After Class - The Jam

After Class - The Jam

What’s up Golden Hawks? How are you doing on this lovely Tuesday Night?

This week on the Jam, we’ll be playing some of your favorite throwback jams, as well as some new things you may have not heard before. There’s gonna be some Tame Impala, De La Soul, and even some Childish Gambino. We know that last week on the blog, we said something about a musical guessing game, but we got quickly bored of that. From now on our weekly segment will be the new topic we introduced, Jam of the Week, where we’ll be talking about an unreleased masterpiece called Juke Juke by Chance the Rapper. This song has samples of Big Poppa by The Notorious B.I.G.. This song may make you wanna cruise down the California coast, or just be laid up with your lady. Either way, Juke Jam has a vibe you can’t quite get over.

We’ll also be bringing up multiple topics of discussion, such as parties we went to over the weekend, bars (of course, since it’s Pub Night), Fenty Beauty, and why using Spotted At Laurier as a way to hit on people really doesn’t make much sense to us. DJ Kayles even threw in a remix of an old favorite by Earth Wind And Fire. Here’s the song in case you wanted to give it a listen before you caught the show:

Don’t forget to send questions or comments to our twitter @RadioLaurier. You can even request your favorite songs and we might just play them tonight!

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