking price: $1,000,000.

The Detroit Red Wings are currently in the midst of selling water like it is the apocalypse. They are selling the ‘melted ice’ from their arena at $85 a vial. There are 3000 vials and the proceeds will be going towards the team’s foundation.

Simply Beyond, a company that produces spray on herbs and vinegars, has recently released a new product for the season: spray on pumpkin spice flavouring. So if you are a fan of the flavour, go online and see if you can score a couple of bottles. It might be good.

The Texas police released footage of a Texas woman stealing a police car. The woman, who had been arrested for shoplifting, was sitting in the back of a cruiser cuffed. She got out of the cuffs crawled through the window between the front and back seats and drove the car away. She was recaptured after she crashed the vehicle.

In Huntington, Cambridgeshire, England, a wallaby escaped. The small marsupial was released from thee petting zoo it was kept in by accident. A trespasser broke into the petting zoo and had opened several enclosures in an effort to move the animals around to each other’s enclosures and then leave but the wallaby got away from them and escaped.


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