Really? Me? Too Aggressive?!
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Really? Me? Too Aggressive?!

Wuddduppp yall?! Hope you’re having a dope week and getting ready for St. Paddys Day The HipHop Hangout cause I know we sure are. We had a dope little show in prep for le hangout on the 19th and of course we filled it with all your favorites.

We kicked things off with a few new tracks from Rick Ross’ new album Mastermind. Long story short, the album is a plethora of classic Rick Ross tropes thrown into one LP and tagged with a title more fit for super-villainy. What do we rate it? 8/10. Maybe a 7.8. UGNNGGGGHHHH *Ross grunt*

In other news, KDot says it’s all love, Styles P has a new project coming out, DONDA is teaming up with Roc Nation and 50 has another beef. Soooo yeah.

GLAYSHS GUILTY PLEASURE was potentially one of the most ignorant of the year. We took it all the way to the mean streets of Compton and brought a few friends along. YG’s street heater entitled ‘My N***a’ came out a few months ago but the remix just recently hit the airwaves. The remix features a star studded cast of rappers including Lil Wayne, Meek Mill, Rich Homie Quan and Nicki Minaj. Gangster, right? Check out the video below and prepare to tuuuurrrn up!

REAL OR RATCHET was a little more turned down. Well, for some at least. We compiled a list of rappers who haven’t dropped a project in over a year. We went thru it and decided whether they need to hurry up and drop that ishhh or if they’re good where they’re at. Emcees included A$AP Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, Iggy Azaelia, jay Rock, Nicki Minaj, Ab-Soul, Lupe Fiasco, T-Pain and even the almighty Macklemore. Who’s due? Get at us on Twitter and let us know!

THE REALNESS was seasonal to say the least. Seeing as it’s tax season we thought we’d address the T4 in the room. What is the problem with rappers and paying taxes? What do Nas, Fat Joe, Lauryn Hill, Young Buck, Dame Dash, Swizz Beatz, R.Kelly and Lil Wayne all have in common? They have all had a little trouble with big ‘ol uncle Sam. But why does it keep happening? Can rappers not deal with tax legislation? Is the genre being targeted? Any way you slice it, at least six of the artists mentioned previously could be found flaunting their wealth on episodes of MTV Cribs. What do we think? All that flossing gives yall rappers that tunnel vision. Our recommendation? Pay the piper, fellas.

VERSE OF THE WEEK was well themed. If we do say so ourselves. This week we went head to head on the best verse of Rick Ross’ new album. This verse had to perfectly embody Ross’ new LP. No pun intended. Kamo went with the big man’s first verse off the French Monatna assisted track called Nobody. As for me? I went with his first verse off Devil is a Lie. Le winner? *sigh* Kamo. However, I do wanna give a big shout out to this week’s judge, our very own Programming Chair, Luke Schultz. Check out the winning verse below.

Anyways, that is it for us this week. Make sure to tune in next week because it`s LISTENER APPRECIATION SHOW! Tweet at us for any requests at all and we will tuuurn up! @RLRapUp









Peace, Love & March 19th

Brantford Is Back In The Building!
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Brantford Is Back In The Building!

Wuddduuppp yall?! We apologize for all the constant delays and missed shows but we gotta spread the air time around fairly and lately Laurier athletics have been… BALLIN’! Word to Jimmy Jones. Ha!

But on the real, we had Brantford back in the building and boy did they roll deep. We had Dj Dub, MP3 and Ian come thru and let us know what’s good in the good ol’ B-Ford. We played a little bit of that Martin Pitt (Brantford’s finest) and it was featuring non other than the big homie Dj Dub. The track is called ‘We On’ and yall can check out real soon on this very blog soooo stay tuned.

In other news, Lil Boosie is coming home soon, Macklemore has 4 more Grammys than Nas and Eminem is starting a battle rap reality show.

Even though Brantford was in total control of our show (of course) I still got a chance to sneak in a little GLAYSHS GUILTY PLEASURE. This time I had to take it to Chiraq Chicago. Well, to the streets of Chicago that is. I broke yall off with some ‘For The Low’ by Lil Bibby. Warning: after listening to this song, you may want to start doing illegal activities. You’ve been warned.

Due to the fact that we were playing straight bangers all night, we didn’t get to hit our usual segemenst. However, we were still able to talk about this whole Grammy nonsense. Soooo either you’ve been living under a rock for the past year or you are well aware of Mr. Macklemore and his super producer/friend/DJ/hair stylist Ryan Lewis. Both these cats came out of Seattle with a bang…literally. Their debut album, ‘The Heist’ was a major commercial success and their singles (Thrift Shop, White Walls, Same Love & Can’t Hold Us) were radio smashes. ON THE OTHER HAND, there was this little guy from Compton named Kendrick Lamar who put out that one album called ‘good kid, mAAd city’ back in October of 2012. Safe to say this album was one of the greatest things to happen to the culture in years. If Kendrick’s album came out in 2012 and Macklemore’s came out in 2013, they would definitely be in different Grammy years, right? WRONG.

The 2013 Grammy award had both Kendrick’s album and Macklemore’s up for ‘Best Rap Album Of The Year’. Who won? You guessed it… Mr. Radio Smashes Mr. Commercial Mr. Macklemore. Shouts out to Mack buuuuut Kendrick’s album was considered one of the greatest and most well put together projects in years. There will never be another one like it in quite some time. But hey, Nas doesn’t have a Grammy either…

Anyways, enough raving and ranting. Check out our podcast below to get everything you missed and make sure to follow us on Twitter —-> @RLRapUp


It’s Been A Pleasure!
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It’s Been A Pleasure!

Wuddduppp friends?! Done eggzams? Us neither. But that’s okay because we here at The RapUp are willing to provide a little study break and potentially a sentimental recap of the year that was. That’s right folks, 2013 is almost over and what a year it was; in hip-hop that is. We had some ups and downs, some realness and some ratchetness and some big time rants. Thanks ‘Ye.

We kicked things off with a little rant of our own about this year’s Grammy nominations. No disrespect to Macklemore or anything but one song doesn’t make entire album. I mean, The Heist was cool for sure but ‘album of the year’? Miss me with that. Yall already know that Kendrick has our vote. If only pirus and crips could get along. Check out the full Grammy nominations list right here.

Now, usually, Kamo and I would make our own little list of the best of the best in hip-hop this year but year we switched it up. Since we do this all for yall (and the streets) we decided to base our ‘best of the best’ on what you guys thought. We put together a survey that asked you guys to vote on your faves from the year that was. We had a craaaazy amount of votes and some really close results. Thanks again to everyone who casted their votes. It’s much appreciated.  Some of the final decisions were actually pretty surprising but if that’s what yall were rockin’ with all year then sooo be it. Anyways, check out out our winners below as voted by YOU GUYS!

Best Rapper of 2013: Kendrick Lamar

Best Collaboration of 2013: All Me – Drake Feat. Big Sean & 2 Chainz

Biggest Disappointment of 2013: Lil Wayne

Best Club Banger of 2013: Versace Remix – Migos Feat. Drake

Best Beat of 2013: Pound Cake – Drake Feat. Jay-Z

Best Mixtape of 2013: Acid Rap – Chance The Rapper

Best Crew of 2013: Black Hippy

Best Verse of 2013: Control – Kendrick Lamar

Best Album of 2013: Nothing Was The Same – Drake

Best Song of 2013: Power Trip – J Cole Feat. Miguel


Feel some type of way about the winners? Let us know about it on Twitter —-> @RLRapUp

Well, that’s it from us this week semester year. We appreciate all the love yall showed us in 2013 and we PROMISE to bring you more of your favorite rap and hip-hop in the new year. Annnnnnnd as always… keep it real.











Peace, Love & Christmas Dinner At Rick Ross’ House


The RapUp/The RapUp


Wuddduuppp hip-hopers? Hope midterms haven’t killed yall because we are definitely sweatin’ over on this side. The Brantford Takeover could not have come sooner. We got the big homie Matt Wright in the building and he came with a few Brantford beauties.

We kicked things off with some headlines. Word to Drake. Ha! Soooo there have been some funny hip-hop interviews lately. First was none other than recently released Ja Rule. While on his interview with Good Morning America he refused to talk about anything except his “delicious curry chicken recipe”. Thanks Ja. We also had Plies (who?) brag to Power 105.1 that “2014 will be his year!”. Ummmmmm sure. We will believe it when we see it.

In other news, Future and Ciara got engaged, Kanye ripped his dentist a new one and Chris Brown struck again. Too soon? My bad. Let’s just hope the guy he assaulted doesn’t get back together with him. Doubtful.

We didn’t have too too much planned for this one. We basically chopped it up and played some REAL OR RATCHET. Lord knows Matt Wright and the Brantford boys keep it real.

Soooo yeah, that’s all from us this week. Apologies for the short blog but please believe that we will have regular scheduled programming this upcoming week!









Peace, Love & Dinner With Ja Rule

In These Streets Like…
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In These Streets Like…

Wuddduupp gangstas?! Wow. I’m never saying that again. Sorry. But on the real, we are live and direct this week. We are glad yall are back because there is some stuff we GOTTA talk about.

As always, we kicked things off with some headlines. Soooo Kanye vs. everyone continues. This week he is gunning for Jimmy Kimmel. JimKim made a little spoof on Kanye’s BBC interview and Kanye did not take it well. Let’s just say it resulted in an all-caps Twitter rant. Buuut in other news, Lil Weezy Wee, cut his dreads back to ’06 length. Will this maybe bring back some ’06 rhymes? Doubtful.

I guess it wouldn’t be a complete show without a full criminal rapper update. Well, Gucci got sentenced to 6 months in federal prison and Young Buck just got out! One in and one out. That’s just how I feel…

Okay. Back to the meat and potatoes. Glaysh’s Guilty Pleasure this week comes outta the A$AP camp. Ferg and Rocky link up to give us a little ode to Mr. Shabba Ranks. The song is extra synthy and a perfect turn up track. Check out the video right here and enjoy your new Phils pre drink go-to.

Now we’ve got you stuck off The Realness and we’re taking this one to the mean streets of Philly. Meek Mill has been a mixtape killer for a while now and his latest installment of the Dreamchasers series certifies that. Just yesterday, Milly dropped Dreamchasers 3. This tape is a slew of hot beats and rhymes that 100% put on for the streets. There is no one I REPEAT no one that is living more what they rap about than Meek. He keeps it 100% hip-hop and you will never hear this guy on a track with David Guetta or Jason Aldean. In Meek we trust…

Now, as real as Meek may be, there is also some ratchetness we gotta touch on. We dug up 10 embarrassing moments in hip-hop and decided whether they helped the culture or hurt it. Most of ’em hurt. Check out the list for yourselves right here and let us know what you think. They are up for debate.

Our underground king this week was a little strange. BUT please don’t call it a comeback. Mr. North Carolina has been on the underground for a while. 15 years to be exact. We’re not talking about Jermaine Cole either. Can’t guess? Think ‘lil’. Still nothing? Okay, well we are talking about Phonte. Phonte is a Grammy nominated rapper, formerly of the now defunct North Carolina trio Little Brother. He is a famous underground king due to his rhymes which tend to be no-frills perspectives on working-class. Check out a RapUp favorite right here. Keep fighting the good fight Tigallo!

Now… time for Verse of the Week. Since this whole NWTS buzz hasn’t died yet, we had to pick the best verse on Drake’s new album. I went with Drizzy’s last verse on Wu-Tang Forever and Kam went with his first verse on Poundcake. The winner? It’s youuuursssss, nobody else’s! That’s right. Glaysh took this one. Finally. The semester score is currently 2-2. Someone tell Kamo it’s comfortable at the top. Ha! Check out the winning verse right here.

Well, that is it for us this week. Make sure to catch us next week same time, same place. Oh yeah, follow us on Twitter @RLRapUp and let us know what you wanna hear cause we do this for yall… and the streets.








Peace, Love & Juicy J’s Parenting Skills

Summer Summary!
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Summer Summary!

We’re baaaaacckkkkk! I hope yall missed us a little while we were gone. Not only am I back in the building but we also got the skinny big homie Kamo back as well. As I am sure yall know, we had a major summer for hip-hop and even though I was rocking with yall the entire time it’s time we summarize the summer and keep things moving.

We kicked things off with all the big summer albums. Annnnnnd man were there a lot. Everyone from Juicy J to J Cole dropped a project this summer and made a mark on the 2013 catalog. Sooo, it is only right that we summed up every album that dropped and played a lil’ something off it just in case you were under a rock for four months.

May 21st: French Montana – Excuse My French 

June 18th: J Cole – Born Sinner

June 18th: Kanye West – Yeezus

June 18th: Mac Miller – Watching Movies With The Sound Off

June 25th: Wale – The Gifted

July 4th: Jay-Z – Magna Carta Holy Grail

August 20th: A$AP Ferg – Trap Lord

August 20th: Earl Sweatshirt – Doris

August 27th: Big Sean – Hall Of Fame

August 27th: Juicy J – Stay Trippy

Don’t want to sift thru all of these records? Fair enough. Our top 5 include Big Sean, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Mac Miller and J Cole.

Don’t want to listen to a full album? Check out our certified 2013 songs of summer. Ready? Here it goes:

Versace Remix – Drake & Migos

95 Til Infinity – Joey Bada$$

I’m In It – Kanye West

Forbidden Fruit – J Cole & Kendrick Lamar

Control – Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar & Jay Electronica


Okay, now back to our regular scheduled programming. Glaysh’s Guilty Pleasure is still in full effect. That being said, things are getting guiltier this year. But I’m sure yall are wondering how that is physically possible… well it is. We took it to the streets of Harlem for the g-mix of A$AP Ferg’s anthem ‘Work’. The track on its own is tuuurn up enough but the remix is next level. It features French Montana, Trinidad James, ScHoolBoy Q and A$AP Rocky. Talk about trill. Check the video here and remember to put in work.

Verse of the Week was simple. What was the verse of the summer? There are two obvious ones. Can’t guess? Versaceversaceversaceversaceversaceversace. Still nothing? Okay well, Drizzy killed Migos’ track essentially making it his own. This was naturally my pick. Kamo came with K Dot’s verse on Control which shook up the hip-hop world and also clogged my Twitter timeline for days. How would we decide a winner with only two DJs? YOU! We took to Twitter to find our winner and by popular demand, Kamo/Kendrick took the win. That will all change next though, I’ve got bars.

Feel some type of way about any lists we made? Get at us on Twitter @RLRapUp and let us know what you think about the whole summer. We always have our ears to the streets tweets.







Peace, Love & Kendrick Responses