The Temptations

The Temptations

Hey there all you Golden Hawks!

It’s Chris Mertz here! This week we had a look at the arguably best motown group of all time; The Temptations! This was a group that started off in the most classical way possible. Just a bunch of guys that were jamming around. Growing up in Detroit, there was a lot of talent floating around at the time, so they had to find something special to stick out. Essentially, they just put in so much effort, and combined with a rival group, that they could no longer go unnoticed. Paul Williams, Otis Williams, Eddie Kendricks, El Bryant and Melvin Franklin, were on their way to stardom. “The way you do the things you do” was their first song to hit the charts, and songs such as “My Girl” and “Oh Mother of Mine” were soon to follow.

An incredible asset of the group was their ability to please the fans, while also exploring new genres, and experimenting with different styles. This is especially evident in the song “Psychedelic Shack.” Furthermore, The Temptations used their influence to address important issues. In the late 1960s, America was experiencing much turmoil. Inspired by the race riots, and following the death of the Rev. Martin Luther King, the tempts released their hit “Ball of Confusion”. A song that advocates peace, but does so in an energetic way that allows you to hear the frustration of those who had experienced inequality first hand.

The line-up of the band changed frequently over the years. Members such as El Bryant and David Ruffin (who came and went to replace El) were let go due to anger and drug problems. After some time, Paul Williams and Eddie Kendricks also left, the former comitting suicide in 1972; Rest in Peace Paul. After Ruffin’s, Kendrick’s, and Franklin’s deaths in the span of two years (1991-92), Otis Williams is the only remaining active member.

The group is still together, with new members. Last year they released their newest album. You can find out more at

Thanks for listening this week, I’ll see you Monday at 3!!!

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