Travelling Sustainably

Travelling Sustainably

Hey Radio Listeners, last week on Noise Pollution we talked about travelling sustainably. Fitting seeing as Victoria just got back from a family trip to Africa! Sounds like she had an awesome time.

Just to refresh everyone’s memory, we asked your opinion on Laurier’s water bottle phase out plan. Everyone who gave their opinions seemed to agree that it is a good idea! This week we want to know: where is your eco friendly destination that you would like to visit? Or if you know of a great place let us know!

Although travelling is a great experience it takes a huge toll on our environment. The amount of carbon that is constantly being produced as we go from here to there causes tons of damage. Flying is the most carbon intensive mode of transportation and the carbon outputs from planes are actually worse at night than in the daytime when the contrails of the plane reflect some of the suns rays. Cars are unavoidable methods of transportation but there are ways to reduce their impact. Carpooling, getting rid of excess weight in a vehicle and driving responsibly can help to reduce the emissions from your vehicle.

Eco travel is the concept of tourism practices that are committed to the protection of our planet and the minimization or reversal of damage caused by travelling. Also part of this concept is showing respect and appreciation for other countries and cultures through actions and attitudes(preserving natural resources).

Here is Victoria’s list of the top 10 Eco-Friendly countries:

1. Iceland

2. Switzerland

3. Costa Rica

4. Sweden

5. Norway

6. Mauritius

7. France

8. Austria

9. Cuba

10. Colombia

Check out these websites for some sustainable travel tips:

And on the show this week we featured Maroon 5 because they have an environmentally friendly conscious! They support carbon offset programs such as the Wewoka Biogas Project and also work with Reverb to reduce the impact of their tours. Fans can volunteer with the eco villages and get free access to the show as well as having the chance to win prizes by donating to environmental nonprofits.

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