Category: The Boiling Point

A political satire show about inspiring listeners to contribute their abilities to solving important issues within their community. The objective is to keep the audience entertained as they are informed, so to keep listeners “on the hook” there will be segments throughout the show to pique their interest. Though it will be a poignant critique and examination of current events, The Boiling Point will also take a light-hearted approach to tackling serious issues in the spirit of Stephen Colbert or Jimmy Dore’s comic satire. Tune in on Thursday nights at 9pm.


The Boiling Point, March 9

What’s up Hawks?  It’s Friday! Last night’s show was a celebration of amazing women in history, and the show featured music by some great artists, both past and present.  The featured heroines were from...


The Boiling Point, March 9 2017

Good afternoon, fair Golden Hawks! This lovely sunny Thursday will be capped off by an evening with The Boiling Point at 9pm. This week, to celebrate International Women’s Day/Day Without A Woman which took...


The Boiling Point, March 2 2017

ATTENTION ATTENTION: THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Tonight, on The Boiling Point, after a two week hiatus we’ll tackle the growing snowball of controversy happening in the United States Presidential administration, complete with an...


The Boiling Point, Feb 16

First off, let me apologize for not airing an audio show last night. Lots of topics were covered in this week’s episode, and some of them were covered in a Facebook Live stream.  From...


The Boiling Point, Feb 9

Hey! Thanks for tuning in, whether you caught the radio show, or the live stream.  Wrapping up the topics from last night, the focus was mainly on Canadian news, recapping recent events in the Great White...