Alt/Indie Wednesday's - Halloween Edition

Alt/Indie Wednesday's - Halloween Edition

Good Morning Everyone,

This morning we counted down the top 5 male costumes of 2015 and the top 5 female costumes of 2015. First, we started off with the male costumes ranked from first to last;

  1. Cats
  2. Minion Dave
  3. Scooby Doo
  4. Maverick from Top Gun
  5. Ninja Turtle Onsies
taken from
taken from

Next we counted down the top 5 female costumes of 2015, and coming in at number one was the minions. Here is the full list;

  1. Minions
  2. Cops
  3. Superhero
  4. Bunnies
  5. Cats

I hope everyone enjoyed the costume countdown and has a great halloween. If you have any creative halloween costume ideas for a student budget send your ideas into @RadioLaurier on twitter. Don’t forget to tune in every Wednesday and hear your favourite tunes.


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