The Rap Up: Pre-Exams
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The Rap Up: Pre-Exams

Pusha For President

When it comes to labels, reading between the lines is everything. While label heads and your favourite artists may cram down your throat notions of “Everything is great over here, probably better than your label!”, and “Its All love, no drama, we a family!” it becomes quite clear when that family begins to fall apart and things are not in fact “all love”, much like the Lil Wayne and Cash Money situation. Although not without its faults, G.O.O.D Music has remained for the most part successful, intact since its inception by Kanye West in 2004, and home to a lot of extremely talented artists. It’s now been confirmed however that there is a new president of G.O.O.D Music, and who better than heavy hitter Pusha T who subsequently calls G.O.O.D home. After accepting the offer via phone conversation with Kanye, president Push will focus on manicuring the label and furthering its success from a business perspective. This totally makes sense considering Pusha T is one of the most calculated and intelligent artists in the entire industry, also Kanye has about a billion different things on his plate and we’re hoping here at The Rap Up that this shift of responsibility will give us Kanye’s upcoming album sooner than later.


Future does it better

There is not a single doubt that anyone comes close to Future in the mixtape game. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a slow and steady rise to the top, but now that he’s here fans simply cannot get enough of his music. After blessing the hip-hop community an unprecedented five times this year, we now have word that Future is sitting on an additional nine projects. To be specific, that’s six albums and 3 mixtapes, fully completed and ready to go which is more material than most artists ever make in their entire career. Metro-Boomin also recently advised other artists not to try and keep up with Future and the speed at which he releases material, which we at The Rap Up agree with. Now let’s be real for second, we always want quality over quantity and not all of these projects will be winners but at the level of popularity that Future currently occupies, they may as well be.


Leaves by Snoop

While the brand sounds more like weed that’s been sponsored by Dr. Dre, we’re not kidding… or making a pun… seriously, Snoop Dogg has created his own line of Marijuana and it is indeed called Leaves By Snoop. Of course we’re not surprised by this one, and now that’s it’s here it almost seems idiotic to not have seen this coming. As more states in the US begin to legalize medicinal marijuana, untapped markets of the sticky icky have now become apparent, and like much of America and the hip-hop community, there’s no one we trust more to handle bud than the man from Long Beach who’s probably smoked everything possible, everywhere possible. Even the packaging looks extremely trendy and strongly resembles something you might buy in a place like Davids Tea (see featured image). Move over Diddy, Jay and Dre… we might have our next Hip-Hop Billionaire.



Songs played this week:

Ain’t Fukin Wit Cha – Juicy J Ft. Logic

2 Phones – Kevin gates

Ball Like This – Future, Wiz Khalifa & Kid Ink

New Niggas – P Reign

Devils Night Intro – Eminem

R.I.C.O (Freestyle) – Pusha – T

The Pharmacy (freestyle) – King Los

Naked – Dr. Dre Ft. Marsha Ambrosius & Sly Piper

Back Up – Snoop Dogg

Smiling Faces – Snoop Dogg & 2OLDMEN

Workin’ – Diddy Ft. Travis Scott & Big Sean

You Could Be My Lover – Diddy Ft. Ty Dolla $ign & Gizzle

My Beyonce – Lil Durk Ft. Dej Loaj

Cold Blooded Murder – Ace Hood

36 Oz – Skeme Ft. Chris Brown

Fade Away – Logic


The Rap Up: Nicki + Sitcom?
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The Rap Up: Nicki + Sitcom?

Nicki for an Emmy?

Nicki Minaj seems to eat publicity for breakfast these days but this week it looks like she’s taking on a second helping. What is it this week you may ask? Well for starters, its been announced Nicki will not only be the executive producer for a sitcom based on her life with ABC, but will also be in the show as well. Perhaps Hip-Hops first lady is switching her focus from Grammy’s to Emmy’s, which is just fine with us as long as Nicki doesn’t just produce another cookie-cutter sitcom with the added hype of a very large bum.


Chris Brown vs. Australia

It’s no surprise Chris isn’t a fan of playing nice with the other kids on the playground, whether its beef, legal trouble, gang-related violence, pregnancies, or his infamous relationships with women. While most of America has been slowly watching Chris Brown transform, make amends and change his ways, it seems the country from down-unda hasn’t taken noticed. Australian government officials have been trying to keep Chris Brown as far away from their boarders as possible despite the fact his tour is scheduled to pass through. The Aussie’s really don’t like domestic violence and like most of the world, still haven’t forgiven Chris for his horrific actions towards R&B superstar and girlfriend at the time, Rihanna. While he hasn’t been officially denied yet, its not looking too good for breezy.


Happy Birthday Wheezy!

Lil Wayne turned 33 this week and we congratulate him on another year. While fans still eagerly await the release of Wayne’s highly anticipated Carter 6, he’s doing considerably better than he was last year at this time. Still no word on when the Carter 6 might be coming our way but The Free Wheezy Album (FWA) has certainly eased some of the pain. Wayne and Christina Milian recently broke up but we’re sure Wheezy isn’t feeling too down and most likely throwing the birthday party of your dreams. Also look for Wayne, among other superstars, to perform at TIDAL X: 1020 on October 20th in celebration of the Tidal reaching 1 million subscribers.


What Are Kanye & Travis cooking up?

Travis Scott, fresh off his recent debut album Rodeo, has spun the internet into a frenzy of speculation. A few weeks ago it was his brief club stint with Rihanna that pointed to the two being a little more than friends however, this time around, Travis has posted a pic to Instagram. It’s not the photo however that is so exciting, the caption is actually the focus here in which he stated “WE GOT SOMETHING WE BEEN PLOTTINF FOR YEARS NOW THAT’S ABOUT TO SURFACE”. While this is extremely interesting, it’s likely we won’t receive any further details until this “something” actually surfaces. We’ll keep you posted.


Songs Played:

King of Everything – Wiz Khalifa

Party 101 – Audio Push Ft. Travis Scott

On A Wave – P Reign

Regrets – Black COAL

El Chapo – Game Ft. Skrillex

Clubhouse – Mac Miller

Standing on Ferraris – Game Ft. Diddy

Gold Bottles – Jeezy

Babies Cry – Rick Ross

Actin’ Up – Casey Veggies Ft. dom kennedy

Live from the gutter – Future x Drake

Scholarships – Future x Drake

Jumpman – Future x Drake

The Plug – Future x Drake

Shut down – skepta

It aint safe – skepta ft. young lord

Lukey world – skepta

Nasty – skepta

DAM – Fetty Wap

My Way remix – Fetty Wap ft. drake

RGF island – Fetty Wap

Again – Fetty Wap

Summer 2014 In Review!
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Summer 2014 In Review!

Wuddduupp friends?! WE’RE BACK! Well, we’ve been here all summer but I mean school. School is back. Whether you are sad summer is over or happy that Fall semester is starting, it doesn’t matter because class is now in session. That being said, we can’t forget all the gems that came out of this summer. There was a ton going on including releases, singles, beef, and of course super dope festivals. We recapped all this and more live on the show but take a look below for a  nice medley of the biggest tracks of the summer that was…

Hol uhhh hol uhhh hol uhhhh. Whether you mess with it or nah, this track had guys (and girls) turning way up all summer long.

Forget Miley Cyrus, Bobby Shmurda came in like wrecking ball this summer with ‘Hot Hitter’. Just call it a 3M dollar smash. Word to Epic.

Keeping the sing alongs strong this summer was none other than ATL’s Rae Sremmurd. They knoooooow better.

My anaconda DON’T! Nicki Nicki Nicki back with another provocative track that took over the second half of the summer.

Drizzy Drake remixed Tinashe’s already smash hit and made it even hotter. We love to get on…

As if Drake couldn’t get any more heaters, he drops this gem that us going 0-100 real quick.

Carter V coming soon. That is all…


Did we miss any? Let us know on Twitter and make sure to catch us from 8-10pm every Wednesday from here on out.







Peace, Love & The Drake Effect



Listener Appreciation Night!
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Listener Appreciation Night!

Wuddduuppp friends?! Hope all is well with yall because you know things are all good over here. We’re gearing up for our SECOND ANNUAL HIP-HOP HANGOUT that’s going down Wednesday March 19th at Maxwell’s Music House. If you can’t make it out, well then, that sucks. Anywho, we took a little break from plugging our show and gave back to yall. We took to Twitter and let yall decide what we were gunna play. That’s right folks. IT WAS OUR LISTENER APPRECIATION NIGHT! Soooo amongst the hundreds and hundreds of request tweets we got (not an exaggeration) we managed to squeeze in a few of your favorite segments.

GLAYSH’S GUILTY PLEASURE actually turned out to be a request as well. We spun a new track off YMCMB’s new compilation album courtesy of Weezy F Bébé. The track is called ‘Moment’ and takes us back to a time where Weezy was more focused on beats and rhymes than shoe deals and kick flips. Check it out below and get guilty!

REAL OR RATCHET was a tad different this time. XXL is in the midst of picking their notorious famous Freshmen cover. The cover features 10 rappers that they think are next to blow *pause*. Even though their industry experts make basically all of the pics, they are letting us (the fans) pick the 10th spot. They’ve got 30+ rappers on their site in which you can vote your fave into the cover. We decided to SCREW THAT and pick our own Freshmen cover. Here’s our picks. Got a problem? Let us know…

A$AP Twelvy – Casey Veggies – Rockie Fresh – Rich Homie Quan – Rapsody – Lil Bibby – Isaiah Rashad – Chance The Rapper – Vic Mensa – Lil Herb. Peep the full list here.

THE REALNESS was extremely heated. This bugs us. BIG TIME! Louisiana bounce rapper Lil Boosie was recently released from prison and all of the sudden, he’s the best rapper alive. That’s a joke ting, right? He was bad when went in and guess what? He’s bad when he came out. There should be no reason he’s getting all the shyne. *see the pun?* Feel our anger below…

Anyways, that’s all from us this week. Make sure to check out THE SECOND ANNUAL HIP-HOP HANGOUT on March 19th. It’s going down at Maxwell’s Music House and doors are at 8:30. Check the deets below and we’ll see yall thurrrrrr.

The HipHop Hangout - Copy




Peace, Love & Young Thug’s Wanted Poster

It’s Been A Pleasure!
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It’s Been A Pleasure!

Wuddduppp friends?! Done eggzams? Us neither. But that’s okay because we here at The RapUp are willing to provide a little study break and potentially a sentimental recap of the year that was. That’s right folks, 2013 is almost over and what a year it was; in hip-hop that is. We had some ups and downs, some realness and some ratchetness and some big time rants. Thanks ‘Ye.

We kicked things off with a little rant of our own about this year’s Grammy nominations. No disrespect to Macklemore or anything but one song doesn’t make entire album. I mean, The Heist was cool for sure but ‘album of the year’? Miss me with that. Yall already know that Kendrick has our vote. If only pirus and crips could get along. Check out the full Grammy nominations list right here.

Now, usually, Kamo and I would make our own little list of the best of the best in hip-hop this year but year we switched it up. Since we do this all for yall (and the streets) we decided to base our ‘best of the best’ on what you guys thought. We put together a survey that asked you guys to vote on your faves from the year that was. We had a craaaazy amount of votes and some really close results. Thanks again to everyone who casted their votes. It’s much appreciated.  Some of the final decisions were actually pretty surprising but if that’s what yall were rockin’ with all year then sooo be it. Anyways, check out out our winners below as voted by YOU GUYS!

Best Rapper of 2013: Kendrick Lamar

Best Collaboration of 2013: All Me – Drake Feat. Big Sean & 2 Chainz

Biggest Disappointment of 2013: Lil Wayne

Best Club Banger of 2013: Versace Remix – Migos Feat. Drake

Best Beat of 2013: Pound Cake – Drake Feat. Jay-Z

Best Mixtape of 2013: Acid Rap – Chance The Rapper

Best Crew of 2013: Black Hippy

Best Verse of 2013: Control – Kendrick Lamar

Best Album of 2013: Nothing Was The Same – Drake

Best Song of 2013: Power Trip – J Cole Feat. Miguel


Feel some type of way about the winners? Let us know about it on Twitter —-> @RLRapUp

Well, that’s it from us this week semester year. We appreciate all the love yall showed us in 2013 and we PROMISE to bring you more of your favorite rap and hip-hop in the new year. Annnnnnnd as always… keep it real.











Peace, Love & Christmas Dinner At Rick Ross’ House


Risks & Rewards
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Risks & Rewards

Wuddduppp yall?! I hope your eggzam ulcers are under control because ours are growingandgrowingandgrowingandgrowingangwingangroiwnggrwwiaringw… but we took a little break from the books and brought yall the beats. Ha!

This past week it was Jigga man’s birthday and boy did he celebrate. Forget about all the champagne, celebs and Beyonce birthday suit for a sec and picture the goat ranking his own albums from best to worst. Crazy, right? Well, he did it. Check it out right here. He also offered a little commentary. ALSO, we had to pour out some of our beverages for the late great Pimp C who died this week 6 years ago. Pimp C was a pioneer for not only southern hip-hip but the whole culture in general. RIP Sweet Jones.

In other news, Drake and Kanye got shoe deals, Papoose hates Trinidad James, Fat Joe is out of jail, Mac Miller is dropping a new album and Sway still doesn’t have the answers.

REAL OR RATCHET this week was a little deeper than usual. We went over some of the biggest conspiracy theories in hip-hop history. These consist of everything from Tupac’s return, to racist clothing companies to Suge Knight’s murderous habits. We had to deemed a ton of them ratchet because, well, they are ridiculous. Anyways, check them out for yourselves right here and let us know what you think.

GLAYSHS GUILTY PLEASURE was that new new. For a while now, I’ve been using throwbacks for the GGP but this week Rozay blessed us with a banger. He dropped the remix to his newest single No Games. He added MMG counterparts Meek Mill and Wale to the already Future assisted track. The song REALLY knocks and all you exam-neglecters will love this one for your pre-draaank party. Check it out right here and as always, please turn up.

THE REALNESS this week was fairly strange. If you have been following us this semester, then you  might know that we haven’t always had the kindest words for Ja Rule. From the jail sentence to the curry recipe, Ja has had a rollercoaster year. BUT, that being said, we peeked into the past and found the goods. Do yall remember the catalogue of hits that Ja Rule had back in the early 2000s? His collabs with Ashanti and JLO were out of this world. The way he rapped/kinda sang was revolutionary at the time. Now, let’s look at the numbers. His first four albums went platinum within the same six months they were released. Wow. Who knew? I could keep going and going about how he used to be the man or I could let you reminisce with the classics. Check out our faves right here, here and here. he may not be on the charts right now but his raspy voice will forever he in our hearts.

The UNDERGROUND KING this week went to one of Ottawa’s finest. Battle rap phenom, Charron gets the crown this week. He has been killing the battle rap scene for a while now and has just recently broke into the music scene. In fact, this past March, Charron went down to BET’s 106 & Park Freestyle Friday competition and won the whole thing. The grand prize was $5000 and a spot in the Hip-Hop Awards Cypher. However, due to “complications” he was denied his chance to spit in the cypher… safe to say he wasn’t happy. He made a little diss track/verse about it. Check it out below. #CharronForBET

VERSE OF THE WEEK was competitive this week. For once. Ha! We went with the best autotuned verse. This verse had to be the best display of lyrical ability while using the auto tune device. I went with Lil Wayne’s verse on Demolition Part 1 and Kamo went with Kanye’s verse on Swagga Like Us. Thanks to guest judge and good friend Julian Staniewski, Kamo got the win. That brings the season to 5-4 for moi. I’m still ahead, buuuuut not by alot. Anyone got any tips for me? *gulp* Anyways, check the winning verse right here.

Anyways, that’s it from us this week. Make sure to tune in next week for our year end recap. We also have a little survey for yall to fill out. We want to know what you guys think was the best of the best in hip-hop this year. Fill it out right here ———> and let us know what yall think!











Peace, Love & Fat Joe First Meal Out