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Noise Pollution

12 Days of Radio Laurier DJ’s
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12 Days of Radio Laurier DJ’s

Through the month of December in 2015, Radio Laurier held an Instagram series sharing profiles of our Fall 2015 DJ’s. Each DJ shared a quote, or information explaining a little about them and why they love DJ-ing and what their favourite part of the holiday season is.

Just in case you missed our series as it was unfolding here’s a quick recap of all the profiles that were shared! Make sure to follow us on Instagram @RadioLaurier so you don’t miss anything else!

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Without further adieu here are our wonderful DJs!

Radio Laurier’s The Morning Show DJ’s

Mondays through Fridays – 9 AM to 12 PM

James Bryan - DJ Jamsey

James Bryan – DJ Jamesy

“I like being a DJ because there’s so much to love about it. The people you met, the friends you make, the laughs you share, it really is a life change experience. My favourite part of the holidays is getting to go home and spend time with my mom.”


Anthony Fusco – DJ Little A

“I really enjoy the freedom that comes with being a DJ/Morning Show Host in the sense of playing whatever I want to play and talking about whatever is on my mind. My favourite pet about the holidays is spending time with my family.”


Connor McKean – DJ Con MC

Favourites: Pizza, Mistletoe, All Music Ever, and Frosh Week! Connor says he’s on the radio so that his parents love him – Well we wish you good luck with that!!


 Radio Laurier’s After Class DJ’s

Tuesdays and Thursdays – 10 PM to 11 PM


Lauren Keating – DJ Goldilocks

“I’ve been told that I have a face for radio, so I decided to give it a shot. My music taste is rather eclectic, so I like to switch it up a lot and keep it interesting. Sarcasm is my native tongue, and I love nothing more than a good laugh. My favourite part of the holidays is the Christmas Eve part my house throws for our family and friends: nothing been that a good meal, with good drinks and the best people!”


Khadijah Plummer – DJ Deej

Khadijah is a Radio Laurier Street Team Member turned Morning Show and After Class DJ and Manager! Her favourite holiday movie is Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964- Claymation Version Only if course!)


Sarah Gooderham – DJ SGoods

“What’s good? I’m DJ SGoods and I love DJ-Ingrid Radio Laurier because you get the freedom to pick and choose the songs and content which makes each show totally different. My favourite holiday thing is seeing all the hideous and tacky sweaters people wear and seeing me family too!”


 The Basement

Sundays – 8 PM to 10 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 7.53.21 PM

Kanisha Bortey

Favourite Holiday Movie: This Christmas
Favourite Holiday Memory: Creating gift boxes full of school supplies, toys and candy for children and sending them off to Dominican Republic.
Favourite Holiday Song: Let It Snow by Boyz II Men
Favourite Holiday Component: The Lights


Entertainment Insight

Tuesdays – 1 PM to 2 PM


Jacqueline Waters

“Once I learned to speak no one could get me to stop. I’ve always had a love for music, talking and the entertainment industry. Since I can remember I’ve been buying all of the tabloids and stalking celebrities. I fell in love with radio working as an Intern for @1045chumfm in Toronto and hope to pursue a career in broadcast one day. I love Radio Laurier and my favourite holiday song in “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree”

Noise Pollution

Tuesdays – 4 PM to 5 PM




Carolyn Withrow

Carolyn is one of 3 DJs taking on the 3rd incarnation of Noise Pollution for the 2015 year! It’s been running for several years now and she’s apart of the 3 group of hosts! Carolyn loves sneaking into her living room to admire her tree in the early hours of Christmas Day!


The Rap Up

Wednesdays – 8 PM to 10 PM


TJ Mroz

“I’m a 21 year old Communications Major. I’m sort of a cynical person however I have one of the biggest and most complex sense of humour around. Hip-Hop is my greatest passion but my guilty pleasure is any music from the 1920s-1940. I also write for Respect magazine and make my own amateur music. Favourite holiday movie? The Santa Clause of course…Tim Allen is a God. Also, I love eggnog!”



The Film Den

Fridays – 2 PM to 3 PM


Mynt Marsellus

“I like nothing more than to sit back and watch a movie. Often more than one a day. This year alone I’ve seen 445 movies and counting and I bring you my reports every Friday at 2pm on The Film Den at”




Noise Pollution Fall Finale
Shows/Noise Pollution

Noise Pollution Fall Finale

We had our last show of the semester today. To kick off the show we interviewed Daniel, a Laurier student who started a petition as part of a project to get a weekly environmental radio show on the Kitchener Waterloo CBC. Daniel and some other Laurier students in the Psychology, Action and the Environment class partnered with Sustainable Societies Consulting Group to lobby the CBC for environmental radio programming to help more people be aware of environmental topics. You can find their petition online and the group also has a Facebook and Twitter

We took a look at the Laurier Brantford EcoHawks video about how to be more sustainable this holiday season.

We finished off with some #COP21 updates, David Suzuki does a great top 5 things you need to know about the climate summit so far video. Canada’s Minister of the Environment and Climate Change shocked Paris with her statement that we should aim to keep global temperatures from rising beyond 1.5 degrees Celsius instead of 2. Read more about her statement from the National Observer. Finally we covered the issues of Indigenous rights being thrown out of the Paris Climate summit and the implications of this. Nothing is set yet but there is a chance Indigenous rights will not be recognized in the Paris Accord. More on that story here.

We are looking for a new DJ to join Shannon and myself to host the show next semester as Mallaika is graduating. If you are interested and have a passion for environmental issues contact us through any of our social media.

Happy Holidays Golden Hawks and thanks for listening!

Forget Living Green – We Need a Revolution

COP21 Climate March in Paris

Shows/Noise Pollution

Forget Living Green – We Need a Revolution

This week we had some #COP21 Paris Climate Summit updates for you, and we took a look at some of the climate marches happening around the world. There was a successful climate march right here in Waterloo and internationally despite the ban, people in Paris left thousands of pairs of shoes to stand in for them in the demonstrations.

Forget Living Green – We Need a Revolution – We debated this article (called Forget Shorter Showers: Why Personal Change Does Not Equal Political Change) which is all about how individual actions are not equivalent to political change. So you can take shorter showers if you please (or no showers at all) but it wont matter because our actions need to be focused on challenging industrial economy. It’s a rather provocative article and worth the read. Personally I have some issues with it such as how individual actions accumulate to equal supply and demand but you should read it yourself and let us know what you think.

Finally we took a look at eco villages, small communities of which there are several where people live together as sustainably as possible. Small apartments, community gardens, rain water collection, and car and tool sharing all within a small village of people. We looked at the Kaliash Ecovillage in Portland Oregon and you can check out their website here if you’ve ever wanted to run off and live off the grid.

We’ll be back next week with an all new show,

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Climate Change Week, News and More
Shows/Noise Pollution

Climate Change Week, News and More

This week Laurier ended up being very environmentally involved. The Enactus food waste awareness events, Laurier Environmental Week by the Ecological citizenship class and the Ecohawks Swap Sale all landed on the same week. They’ve all got event pages up on Facebook so if you didn’t already know about it all go to the concourse over the next few days and check it out.

We took a look at some health fads that have proven be harmful to the environment so next time you about to reach for your greek yogurt, avocado and almond snack before going to your hot yoga class because you are trying to bulk up you might want to reconsider.

In the news over the last few days Alberta announced its climate action plan, leading the way for the other provinces to set their goals. You can check out Macleans analysis of Alberta’s proposal here.

Check out Laurier’s Climate Change Week here
and maybe go to the climate march this Sunday.

Canada’s New Minister of the Environment and Climate Change
Shows/Noise Pollution

Canada’s New Minister of the Environment and Climate Change

This week we took a look at what’s on Catherine Mckenna’s agenda as she steps into the role of Trudeau’s Minister of the Environment and Climate Change. You can check out the National Observer article, it outlines many of the tasks Mckenna has to take on over the next 4 years.

We also took a look at the Paris attacks and what that will mean for the COP21 Climate Summit. The summit will continue however, sadly, many of the events, parades, and demonstrations scheduled to happen around the event have been cancelled due to safety concerns. You can find more details here.

Finally we took a look at hydro damns, supposedly a clean method of producing energy however it seems they are actually not as clean as we think. You can read more about the green washing of hydro damn in this article.

Remember to check out the Waterloo Climate March happening Nov 29 in Waterloo Square


Photo by Rob Potvin from Upsplash images

Shows/Noise Pollution


In today’s show we covered a local news story about a study on how climate change will affect the region of Waterloo done by the University of Waterloo’s Interdisciplinary Center on Climate Change. According to the report Waterloo could be looking at some dramatic changes such as 40% more freezing rain and 32 days a year of extreme heat by the year 2050 (currently we experience about 10 days a year with a average high above 30).  Check out the Record’s Article or you can find the actual report here.

We also took a look at what the COP21Paris (Conference of Parties 21st session in Paris) climate summit was all about and why this conference is causing so many headlines. This conference will be crucial, many people agree that all countries need to collaborate and come with their plans to keep global temperatures from rising above 2 degrees Celsius  this year or it will be too late. If you want to know more the official website is a good place to start. 

Finally in international news Scotland will soon be the home to the worlds largest floating wind farm. The wind farm could be able to power up to 20,0000 homes and since Scotland is so windy we think its a good call! You can read the article for yourself here.

We will be back next week with info on the green washing of hydro dams and we will be talking about Canada’s new Minister of the Environment and Climate Change and her plans for Canada’s future and the Paris Climate Summit.