Against the Grain, Ep. 1

Against the Grain, Ep. 1

Hey there everyone! For those that did not catch my first broadcast yesterday, my name is Keegan, and I will be the host for the 2 o’clock slot every Monday afternoon. My show will be entitled “Against the Grain”; a metaphor towards going against the “status quo” of the popular music of today, as well as an amazing song by the Canadian band City and Colour.

Being the introductory show, I made it a priority to display a wide variety of music the show will feature, although some personal preferences may have taken the forefront. The show will primarily feature a broad range of alternative rock music. The great thing about alternative, is that it is a category that is indeed very broad. Often this will mean that in one moment you may be hearing some new rock from Cage the Elephant, to some classic pop punk from Sum 41, to deeper music from Radiohead. All in all, this show will cater to a wide variety of interests within the rock genre.

For the sake of recap, Monday’s show started strong with Radiohead’s High and Dry (1995), as well as a Queens of the Stone Age classic, No One Knows (2002). Following this, we discussed the history of the world renowned Foo Fighters, dating back to their history in 1995, all the way to their brand new album, Concrete and Gold, which was released last friday. The show then continued with two Foo Fighters classics, Bridge Burning (2011), and Everlong (1997). City and Colour came shortly after, with the hard hitting single Fragile Bird (2011).

Todays’s show also featured our first edition of Underground Band of the Week, where a different band/artist is featured each week. Generally, these musicians deserve much more recognition than they are given. This introductory episode featured the band Bleachers, a group created by FUN guitarist Jack Antonoff. The album which the song Rollercoaster derived from is the band’s debut album, Strange Desire, released in 2014, and was created entirely in secret.

The next three songs featured Frank Turner’s Recovery, followed by The Strokes – Last Nite, and The Glorious Sons with their new song, Everything is Alright. The past week in music featured new albums from Foo Fighters, Prophets of Rage, and Friday will see the release of the new Killers album. Weezer released a single called Beach Boys off of their upcoming album, Pacific Daydream, set for release on October 27th. Fall Out Boy released a music video for their single The Last of the Real Ones, and Linkin Park released their moving new music video for One More Light in tribute to the late Chester Bennington. The band will play the Hollywood Bowl on October 27th with friends and family in order to properly celebrate his life.

Back to back play-through of the Arkells came next, featuring the 2008 song I’m Not the Sun, and the 2016 release, Savannah. The show then wrapped up with discussion on mental health, and as I had forgotten to provide resources on air, I will do so below. The show close with Blink-182’s Adam’s Song, Linkin Park’s One More Light, and Temple of the Dog – Hunger Strike.

If you or anyone you know just needs to talk about depression, mental health, or suicide, please access the resources below. There is always someone with an open ear. Do not be afraid to ask for help.

Thank you all for a great debut show. I look forward to being on air again next week.




Written by Keegan Gingrich


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