News Unplugged Friday, March. 20th, 2015

Premier Kathleen Wynne Initiates Libel Action against Tory MPP`s 

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has launched a $2 million libel action against Former Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak and MPP Lisa MacLeod. The legal battle is related to allegations made against Wynne during the Gas Plant Scandal. Sources have said that the impasse is so bad that even lawyers whose bills are being paid by the Liberal and Conservative parties, not taxpayers- are not communicating.

Wynne had threatened legal action against Hudak and MacLeod approximately a year ago after they made the allegations at a press conference.

MacLeod was unrepentant Thursday, “I won`t apologize for questioning the Liberals ethics or integrity on the face of not one, but four criminal investigations, two of which are related directly to the premier`s office,” she said. 

Hudak wasn`t available for comment.

Classes To Resume at York University

Classes are set to resume Monday for liberal arts, professional studies and environmental studies courses. York University`s senate rejected a motion that would have prevented any more classes from resuming as long as teaching and graduate assistants remain on strike.

The two faculties will be publishing a list of courses which can be carried out with academic integrity on Friday.

NDP Leader Open to Coalition with Liberals

NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair has declared that he is open to a liberal alliance to knock out the tories. Mulcair still remained confident that he`d be a Prime Minister with a majority government. Trudeau has declined any possibility of an alliance. “We will win all the seats we already have in Quebec and we will add more. We are confident of that, Mulcair said, adding the party`s policy resonates well with Quebecers.

Al Jazeera Journalist to be Retried

The retrial of Al Jazeera Journalist Mohamed Fahmy has been delayed again. This development comes after technical witnesses contradicted their own written testimonies.

The judge has ordered a new technical committee. “It was all very contradictory ,” Fahmy stated afterwards. “It was like they all had amnesia.”


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