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You, Me & Indie focuses on new/all indie music and artists with news and reviews based in the Indie genre. Tune in on Wednesday nights from 8pm-10pm.

You, Me & Indie: November 30th Show!
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You, Me & Indie: November 30th Show!


Tonight I’m going to throw you guys for a loop! I am doing an entirely new segment for tonight’s show, tune in to find out what I have in store for you tonight! Tonight’s spotlight is going to be Lowlands! These guys are from Guelph, so yah for local music!! I love it when I can feature local musicians! Tonight’s show will be very diverse, there’s going to be some indie rock and folk, as well as some more popular indie! Shouts out to local musicians like Lowlands! I can’t wait to bring them to you guys, I’ll see you in four minutes!

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You Me & Indie: November 16th Show!

I hope you all will be tuning in tonight! The show tonight is going to be incredibly Rad! For the Artist spotlight we have a very very groovy band from Glasgow for you guys and gals to check out. They’ll hit you with some killer basslines and killer lyrics! Today’s vibes are a tad on the sadder side and might bum you out a little bit however the rest of our show will keep you on your toes and looking for more indie rock to keep you awake during late night study sessions. I know that our artist spotlight tonight certainly has done that for me on many an occasion! If you’re dying to know who this band I seem to be obsessed with is you’ll have too tune in at 8pm to catch their tunes, it’ll be well worth it I promise.

You, Me & Indie: November 9th Show
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You, Me & Indie: November 9th Show


Due to some technical difficulties last week no one was able to hear the amazing music that I was playing! That is okay as I have some killer tunes set up for you this week. The spotlight is a fun and funky band called WILD. This band has only three members and they play a lot of very upbeat tunes! They remind me of bands like “The Elwins” or “The Mowglis”. They have a pop sound to them but they also do some cool songs that remind me of folk! Just an all around very talented band with a diverse sound! I can’t wait to bring you some of the killer vibes that they are throwing out there! Catch you at 8pm!

November 2nd Show
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November 2nd Show

I just dumped coffee all over my study notes for my exam on Thursday ladies and gentlemen. That is exactly how my week is going so far! However it is about to get so much better because I will be on the airwaves very soon and I am so stoked about it. I am going to do things a little differently this week. I won’t be releasing the tracklist or telling you who the artist spotlight is yet!

If you absolutely must know then check out my twitter and like the show on facebook because its all there! This is most definitely a stunt to get more likes on facebook and followers on twitter! The Twitter account is @youmeandindieRL if you search for You, Me, and Indie on facebook then you’ll for sure find the facebook page.

Tonight’s show is again very folky like last week! I will make one recommendation, tune in right at 8pm tonight because our first set is all Canadian artists! Artists from coast to coast so tune in for some Canadian Jams! I can’t wait to have all your ears tonight at 8pm!

It’s October 26th everyone!

Cold Weather Company in front of their legendary bus!

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It’s October 26th everyone!

As the title says, it is October 26th and I hope you’re going to tune in because do we ever have some killer indie and folk music for you! Tonight we have a very odd band for you to check out. They’re called Cold Weather Company, I like them a lot just because they have an alt folk feel to them. In a ton of their songs they feature a piano which I absolutely love. The Piano pared with and acoustic guitar gets me every time. Cold Weather Company gets straight to my feels everyone, I hope they’ll get to yours too!


  • Marlon Chaplin – Conviction
  • Brown Bird – Bow for Blade
  • Tim Atlas – Wanderer
  • Rudderless – Over your Shoulder
  • Cold Weather Company – Fellow in the North
  • Cold Weather Company – Wide eyed
  • Cold Weather Company – Garden
  • Cold Weather Company – Inside your Eyes
  • Cold Weather Company – Horizon Fire
  • Cold Weather Company – Steer
  • Cold Weather Company – Jasmine
  • Cold Weather Company – Tumbling
  • Cold Weather Company – Fall Low
  • Cold Weather Company – Recollection
  • The Getbye – Groove Train
  • The Fratellis – Dogtown
  • Cage the Elephant – Portuguese Knife Fight
  • Paper Lions – Don’t Touch that Dial
  • Bears Den – Above the Clouds of Pompeii
  • The Elwins – You Have Me
  • Birdtalker – Graveclothes
  • Alt J – Left Hand Free
  • Brown Bird – Needy Generator
  • Bears Den – A Year Ago Today
  • Scenic Route to Alaska – Taking its Toll
  • East Love – Straight Lines
  • Rudderless – Real friends
  • Alt J – Every Other Freckle
  • Cinders – I Could do Better
October 19th Show You, Me, and Indie

Tonight's artist spotlight

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October 19th Show You, Me, and Indie

This show is all about folk music! I think that this may be the first show that I have absolutely no indie rock which is very odd considering in every one of my shows I play a ton of indie rock. Our artist spotlight will be Brown Bird, this is an extremely amazing band with quite the groovy folk sound. Brown Bird uses as many different interesting instruments as they possibly can. My personal favorite is when they use cello in their songs, it gives a laid back old fashioned folk sound. Brown Bird makes me want to sit and listen, sometimes they make me want to dance. Brown Bird as a band has an incredibly sad story, tune in tonight to hear about it and learn a little about the band. I’ll be on form 8-10pm to give you a little taste of Brown Bird!

Track List

  • Low Roar – Nobody Loves Me Like You
  • MaJLo – Lights
  • Bears Den – Above The Clouds of Pompeii
  • Rudderless – Real Friends
  • Brown Bird – Down to the River
  • Brown Bird – Bow for Blade
  • Brown Bird – Amelia Earhart
  • Brown Bird – Seven Hells
  • Brown Bird – Blood of Angels
  • Brown Bird – Nine Eyes
  • Brown Bird – Gallows
  • Brown Bird – Thunder & Lightning
  • Brown Bird – Chairkickers
  • Brown Bird – Nothing Left
  • Bears Den – A Year Ago Today
  • Andreas Moe – Borderline
  • Birdy – Words as Weapons
  • Woody Piney – You Can Stay
  • WILD – Silver & Gold
  • Joseph Hyslop – Nowhere Left to Go
  • Latch Key Kid – Streets of Gold
  • Head and The Heart – Lets be Still
  • Jeremy Messersmith – Ghosts
  • Ladybug and The Wolf – Don’t Pretend
  • The Brevet – Moving Mountains
  • Noah Clouds – Love is Not Enough
  • East Love – Straight Lines
  • Cold Weather Company – Fellow in the North
  • Land of Tree – Get Rid of Your Ghosts
  • Hanging Valleys – Coast Days
  • Sonofdov – Let Me In