The Morning Show: Spill The Tea. Ep.16

The Morning Show: Spill The Tea. Ep.16

Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Yes it’s that time of year again, midterm season. So grab a red bull and your snuggie and be prepared to be up all night because midterms came out of the wodwork just like that random snowstorm. Trust us, DJ SMALLZ and DJ TANG are not leaving their apartments for anything (unless it’s Lazeez or vodka) or just squatting in Lazaridis Hall while we study.



If love is in air, is breathing a requirement anymore?

Valentine’s day is less than a week away, and you know what means? That’s right, it’s almost 75% off chocolate day! Being in a relationship or not, Valentines day is a nice event but why does everything cost so much. I don’t love you to spend $15 on a kit-kit, sorry not sorry. If you are single, fear not my spinsters! Today is a day for self-love and for goodness sakes, it’s a Wednesday. Be blessed you’re not spending money on flowers that will die in a week and chocolate that will last 3 days if you have a partner anything like DJ SMALLZ.



Touchdown, I think?

Don’t get me wrong, we love the Super Bowl. Any reason to drink beer, eat a s*** ton of wings, and pizza, sign me up. But for DJ SMALLZ, turning the commercials into a drinking game was more fun than the actual game itself. She can understand the game but when it comes to the lingo, you may as well speak Italian. She’d rather watch hockey, soccer, or basketball but you’ll do football, you’ll do.









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