Hello, it's me

Hello, it's me

Well I’m hoping the title spoke for itself and yes I, DJ CMC, did make the overused Adele joke on the radio this morning. If you were tuning in I hope you at least smirked a little bit. It was probably not even close to as funny as when Ellen pulled it off though. Anyways, this week we had lots in store including a countdown every university student can relate to. The top 5 breakfast hangover foods, and the list went as follows;

5) A classic toasted bagel with butter and a glass of water

4) Maple Syrup with a side of Pancakes

3) Once again maple syrup with a side of waffles

2) Everyones favourite eggs, bacon, and toast. (Shoutout to all those vets who dip their toast in the left over egg yolk) (Oh and yes I do put ketchup on my eggs)

1) COLD PIZZA. (Another shoutout to the vets who grab that large pizza on the way home drunk and eat half before bed and the other half when you wake up) (Creamy garlic dipping sauce is STRONGLY recommended)

Ok so now that we have gotten past the important stuff I assume most of you have clicked the small “x” and stopped reading because realistically not a lot of people like reading (I hate it). For the other part of my show I featured a lot of Justin Bieber’s new album, including songs like, Love Yourself (my roommate played it 20 times within the first few hours of downloading it, its ok Chris I still wanna live with you), The Feeling (personal fav), Children, and of course What Do You Mean. Well I hope you all knew what I meant this morning with my show and what I mean with this blog post because I definitely don’t. Anyways, hope you all have a great rest of the week and weekend.


P.S. Praying for myself and everyone else who is writing BU283 on Saturday, GOOD LUCK!

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