Veld 2015
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Veld 2015

This past August long weekend was packed with shows and festivals across North America, some of you were adventurous enough to travel to the windy city for Lollapalooza or to Montreal for Osheaga, as for me, I stayed right in Toronto and attended Veld Music Festival 2015.  

Summer 2015 in Ontario so far has not been the best for rain on important weekends, especially for electronic music festivals.  These crowds are usually pretty content to dance their hearts out in some rain, however, this summer has had some killer storms.  Ever After Music Festival  in Kitchener, Ontario continued the live sets but the rain was in full force that weekend resulting in poncho-wearing-ravers.  Digital Dreams in Toronto, which has received unreal reviews in the past, ended up having to be shut down due to high winds and incoming storms, although it did result in refunds.
digital EDM fans had much of the same experiences this weekend at Veld Music Festival which took place in Downsview Park.  The first day almost went off without a hitch until around 3:50 PM the festival shut down the music and advised attendees to wait until they decided if the weather was going to be okay.  They had spotted some lightning in the area and wanted to take precaution in case the weather were to worsen overhead.  Until then at least seven artists  were able to play their sets.  Markus Shulz and Pretty Lights were not able to due to the timeout.  Many announcements came on that they would be holding out for another fifteen minutes, which occurred until 5:30 PM when Nicky Romero finally took the main stage.  the result of Day 1 was that not everyone got to see the artists they came out for.

Personally, the sets between 5:30 and 11:00 PM still made the day worth it for me as these artists killed it. Steve Aoki dropped the Titatnic theme”My Heart Will Go On” which made many audience members stop moving for a moment but then everyone around me, including myself and my friends began the belt out every word. I may be biased however, Kaskade killed it and I love seeing him play with the sunset over the crowd.

image1 (1)


Another highlight for Day 1 was that Deadmau5 brought up his brother in a hot dog costume as well as left shark from the super bowl, not only this but his set closed off the day with myself feeling quite content.  You can check out his antics HERE.

left shark

Day 2 began early with not a cloud in the sky, I got to see Dzeko and Torres, Chocolate Puma and Oliver Heldens.  Just after that last set Veld had announced that they must evacuate the festival grounds as risks of strong thunderstorms were in the area.  Most people exited in an orderly fashion, however, some people decided to show their disappointment by throwing rocks at security guards and the stage.  One festival goer even set off a firework at the stage, which luckily did not end badly.  The mass exodus resulted in packed buses and subways as everyone scrambled to get home before the storm really hit.  The evacuation was for a good reason as the lightning that came with it was unlike anything I had ever seen.   Many disgruntled fans have ranted on social media at how unrealistic and unfair the evacuation was, which I only partially understand.  It is a great deal of money lose out on as well as great headliners such as Above & Beyond and Hardwell, however, they only do it for your safety.  THIS is what happens to stages in dangerous storms! As of right now, nothing has been guaranteed as far as refunds go.


Although I did not get to experience the festival to it’s full capacity I have had fun in past years and I can confidently say that I had fun this year as well with what I did get to see.

EDIT: Veld organizers have announced that those who have purchased tickets through will be refunded 40%!



Back Up In This Thaaang, It’s A Go!
The RapUp/The RapUp

Back Up In This Thaaang, It’s A Go!

Wuddduuppp friends?! Got tans yet? Us neither. But who cares because WE’RE BACK BABY! I know yall were bugging out because we took a little hiadus for a few weeks but no worries. We are back in full swing with a ton of stuff to cover. Hip-hop has been busy this May. Sooooo where do we start?

Well, for starters, Mac Miller dropped a new called Faces. Not only was it super dope but it was one of Mac’s more well rounded projects. Filled with introspective tracks, bangers and just some weird ‘Burgh shit. Check out a few of our faves right here and here. Most dope!

In other news, KimYe tied the knot, G-Unit might be reuniting and Drake is dropping more singles than rappers at KOD.

Instead of the usual segments, we had a bangin’ interview with Toronto DJ Big Jacks (hence the cover photo). Jacks has been getting busy on the ones and twos ever since he did college radio days way back. He started DJing bigger and bigger events which brings him to today. These days Jacks is curating playlists for Aritzia while still keeping it hip hop. His mixes are seamlessly put together by layering a fitting instrumental with classic lyrics.We talked about the current hip-hop scene in Toronto, DJing as a whole and who’s hot in these TDot streets. And of course; we played some music. It’s good great trill. But don’t take it from us, check out his mixes right here. You won’t regret it.

Anyways, make sure to catch us from 9-10pm every Wednesday night this summer. Oh yeah, we still play requests, so like, hit us up.








Peace, Love & D’usse Hangovers

“All That Jas Live” October 20th Show

“All That Jas Live” October 20th Show

Hey ‘All That Jas’ listeners both new and old! This Sunday we had a very special show! We interviewed Much Music’s own singer/songwriter Stefanie Maqz AND played her brand new single Beautiful Disaster ! It was a great show with lots of fun international music that included fan fave Lorde, Tame Impala and of course The Weeknd! Below you can find a full track listing of all the music played on last nights amazing show!

  1. JESSICA MAUBOY- “Pop A Bottle (Fill Me Up)” (Darwin, Australia)
  2. THE WEEKND- “Live For Ft. Drake” (Toronto, Canada)
  3. TAME IMPALA- “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” (Perth, Australia)
  4. STEFANIE MAQZ- “Beautiful Disaster” (Toronto, Canada)
  5. LORDE- “The Love Club” (Devonport, New Zealand)
  6. ICONA POP- “All Night” (Stockholm, Sweden)
  7. ZEDD- “Stay The Night Ft. Haley Williams” (Moscow, Russia)
  8. TINIE TEMPAH- “Trampoline Ft. 2 Chainz” (London, England)
  9. PATRICE ROBERTS- “A Little Wine” (Trinidad & Tobago)
  10. JAMIROQUAI- “7 Days In Sunny June” (London, England)
  11. THE NEIGHBORHOOD- “Sweater Weather” (USA)

As I mentioned above, this week was a very special episode of “All That Jas Live” because we sat down with Much Music’s Stefanie Maqz to talk about her music journey and her involvement with major television production company MUCH MUSIC! Here’s some highlights from her interview:

JA: Can you tell the listeners a bit about yourself and your music?

SM: Sure! I’m 21, I go to York University and I am currently studying Film and Media but I do music on the side. I started when I was really small and have been working my way up to writing songs and playing them on my guitar!

JA: Can you tell my listeners a bit about your plans for the future. A lot of my listeners are University students like yourself and we’re all just thinking about the future and what’s to come for us in our lives. So how did you get so involved in the music industry and what is next for you?

SM: It started out with musical theatre when I was younger and then I began writing my own songs and playing the guitar. After that I began playing shows around Toronto with friends that are also involved in the music industry. I’ve really tried to put myself out there and get my stuff noticed. Hopefully something will fall into place eventually!

JA: As an artist you have to have someone who inspires you as a musician. Who is someone that inspires you?

SM: That one is so hard. I like every kind of music. To me, it’s any artist that writes there own music. I really look up to that. I like the oldies too, Stevie Wonder, James Morrison that kind of stuff.

JA: Can you tell my listeners about your involvement with MUCH MUSIC and how you got involved with that, and what you do on a day to day basis there?

SM: Well i’m taking film and media in school so I know that is what I want to go into career wise. I landed an interview with Much Music in June and ended getting hired as an intern for them during the summer. I met you, and helped producers with whatever they needed, I got to attend sound checks, attend different shows. It was amazing.

JA: What advice do you have for my listeners who perhaps want to land an internship like that for next summer?

SM: Every opportunity is out there. Take them all. I wanted that internship so bad and it went from a 2 month internship to a 6 month internship!

JA: How and where can my listeners hear more of your music?

SM: You can check out both my Sound Cloud ( and YouTube page ( I put up covers, my original songs and I update often!

JA: I know you’re heavily involved in a music show coming up in Toronto, can you tell my listeners about that?

SM: Not a lot is released about that quite yet but, but it is on November 29th in Toronto at a place called “Kitsch” for an event called “Imagine” and its almost like an art showcase where i’ll also be performing.

For more information on STEFANIE MAQZ check out her Twitter @StefanieMaqz to follow all of her music updates!

To see Stefanie live check her out in Toronto on November 29th at Kitsch! And remember to download her brand new single “BEAUTIFUL DISASTER” available on


FACEBOOK: Coming Soon…




Until next Sunday! Xoxo


ALL CAPS Island Festival
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ALL CAPS Island Festival

For those of you not in the Toronto-area this summer, I feel bad for you. Okay, I’m just kidding. But in all honesty, those not able to swing a weekend getaway to the ALL CAPS Island festival are missing out. Lucky for you I will be there all weekend, tweeting from@radiolaurier and @hilbarr, keeping you up to date on all the latest happenings.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about #ALLCAPS. If all this gets your mind and ears watering, pick up some last minute ticketshere!

What: So what is ALL CAPS you ask? It’s an annual music & art festival hosted by Wavelength, Toronto’s longest-running underground music forum (read more about themhere!). This weekend will be the FINAL chance to camp on the island, jam out to sweet music, discover some art, and have a big ol’ adventure with friends.

Where: Toronto Island’s Artscape Gibraltar Point (check out this handy dandy map).

When: Sat August 10 – Sun August 11, Gates 2:00pm each day.

Who: (taken from the ALL CAPS website)


THE BLOW (Brooklyn NY / Khaela Maricich’s electro-pop-meets-performance-art project / set to release their first album in 6 years!) – 9:00

Hooded Fang (Toronto ON / Daps Records’ beloved surf-pop-garage massive / touring the world in support of Gravez) – 8:00

biZzarh (Toronto ON / teenage female hip-hop duo / underground buzz + future stars / championed by Ben Cook of Fucked Up & Yacht Club) – 7:00

Shotgun Jimmie (Brandon MB / classic indie-rock love poetry / Polaris long-list robbery? / one-man-band goes full band on tour!) – 6:00

Beekeeper (Vancouver BC / delightfully spazzy “indie post-pop power trio”) – 5:15

ev ree wuhn (Toronto ON / fractured electro soul from the Flying Lotus school) – 4:30

Most People (Toronto ON / pastoral electronic pop built for the Island life / Wavelength 2013 Artist Incubator participant) – 3:45

Unfinished Business (Toronto ON / pre-teen all-girl punk rockouts!) – 3:00


RICH AUCOIN (Halifax NS / ecstatic, participatory one-man dance party! / Winner of the inaugural 2012 Prizm Prize for “Brian Wilson is A.L.I.V.E.”) – 9:00

catl. (Toronto ON / the west end’s favourite rowdy juke-joint blues-punk duo – co-presented by Mudtown Music & Arts Festival) – 8:00

Beliefs (Toronto ON / Hand Drawn Dracula / heavy droney shoegaze guitar rock) – 7:00

Magneta Lane (Toronto ON / feisty femme-rock trio is back with a new EP, Witchrock) – 6:15

Elfin Saddle (Montreal QC / Constellation Records / experimental world folk trio) – 5:15

Eons (Toronto ON / members of Bruce Peninsula & Poor Pilgrim Island Show founders play quiet songs) – 4:30

Pachamama (Toronto ON / drums and chants from Petra Glynt’s Alex MacKenzie + Not the Wind, Not the Flag’s Brandon Valdivia) – 3:45

Watershed Hour (Whitby, ON / ‘90s indie punk played by women born in the ‘90s – co-presented by Mudtown Music & Arts Festival) – 3:00


Visual/Media/Performance/Installation Art by: Basil AlZeri, Patrick Beh, Benjamin Edelberg, Jemma Egan, Mohammad Rezaei, Joleen Toner – Curated & Organized by: Vanessa Rieger & Jessica Vallentin with Whippersnapper Gallery


My Much Music Summer Internship!

My Much Music Summer Internship!

Hey ‘All That Jas’ listeners!

I hope you’re all enjoying your summer breaks and are having a great time away from school! I can’t believe we are about to enter August and before you know it Summer 2013 will be done and we’ll be back at school in September! The saying is extremely true, when you’re having fun time really does fly!

This is especially true for me, because I have been having one of the best summers of my entire life! In the beginning of May I was lucky enough to have landed a summer student position with RBC downtown Toronto working in one of there many head offices in the heart of the city. I loved it and was able to make many connections and great friendships!

When I was least expecting it, I received a call from Much Music who told me that they were “extremely interested” in me for an internship! They told me that out of many many applicant’s they narrowed it down to 12 people, and 4 people would land the internship. This was one of the most surreal moments for me, because I have wanted to work for Much Music for as long as I can remember! So after setting up an interview (which was in the next 24 hours!) I had to prepare and learn as much as I could for my interview. During the next 24 hours I sharpened up on facts about Much Music and worked on my interview questions that I thought they would ask me, and most importantly I picked out a funky outfit that I thought fit the Much Music style and give me that extra edge against my competition.

After my interview I was so confident that I had nailed it and that they liked me, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. After almost a week of not hearing anything back I had assumed I didn’t land the summer internship and was just happy to have been considered. I ended receiving a call from Much Music telling me I got the internship- and I would start the beginning of July! It was an amazing opportunity for me to work at RBC but it was a no brainer to take the internship and join the Much Music family to pursue my dreams of becoming a Broadcast Journalist!

These last few weeks have been so surreal and an amazing learning experience for me. One thing I have learned since taking on this job is that in this industry it definitely is not so much about WHAT you know, and more about WHO you know. I have taken this into consideration and have not been shy about making as many connections as possible while I’m here for the summer. Some of the cool things I’ve gotten to do so far have been assisting on interviews (Chance The Rapper) and episode shoots (The Wedge, Rapcity, New Music Live, Top 10), going to sound checks (The Jonas Brothers) and working during Live At Much, acting during a small cameo role for the After Degrassi show (which aired on national television!) and blogging for Rapcity & The Wedge and much much more!

So far people I have seen and met include many of the producers for shows such as New Music Live, The Wedge, Rapcity, Top 10 and Countdown, Leah Miller from E!, Tanya Kim (eTalk), Ben Mulroney (eTalk) Damian Abraham (The Wedge), T-Rexx (Rapcity), Liz Trinnear, Scott Willats, Lauren Toyota, Phoebe Dykstra and Chloe Wilde (New Music Live) and Sheena from MTV! Not to mention The Jonas Brothers, Emblem 3, Chance The Rapper and the cast of Degrassi and many more! Along with all these amazing people I have made great friendships with the other 3 interns that were chosen, Janelle, Stefanie and Dontei.

To end this blog I’ve used the Picstitch app to share some of my best memories so far with you all! Check back next month for another update from your newest Much Music Intern! Follow me on Instagram to see what I’ve been up to the rest of the summer! (Jasmineault) or follow me on Twitter (@AllThatJasLive)

Enjoy The Rest of Your Summer



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Rep Yo City!
The RapUp/The RapUp

Rep Yo City!

Wuddduuupp yall? Hopefully your studying is going well and you are finna ace your finals. Now, you are probably wondering why we always come live on Thursday nights. Do we even have exams? Do we even go to school? the answer is yes but the reality is RapUp > school. Sorry Wilf. Anyways, this week we decided to switch up our structure a bit and take yall thru a geographical journey in hip-hop. We were talking with our main man T-Rev from ‘Verses From The Abstract’ and went over some cities that really represent hip-hop culture. The usual suspects came up i.e. NY & LA. But here on The RapUp, we dig deeper than that. We highlighted 11 different hip-hop cities and showcased their unique sounds and vibes. We gave you taste of the cities’ OGs and young guns. All aboard!

We started in the birthplace of hip-hop. The big apple. If we are getting technical, NY hip hop has been noted for its emphasis on lyrical dexterity. It has also been characterized by multi-syllabic rhymes, complex wordplay, a continuous free-flowing delivery and intricate metaphors. When I picture NY rap, I think about a rain day in a Brooklyn alley where 3 or 4 MCs are spitting rhymes in a circle wearing black hoodies. Vivid enough? We picked Biggie’s ’10 Crack Commandments’ and Joey Bada$$’s ‘Waves’. Both tracks have that gutter, boom bap sound that is the perfect Bed Stuy backdrop. Check the tracks here and here. #NYSounds

Next stop was the city of brotherly love. Philly has been in these streets for a while with their own unique sound. Not only are their beats hella gutter but their rhymes and concepts are battle-ready. Philly is notorious for its battle rap type lyrics and themes. Rappers like Freeway, Cassidy and Meek Mill have all pioneered the aggressive style of rap. We had to play the former-beefies Cassidy and Meek just because it is only right we do. We played ‘I’m A Hustla’ by Cass and ‘Ready or Not’ by Meek. Check out the tracks right here and here. #PhillySounds

Keeping the Penn State theme rollin’, we stopped in the Burgh. Pittsburgh is a relatively new hip-hop scene but is definitely becoming a frontrunner in taste making. Kamo actually put it pretty well: Pittsburgh’s two biggest acts have a similar sound that is making waves in the hip-hop world. Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa are arguably two of the most influential rappers in the game today and have put Pittsburgh on the map with a combination on boom bap rap and psychedelic sounds. To showcase this Burgh sound we played Mac Miller’s ‘Nikes On My Feet’ and Wiz Khalifa’s ‘Burn After Rolling’. Check them out here and here. #BurghSounds

Pimp if you want me you can find me in the… A! That’s right, we moved down south to Hotlanta. ATL is becoming hip-hop center of gravity. With all kinds of different, unique and talented rappers and producers emerging from the city itself, ATL is a frontrunner in culture creation. The heavy use of the synthesizer is central to Atlanta music’s versatility, used for snap, crunk, trap, and pop rap styles. They also have tons of stripclubs and hip-hop night hangouts in which tuuurn up tracks are usually the only thing in rotation. We had to play the ATL anthem ‘Welcome to Atlanta’ by JD and Ludacris. And for our new school sound we played trapper Young Jeezy’s club killaaa ‘RIP’ featuring another ATL native, 2 Chainz. Check out the turn up tracks here and here.  #ATLSounds

Our next hip-hop headquarters was Florida. And we ain’t talking about the apple bottom jeans and boots with the furrrr. Florida,  more specifically Miami, is also a new hip-hop scene but is growing faster and faster with each hit. Word to DJ Khaled. It’s bouncy bass and hit heavy sound gives Miami the real party vibe that kills the clubs. We took it back to 2006 and Rick Ross’ ‘Hustlin’ and then brought in a 2LiveCrew sampled track called ‘Pop That’… you may have heard of it. Check ’em out here and here. #MIASounds

Next we went west to the big easy. Contrary to popular belief, New Orleans has been a hip-hop mecca for a minute now. Ever since Birdman and Slim established the ever growing Cash Money Records, the NO has been delivering quality rap. From the chant-heavy, repetitive bounce that ruled the area in the early ’90s to its more streamlined and lyrical sibling that took over the national charts by the end of the decade, the city’s scene thrived on this unique push-and-pull relationship. We played some of that old school bounce with Juvenile’s ‘Back That Azz Up’ and Lil Wayne’s 2004 track called ‘Bring It Back’. Check out the tracks here and here. #NOSounds

Don’t mess with Texas. Our next stop was Houston. H-Town’s very own OG DJ Screw discovered that dramatically reducing the pitch of a record gave a mellow, heavy sound that emphasized lyrics to the point of almost storytelling. This became known as chopped an screwed music. This slowed rap mixed with the deathly popular ‘purple drank’ made for an entire culture to flourish and become a staple in hip-hop culture. We had to go with the originators of the genre itself, UGK. We picked ‘Diamonds & Wood’ and new Houston hothead, Trae Tha Truth’s ‘Rollin’. Grab some draaaank and listen here and here. #HTownSounds

Next we headed north to the Chi. Chicago’s hip-hop scene has been a mix of a whole bunch of styles. Popularized soul beats and samples made this subgenre hella hot. Chicago was breaking through with slang and swagger unseen in other hip-hop cities. Plus, you can’t forget about the boisterous producer would emerge as arguably the greatest and most polarizing rap artist of all time and change music completely. Hi Yeezy. We showcased Common’s I Used To Love HER and Chance The Rapper’s Brain Cells. Check the tracks out right here and here. #ChiTownSounds

Next was Detroit. D-Town, in the context of a city is known for its poverty, crime and fallen businesses and grimy raps. Although not having a singular sound that makes it’s super distinct, the themes and schemes are very unified. Much of the successful hip-hop musicians from the Detroit area have come from tough times and show it in their music. We showcased Slumvillage’s ‘Fall In Love’ and Eminem + Royce Da 5’9’s ‘Fast Lane’. Check them out here and here. #DetroitSounds

Let me hear you say TDot ohhhhhhhhhh ayyyyyyy. That’s right, our second last stop was TO. Toronto is potentially the newest hip-hop scene on this tour. You just can’t get a complete look at the history of Toronto rap if you don’t take into account all those great releases. To make sure we weren’t forgetting any essential classics, we played Saukrates’ ‘Money or Love’. However, Toronto has become more mainstream with the emergence and dominance of Drake. His 2011 album, Take Care, won a Grammy and proved that Toronto rap is here to stay. We played his track with Scarborough native, The Weeknd, entitled ‘Crew Love’. Check them both out here and here. #TDotSounds

We finally touched down on the west coast. I know yall have been waiting for some of that real G-Funk that put hip-hop on the map globally.  The real gangsta rap subgenre of West Coast hip hop began to dominate from a radio play and sales standpoint during the early 1990s and has kept going ever since. We had to spin some Snoop Doggy Dogg and Dr. Dre’s ‘Nuthin But A G Thang’ and Kendrick Lamar’s ‘The Recipe’. Both songs keep the women, weed and weather theme on lock and totally represent what the fresh coast is all about. Check them out here and here. #WestCoastSounds

And so our hip-hop journey concludes. Sorry about how long this post was but we had to get it how we live. As RadioLaurier’s 2012-2013 ‘Show Of The Year’ we have to keep things all the way real for the culture. Word to Lainey. Ha!

Remember to get at us on Twitter @RLRapUp and let us know what you think about hip-hop in your city. We’ve got out ears to the streets…









Peace, Love & Camouflage Du-Rags