The Rap Up: Episode No. 17
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The Rap Up: Episode No. 17

Don’t Meek This up Nicki

This week was interesting for a few reasons. Reading week of course, but for those outside campus, Remy Ma’s “Shether” diss track directed at Nicki Minaj was enough to get most people out of their seat. For those who follow the industry closely, the beef has been in the works for year’s however, due to Ma’s infamous incarceration tensions never broke. Fresh off a new album with Fat Joe, it seems Remy Ma is now coming for blood and Nicki Minaj seems to be in the crosshairs. Nicki has yet to respond directly but had some choice lines in her two most recent releases which most assume to be directed at Ma. A few other rappers have chimed in, including The Game who has tried dragging Meek Mill back into things. While we’re not exactly sure where this is going, it sure isn’t over yet.

 DJ Semtex Interviews Drake

Drake recently sat down with DJ Semtex, and discuss details about More Life, Meek Mill, Kanye West and many more. Drake spoke about the More Life process and progression of the album. Drake spoke with Semtex about the demise of relationships he had with Meek and Kanye and how there were o mending of ties. There were no specific dates on when the album will be released. Drake spoke with a lot of enthusiasm about his collaborations with UK artists, and how similar the London culture is similar to the Toronto culture when it comes to the slang and terminologies. There are no exact dates for the release of the album, but as fans eagerly wait there are a lot of anticipation as to it’s now what surprise release.

(Written by TJ Mroz & Garrick Gray)

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The Rap Up Episode No. 17

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Posted by Radio Laurier on Monday, February 27, 2017

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The Rap Up: Episode No. 13
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The Rap Up: Episode No. 13

After a brief hiatus, we’re back with our first episode of the semester!

Soulja Fool

Soulja Boy is 2016’s Donkey of the year. He has beefed with with a countless number of entertainers. He has been in altercations with Lil’ Yatchy, Quavo, and even Shia LeBouef. But the most recent and most entertaining beef of all has been with Chris Brown. This all began with Chris getting salty at Soulja for liking Chris’ ex girlfriend Karruche’s Instagram picture. Soulja Boy claimed that Breezy face timed him saying “stop liking my girls pictures, I’ll f*ck you up”. One small picture might be leading to the PPV fight of the decade. Soulja and Chris decided to settle their differences by having a fight in Dubai. The Crank Dat rapper managed to get Floyd Mayweather as his personal trainer for the fight and Chris got Iron Mike Tyson to train him. 50 Cent as usual has been instigating and adding gas to the fire by promoting the fight and even having a mini altercation with Soulja Boy on the side. Soulja Boy then reposts a picture of Browns daughter which made Brown very angry and threaten to kick his ass. This is by far going to be the best fight ever. Who do you guys have your money on?


I Don’t Wanna Hear About This Ever Again.

One of Hip-Hop’s last few power couples, have gone their separate ways…. or so we thought? Last month, rumors were all but confirmed that Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill had ended their relationship. It was reported that Nicki had finally found out about an alleged year long affair that Meek was having with a girl from Philadelphia by the name of Ahnee Baby. It’s rumored that Meek not only hooked up with Ahnee for the better part of a year, but also payed to help maintain her boutique, House of Beauty. What makes this confusing though is that TMZ recently reported that a source close to Nicki dosen’t believe the break-up was real and says Meek recently picked her up from the studio. Within the last few days however, Meek has deleted his IG account after allegedly hinting at a Nicki diss track, and was spotted hanging at Lenox mall in Atlanta with Keke Palmer. While the story still unfolds, we’re sure Drake is somewhere feeling just a tad satisfied.


Daryl ‘Taxstone’ Campbell

The East New York Hip-Hop personality and Podcaster has been very influential over the past two years and has made a name for himself with his Tax Season Podcast appearing on shows like Uncommon Sense. Taxstone is from the streets, as in he’s lived the life rappers glorify in their music. He’s had a few run ins with the law through out his life and did some jail time here and there. Tax has had his share of beefs, the most recent has been with rapper Troy Ave. Tax is a man of his word, based on the countless stories he has told about his time in the streets, there’s one thing you can take from that, he does not tolerate being disrespected. The feud with Troy Ave has been on going for a while, nothing became of the beef until late last year at a T.I.’s concert at Irving Plaza in New York where Troy Ave’s bodyguard, Ronald McPhatter was shot and killed, Troy Ave was also shot in the leg. Taxstone was arrested on Monday January 16, 2017 in connection to the shooting. The feds stated that the weapon that was used in the shooting had Tax’s DNA on it. Tax is currently being held without bail. It’s a sad situation to see someone who was on the verge of changing his life for the better get caught up in something so negative. Prayers up to the sky for Tax. #FeeTax

(written by Yafet Berhane, TJ Mroz & Garrick Gray,)


Songs Played This Week:

Bad & Boujie – Migos

Feel Me – Tyga Ft. Kanye West

Talk To Me Nice/ Fargo Season – Tory Lanez

Castro – Yo Gott, Kanye, quavo, 2 chainz & big sean

For Whom The Bell Tolls – J. Cole

Immortal – J. Cole

Neighbors – J.Cole

Broken Whiskey Glass – Post Malone

No Option – Post Malone

The Rap Up: Episode No. 11
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The Rap Up: Episode No. 11


Young Money < No Money

Tyga celebrated his 24th birthday last week, including appearances from friends, family and a subpoena. Thats right. While its not clear if the subpoena he received is 100% related, Tyga has incurred yet another lawsuit for missed payments on his red Ferrari. The same red Ferrari that has already been repo’d twice. Either way you slice it, thats not a great look for Tyga. However, despite the numerous (almost regular) lawsuits involving Tyga’s missed payments with landlords and car dealers, he’s managed to escape them all without serious legal penalty. This leaves us with two questions; is Tyga making the lives of his landlords/car dealers hell because why not-lifestyle of the rich and famous-I’ll pay you only when i have to? Or has Tyga found himself a sugar mama in Kylie Jenner? After all, she did recently buy him a brand new Bentley truck. Perhaps he’s making quiet and smart investments, but at the very least we know all of this mulah didn’t come from Birdman during his time with Young Money (Hip-Hop zing).

Get Well Soon

We all have a type of love for Kanye West, whether it’s that we love to hate him, or just simply love him. Kanye West is arguably one of the greatest artists of this generation. Kanye recently had a mental break down and was admitted to a Los Angeles Hospital. Kanye is currently under watch and is battling mental health issues. Kanye West has been going on rants, cancelling tours, and leaving in the middle of shows. At some point we have to stop and ask ourselves, what’s going on? Dealing with mental issue can be a difficult thing on an individual, because in most cases it’s a life and death situations. We sometimes forge that some of these entertainers are actually human beings with real feelings and emotions. We haven’t seen that with no other artist, like we have with Kanye West. Keep Kanye in your prayers as he battles his demons and hopefully overcome it and come out a better individual and stronger mentally.


What You Should be Listening to This Week

It has been a crazy week so far in the Hip Hop world. We received great music from YG, and The Weeknd. The west coast gangsta dropped an 8 track mixtape (that should have been an EP) with nothing but bangers called Red Friday, on Black Friday. He starts off the tape with an intro of a female saying that the trilogy to his “Just Re’d Up” series is coming soon. The tape includes a part 2 track to his and Meek Mill’s “I’m a Thug”. It had features from the verse king 21 Savage, Mr. LA aka RJ and an up and coming artist named Mitch. The Weeknds album Starboy was more than we all expected. It is a soft, soulful yet edgy sound. This catchy sound track included features from Kendrick Lamar, Daft Punk and Lana Del Rey. In other album news, Lil Wayne announced a new project titled Funeral which he assures us is on the way, and Mos Def also announced his final album titled December 99th coming our way December 9th. November has been a warm month from all this heat we’re getting. We hope we get even more in December until then go check out these new albums.

(Written by TJ Mroz, Garrick Gray & Yafet Berhane)

Songs Played This Week:

Ain’t Tryna – Future

St. Brick – Gucci Mane (E)

Bone Marrow – G-Eazy Ft. Danny Seth

Patient – Post Malone

Six Feet Under – The Weeknd

Sidewalks – The Weeknd Ft. Kendrick Lamar

I Be On – YG Ft. 21 Savage

I Know – YG Ft. Mitch

Still – G-Eazy

Famous – Ray J & Chris Brown

Let’s Ride – 2 Chainz Ft. Ty Dolla $ign

Fresh – Lil Uzi Vert & Gucci Mane (E)

U Were Always – Wiley Ft. Skepta & Bellz (E)

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The Rap Up: Episode No. 7
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The Rap Up: Episode No. 7


Bryson Tiller SZN

Its been just over a year since Bryson Tiller released his debut album, TRAPSOUL, to the world. The album not only reached platinum status earlier this year, but propelled Tiller’s career into the spotlight. While, Tiller may not be a household name just yet, his popularity is undeniable and although being shy in the public eye, its obvious the right people have taken notice. On our last episode of The Rap Up, host TJ Mroz, predicted his shyness this year, and recent decision to release a new single “Let Me Explain”, pointed to a completed sophomore album. The next day, Tiller took to Instagram to confirm just that. While details of the album are not in abundance, expect this project before the year is over. It would make sense for Tiller to have new material to perform while performing with The Weeknd during their recently announced European tour.



The highly anticipated DC4 (Dreamchasers 4) mixtape was released on October 27, 2016. For as long as it took for the release of this album, it was not as good as it could’ve been for as long as it took. The project was extremely repetitive and followed the exact format of the previous Dreamchaser projects. Meek Mill has been in the media regarding a lot of negative press over the past year, the release of this project has been a positive for him. There’s no doubt that Meek is sticking to the core “street rap” that he does, his cult fans definitely do appreciate him sticking to what he does best. For someone who’s a harsh critic Meek seems very complacent and uninspired. Dropping this project was supposed to be a comeback for Meek and to some fans it may seem like he made a good enough come back but to the masses it wasn’t impressive. Has Meek plateaued? Will he get better? Or is all we’re ever going to get from Meek is him rapping about his rollies and his cars, and bikes? Only the future can tell.

(Written by TJ Mroz & Garrick Gray)


Songs Played This Week:

Telephone Calls – ASAP Rocky Ft. Tyler The Creator, Playboi Carti Yung Gleesh

One Time Comin’ – YG

Goldmine – Jeezy

Front & Center – Joey Badass

Litty – Meek Mill Ft. Tory Lanez

Offended – Meek Mill Ft. Young Thug & 21 Savage

Sneakin – Drake Ft. 21 Savage

Two Birds One Stone – Drake

Wanna Know – Drake & Dave

Fake Love – Drake

4 Lit – B.o.B Ft. T.I. & Ty Dolla Sign

Lil Baby – 2 Chainz Ft. Ty Dolla Sign


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The Rap Up: Episode 6ix

Joe Budden

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The Rap Up: Episode 6ix

Joe Budden

Joe Budden

Great… Its Kanye.

For some time now, the typical narrative that has followed Jay Z and Kanye West, is one of brotherly love, admiration and creative genius. However, it appears now that their friendship and working relationship is not quite the paradise we think it is. Recently, Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian-West, was robbed at gun point in her hotel room during Paris Fashion week last month. This unfortunate turn of events has understandably been traumatic for both Kanye and Kim, and even pushed Kim to leave Keeping Up With The Kardashians. At a recent stop on his Saint Pablo tour, Kanye expressed his frustration with the fact he only received a phone call from Jay after the situation and felt he was owed more, like perhaps a home visit. Without diving into how inconvenient it would be for Jay to realistically fly to L.A. just to say “whaddup, you good?”, a source close to Jay Z has revealed that he does not actually care for Kanye all that much. The source goes on state that Jay can only handle Kanye in very small doses, and only agreed to the 2011 Watch The Throne Tour because of the exuberant amounts of money they were set to rake in. While its disappointing to find out a follow up to the collaborative album is most likely never going to happen, we understand Jay. Everyone has that work friend that is better left as a work friend.


Pump, Pump, Pump It Up.

To the average Rap fan when they hear the name Joe Budden, they either think of the song “Pump It Up” that was on the soundtrack for 2 Fast 2 Furious or his widely publicized relationships via YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. Joe Budden has been in the Rap game for nearly 15 years and released a total of 21 projects including albums, mixtapes and group projects with Slaughterhouse. Joe Budden recently released Rage and The Machine on October 21, 2016, that was entirely produced by Arab Muzik and pulled the Beyoncé move and went on tour the next day starting at BB Kings in New York City. The New Jersey native has been the top of the lyrical game in hip hop for his entire career, you will not hear Joe Budden auto-toning a record or a snap record. Joe has been in the media lately with Rap feuds with Drake and Meek Mill. Joe can be compared to your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper.


What Is Beef?

Kid Cudi recently had a Twitter rant and called out a few of your favourite rappers, Drake and Kanye West. Kid Cudi made claims that Drake and Kanye didn’t write their own lyrics. Now we all know Drake is not a fan of beefing with rappers on Twitter, Meek Mill have victimized by Drake’s bars after going on a Twitter rant himself. Now, Kid Cudi has been having some problems with his mental health and checked himself into rehab to get some help shortly after his rant on Twitter. Drake responded to Cudi on the song “Two Birds, One Stone” where he also took some jabs at Pusha T. Drake talked about Cudi being crazy and high off of xannys and the fans did not like that. Some of them were “disappointed” with Drake for taking those “low” blows at Cudi. What is beef? Cudi initiated a problem and Drake retaliated. You cannot predict how someone is going to react to you disrespecting them. Was Drake wrong? Not at all. This new generation of rap fans are fickle and over sensitive. The history of beef in hip hop has not been pleasant. I feel like most people on social media just need something to complain about weekly and this week it was Drake dissing Cudi, which he wasn’t wrong for in my opinion. It’s just the nature of rap, if you don’t want to get disrespected stay in your lane and don’t provoke the next man.

(Written by TJ Mroz & Garrick Gray)


Songs Played This Week:

Big Baby D.R.A.M feat. Lil Yatchy –  Brocoli

Sunday Candy – Chance The Rapper

Sneakin – Drake Ft. 21 Savage

Campaign speech – Eminem

Two birds one stone – Drake

Joe Budden – I Gotta Ask

Joe Budden – Idols

Raw Raw – Travis Scott Ft. Lil Uzi Vert

Swang (Remix) – Travis Scott Ft. Rae Sremmurd

Let Me Explain – Bryson Tiller

Fake Love – Drake


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The Rap Up: Episode No. 5
The Rap Up/The Rap Up
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The Rap Up: Episode No. 5



Are You Qualified?

What qualifications does a journalist need to ask Beanie Sigel a few questions regarding his involvement with the Meek Mill and Game “beef”? Beanie Sigel recently sat down with The Breakfast Club and was asked about his involvement with the Weak Mill and Game beef. If you’re not aware, Beanie Sigel contributed to the Weak Mill and Omelly beef towards Game. Sigel stated on Taxstone’s Podcast that he wrote parts of Weak and Omelly’s diss towards Game. Weak and his goons did not like that so Beanie Sigel admittedly got sucker punched at the Bad Boy concert in Philadelphia by one of Weak’s goons. But basically, Charlamagne questioned Beanie about his loyalty after he released two diss track towards Weak and all of the DC crew. Beanie Sigel is caught up in the hype of playing both sides when in reality no one is playing on his team. Beanie Sigel is looking lonely on these streets and desperate to say the least.

One More Thing to Buy Off Amazon

Another streaming service has entered the mix and it’s courtesy of Amazon. Its officially titled Amazon Music Unlimited and actually undercuts Spotify and Apple Music by a few dollars at 7.99 considering 10$/month which is the industry rate at the moment. Now we’re not saying Amazon Music Unlimited will but what the effects of its price point could prove to have significant effects on the industry of streaming services. However, lets assume for a second that the AMU library is actually quite comprehensive which means, if this service is successful enough, it could actually cut into the profits of the big streaming services. While this might not strike you as something inherently beneficial to you as a consumer, this competition could possibly lower the overall monthly cost to lower than 10$ in order for the big streaming services to maintain their client retention. Or at the very least, possibly offer some new promotions or free months as an incentive to stay. Either way, we win.  

(Written by Garrick Gray & TJ Mroz)

Songs Played This Week:

This Big – Jeremih, Ty Dolla Sign & 50 Cent

Circles – Pusha T Ft. Desiigner & Ty Dolla Sign

HGTV – Pusha T

Hi-Five – Gucci Mane

Young Niggas – The Game

All Eyez – The Game Ft. Jeremih

Way back – Travis Scott

Through the late night – Travis Scott

Blue Jays Season – Tory Lanez

R&B – Ty Dolla Sign

Let Me Explain – Bryson Tiller

Chocolate Droppa intro – Kevin Hart (Prod. Metro Boomin)

Light It Up – Big Sean & 2Chainz

All Day – Lil Yachty Ft. PnB rock


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