After Class - The Jam

After Class - The Jam

What’s going on Golden Hawks!!!! DJ Mola here and all I can say is I am so hyped to be back on air with you guys- it has been way too long!! DJ Kayles and I hope you all had a relaxing break and are ready to kick it with us for the winter term here at Laurier. The Jam is still rocking the Tuesday night time slot for 10-11pm, so if you missed us this week, make sure you tune in next week, Kayles has a special playlist she’s cooking up and I know I’m amped to hear it.

This week on the show we talked about a bunch of topics- winter carnival, the pandemonium on campus as everyone get’s back to school, our New Years eves, and finally the most interesting topic we found was on Tinder. Kayles and I did a little investigative work on the infamous ‘dating’ app and found out some pretty startling information, keep reading below to discover our findings.

Over the break, I had the opportunity to go to a really cool party on New Years Eve. If there are any fellow Torontonians reading this- you may know the name Tim McCready. McCready is a party legend in Toronto, known for turning his small west end house into a place where serious jams are thrown down. Coming into this party, my expectations were low. Unimpressed with the $20 cover I had to pay to get in, my spirits (and bank account) were already a little crushed by 11pm that night. However, my attitude changed pretty damn quick. The house had probably around 600 people between the inside and outside in the backyard, complete with two live bands performing sets upstairs and in the basement. Let’s say it was the first time I’ve experienced a mosh pit in someones basement. How McCready manages to pull these off still blows my mind. I’ve linked the video interview that Vice did on McCready, if you’re planning on having a party anytime soon you might want to refer to this video for tips on how to party proof your house.

Our next big topic of discussion was on the infamous dating up Tinder. As Kayles and I discussed, neither of u are big advocates for this app, but I can say I will never be putting it on my phone after finding out this information. A French journalist discovered back in early September that the app had over 800 pages of personal information on her. information that include her age, gender, preferences, where she had lived in the past, and showed conversations she had with other users on Tinder. Now, its obvious that our information is being recorded everyday by search engines like Google, but as I circulated this article amongst friends, they were shocked at the invasion of privacy that Tinder was causing. Use the app all you want, all we’re saying here at The Jam is be careful, and give the article listed below a read!

I hope that this recap gave you a little taste of what this weeks show was like, be sure to check out the track list from this week listed at the bottom of the blog! It was amazing to be back with you guys this Tuesday, and I cannot wait to be back on air with you all next Tuesday!! Until then- keep it real Golden Hawks!




Track List

Excursions – A Tribe Called Quest

Loving is Easy – Rex Orange County

Doo Wop(That Thing) – Ms. Lauryn Hill

Touch the Sky – Kanye West ft. Lupe Fiasco

How to Fly – Sticky Fingers

Erase Me – Kid Kudi ft. Kanye West

Sweet Sun – Milky Chance

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