The Morning After... WAKE UP!

The Morning After... WAKE UP!

Good morning Hawks!

Hopefully you’ve all had a wonderful week since the last. This week Goldilocks and O$AP are flooded with midterms and seriously lacking on sleep! No worries however, they’ve brought their coffees and study questions on the air to share in order to sneak in some last minute revision

The first topic this week was all about greed. If you had the power to get what you want and get away with it without consequence, would you do it? O$AP’s question got the DJ’s in a pretty honest debate about their choices, minutes before his ethical theories midterm! Goldilocks seemed to be a lot more trustworthy in taking the high road, but it’s definitely apparent that the two may both use those powers for a a little undeserved profit! That’s alright for O$AP though as it seemed to be quite a deep desire to win the lottery some day, and abandon ship on becoming a lawyer or teacher. However… they both agreed that the money would go towards some good character building experiences, travelling the world non-stop until they had none left. Goldilocks has a good head start though, leaving for Costa Rica this Sunday for 9 days!! Talk about a reading week to be jealous of.

After ranting about how little effort they hope to put into making fortunes in the future, it was time to take a look at Goldilocks’ midterm questions. Has American media worked it’s way in to, and overthrown Canada’s? Goldilocks shared some insight on the lack of attention that newsworthy stories from Canada receive, due to the celebrity status of American media. Who’s news is more important? and who do the public care hearing about more? Certainly we hear about Trump every 20 minutes, and there’s always a new American blockbuster being produced each week. Is Canadian content being shoved to the back burner on Canadian media outlets? Let us know what you think.

Thanks for tuning in this week Hawks! Have a wonderful week and don’t let the midterms get to you. Reading week is just a couple of days away now and you’ll have the time to relax! Have a safe time at home and an even safer time if you’re joining Goldilocks in some international travels. See you in a few weeks!

This weeks song list comes from the album Another Eternity by Purity Ring:

  1. Heartsigh
  2. Bodyache
  3. Push Pull
  4. Repitition
  5. Stranger than Earth
  6. Begin Again
  7. Dust Hymn
  8. Flood on the Floor
  9. Sea Castle
  10. Stillness in Woe





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