The Boiling Point, Feb 9

The Boiling Point, Feb 9


Thanks for tuning in, whether you caught the radio show, or the live stream.  Wrapping up the topics from last night, the focus was mainly on Canadian news, recapping recent events in the Great White North.  Questions asked were: “how do you feel about the Prime Minister’s performance so far?”  “how do you think the U.S. position on immigration affects Canadians as refugees are now seeking asylum within our borders?”  “what are the ethical implications of genetic engineering?”

The topics were engaging, as some of the questions asked also related to the Prime Minister’s visit to the Converge 2017 event hosted in Ottawa on Monday and Tuesday. Review of Roberta Jamieson’s address and the issues she covered, such as the opportunities that First Nations students will have after graduating University topped the list of pertinent discussion.  Breaking News coverage briefly examined the surprise appointment of Sarah Palin as the new U.S. Ambassador to Canada.

Also, some killer tunes were spun, and the playlist is below.  That’s it for this week.  Tune in next week for more coverage of exciting news!


  1. Show You The Way – Thundercat, Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins
  3. Loud – araabMUZIK, Loud Lord
  4. My G’s – Stooki Sound, Jelacee

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