After Class - Hawk House (Ep.11)

After Class - Hawk House (Ep.11)

Valentine’s Day & Dating Tips/Hacks

Rose are Red, violets are blue, this week’s show was imposing, hope you tuned in too! With Valentine’s Day around the corner we based this weeks entire show on dating and the special day itself. Regardless of the coffee spills and lighting fire to her head, DJ Nova appeared to be the professional in this department… and you probably wouldn’t of guessed otherwise if you heard DJ Shrey talk about not minding being broken up by text on last week’s show! With DJ Nova and DJ Shrey’s differences, it’s clear that this week’s show was one for the history books.

As surprised as DJ Shrey was to find this out, you actually DON’T have to spend Valentine’s Day ordering a pizza to eat by yourself while listening to Sam Smith songs and contemplating whether or not you should change your Facebook profile to “it’s complicated”. We’ve covered a lot on the show, so get your notebook out and prepare to take notes!

We kicked off the show with DJ Nova giving DJ Shrey tips and tricks on what an appropriate Valentines date looks like. To DJ Shrey’s shock… that doesn’t mean bring the girl home for a movie night. There was even a debate on whether a dinner date is cheesy or a classic. Although DJ Shrey still has a lot to learn, he seemed to spark an interest and posed the topic of pick up lines! So, do pick up lines actually work? Well, we came to a consensus that pick up lines only work if they make the other person laugh, but other than that… best to not use them.

Love, fate, TINDER! DJ Nova and DJ Shrey gave their opinions on Tinder. With DJ Nova’s longing for fate, she discussed how Tinder just isn’t for her or people looking to meet in a movie-like way. Although DJ Shrey doesn’t have tinder, he brought up how it can be a great way to meet people without the hassle of waiting around.

So to anyone out there that still doesn’t have any plans for Valentine’s day, it’s not too late to reach out to that special someone or even have a night out with friends… either way staying at home and listening to Sam Smith is not an option!


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  • Fall N Luv- PnB Rock
  • Sour Patch Kids – Bryce Vine
  • Horses – PnB Rock
  • Forget You – Cee Lo Green
  • Mr. Brightside – The Killers
  • Thinking About You – Frank Ocean



(Written by Rachna Singh & Shreyan Kantaria)


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