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You, Me & Indie focuses on new/all indie music and artists with news and reviews based in the Indie genre. Tune in on Wednesday nights from 8pm-10pm.


March 22nd Show

Tonight you going to heard some of my more redneck music. Endless banjo and foot tapping classics from deep down in my music vault. I have been getting into Southern Gothic recently as well...


March 8th

Today is a mellow show. I have the feels for some killer folk music! So, in honor of the folk vibes that I’ve been loving the artist spotlight will be a folk artist that...


The Holloways on February 8th

This week during my segment ‘This is that’ I discussed the idea of alternative facts. Next week on ‘This is that’ I will be discussing the confirmation of Jeff Sessions and the silencing of...


February 1st Show

Tonight’s show was all about the indie rock. I played some killer tunes and spoke about the shooting in Quebec and hatred in general. Tonight I spotlighted a band from the U.K. called ‘The...


January 25th Show

Tonight’s artist spotlight will be Rolla Olak! He is another Canadian artist, and you guys know how much I love playing Canadian music. Rolla Olak has a very interesting sound, lots of guitar and...